Jul 21, 2019

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By Mike Allen
Mike Allen

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1 big thing: Space nation
A 17-minute show, "Apollo 50: Go for the Moon" projected full-motion art on the Washington Monument on Friday night. Photo: NASA/Bill Ingalls via AP

Allen family lore says that 50 years ago, as we sprawled on the living-room rug watching the moonwalk on our rabbit-ear TV, my sister Cathie — then 13 months old, now sending sons to college — took her first steps along with Neil Armstrong.

  • I called my mom yesterday to fact-check that, and she swears it's true.

In Axios AM yesterday, my friend Paul spotted the moon landing stamps that USPS issued Friday, and realized what a great gift that would be for his Dad.

  • Why it matters: Yesterday's 50th anniversary of "MEN WALK ON MOON" was a fleeting chance for generations to reconnect and tell stories, and for the country to rally around something that was exciting and important, brought us together, and ultimately produced the biggest single historic moment ever.

In D.C., the whole city could chat about the week-long "Apollo 50" light show at the Washington Monument, without the edge of the Fourth of July tanks.

  • I'm pausing to honor this moment because they're so rare, outside the Olympics. The last truly unifying national moment was the tragedy of 9/11.
  • And that was so long ago that this Sept. 12, the first Americans born after Sept. 11, 2001, officially became eligible to enlist in the military. (Military.com)

Flipping through the Newseum's collection of front pages from around the country last Sunday, I realized what a truly national achievement Apollo 11 was:

  • Huntsville Times: "Celebrating Alabama's rocket."
  • Newark Star-Ledger: "Montclair's man on the moon ... Hometown hero: Buzz Aldrin's imprint clearly remains on the town where he grew up."
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: "From Ohio to the Moon."
  • Newport News, Va., Daily Press: "From Langley to the moon."
  • Wilmington News Journal: "A big step for Delaware ... How First State companies helped put American footprints on the moon."

Vice President Pence promised yesterday at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, that the moon isn't just history, but also the future:

  • "[S]tanding before you today, I am proud to report, at the direction of the president of the United States of America, America will return to the moon within the next five years, and the next man and the first woman on the moon will be American astronauts. (Applause.) We’re going back."

I leave you with a delightful photo taken yesterday beside a portrait of Neil Armstrong at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio:

Photo: John Minchillo/AP

🌕 Go deeper on what's next for moon travel with an Axios Deep Dive, "A special report on Earth's nearest neighbor."

2. 50 years ago today
Image: The New York Times

HOUSTON, Monday, July 21 — Men have landed and walked on the moon.

Ethan Reynolds browses a display of archival front pages yesterday at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Photo: John Minchillo/AP
N.Y. Daily News Archive via Getty Images
3. Cost of bail for immigrants surges
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Data: Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse; Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios

Immigration judges have issued more bail bonds over the past few years — and more expensive ones, according to data by Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Axios' Stef Kight and Felix Salmon write.

  • Why it matters: The higher the bail, the more likely immigrants will remain in crowded ICE detention centers for months before they're considered for deportation.

By the numbers: As recently as 2005, all bail bonds issued by judges to immigrants were less than $2,000, according to TRAC's data. Last fiscal year, just 5% of bonds were less than $2,000, and 40% were $10,000 or more.

  • In FY 2006, the median immigrant bond price was just $50. Last fiscal year, the median was $8,000.

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Bonus: Pic du jour
Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images

This could be a coffee mug. Ever feel this way?

  • Erik Van Rooyen of South Africa reacts to his putt on the 18th green during the 148th British Open, at Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland.
4. It's Boris Johnson time

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Barring a surprise of historic proportions, Boris Johnson will be announced Tuesday morning as leader of the U.K.’s Conservative Party, and therefore the country’s next prime minister, Axios World Editor David Lawler writes.

  • Why it matters: The face of the campaign to leave the EU in 2016, Johnson will be tasked with solving the Brexit puzzle that stymied Theresa May and plunged the U.K. into a political crisis.
  • He’ll also attempt to steady the U.K.'s "special relationship" with the U.S.

The bottom line: Where May emitted sobriety and, eventually, desperation, Johnson makes his supporters feel that they’re all in on a joke.

  • Starting Tuesday, things get serious.

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5. Handful of cities get most job growth
Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graphic: Reuters

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6. 1 h⚾t thing
Orioles outfielder Keon Broxton douses himself between fielding and batting practice before beating the Red Sox, 11-2, on Friday in Baltimore. Photo: Julio Cortez/AP

At Wrigley Field, misters in the back of the bleachers tried to cool the crowd. At Yankee Stadium, only one player took batting practice on the field. In Cleveland, rules were relaxed on what fans could bring into the park, AP's Ben Walker writes.

  • Even for a sport that promotes high heat, yesterday was a scorcher across the MLB.
  • From the Northeast through the Midwest, no player, manager or umpire was spared as temperatures soared near triple digits in big league broilers.

At Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, where it was a sizzling 94 as the Reds played St. Louis, the stadium PA system got in the swing.

  • The pregame songs? "Let It Snow" and "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out."
National Weather Service
Mike Allen

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