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September 27, 2022

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🚨 The Jan. 6 committee postponed its public hearing tomorrow, citing rapidly intensifying Hurricane Ian.

1 big thing: Ian menaces Florida coast

Data: National Hurricane Center; Map: Jared Whalen/Axios
Data: National Hurricane Center; Map: Jared Whalen/Axios

Hurricane Ian rapidly intensified to a Category 3 today, with a further ramp-up to Category 4 forecast tonight and "catastrophic" winds and storm surge headed for the Florida peninsula, Axios' Andrew Freedman reports.

  • The storm is expected to make landfall early Thursday as a Category 4.

⚡️ A storm surge warning is in effect for a heavily populated stretch of the Florida coastline that includes Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, St. Petersburg and Sarasota.

  • The highest storm surge risk is forecast from Naples to Sarasota, the National Hurricane Center said this afternoon.
  • The NHC lowered the storm surge forecast for Tampa Bay, based on the evolving forecast track.

Zoom out: Climate change-related sea level rise is making surge-related flooding more damaging.

2. Scenes from Tampa Bay

Photo: Ben Montgomery/Axios

Axios Tampa Bay co-author Ben Montgomery drove through Tampa Bay neighborhoods this morning and found residents taking storm prep in stride.

  • Workers boarded over windows of the Italian Club and Tampero Cigars as roosters crowed across an otherwise quiet Ybor City.
Photo: Ben Montgomery/Axios

The Hillsborough River was devoid of boat traffic, Ben reports.

  • A few of the newer homes along the river were shuttered, but the vast majority sat unprotected. Several residents worked to tarp or secure their boats and haul patio furniture inside.
Photo: Selene San Felice/Axios

Trader Joe's staff in St. Petersburg told Axios Tampa Bay co-author Selene San Felice that customers were civil and calm.

  • “Just an average day.”

Go deeper: Area closures ahead of Ian's landfall

3. Catch up quick

Satellite photo of traffic jam in Russia
A satellite image of the large traffic jam of trucks and cars waiting to cross the border into Georgia from Russia. Photo: Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies
  1. New satellite images show a line of cars and trucks spanning more than 10 miles trying to leave Russia and enter Georgia. Go deeper.
  2. The Justice Department says the partnership between American Airlines and JetBlue is anti-competitive. — Reuters.
  3. Phil Mickelson and three other golfers dropped out of an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour. Go deeper.
  4. Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the DMZ during her trip to South Korea this week. Go deeper.

4. New way to experience Mexico City

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Via Noticias Telemundo

Mexico City visitors can now experience the Aztec monuments as they once stood, thanks to augmented reality, Axios Latino co-author Marina E. Franco reports.

  • The Tenochtitlán XR program uses augmented reality to overlay computer renderings of temples and markets over the city center for those walking around.

🗺 Those not on location can also go through the renderings online as if navigating a map.