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Move in, get paid

Two fishermen in kayaks on Kettle Pond in Groton, Vermont during foliage. Photo: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

Smallish towns and states, hollowed out by demographics and urbanization, are not giving up: they are gathering together local dollars in what amount to signing bonuses to move.

If you move to Vermont, the fastest-aging state in the U.S., you can get a $10,000 grant over two years to cover relocation and other moving and settling-in expenses, writes Quartz's Corinne Purtill.

  • And St. Clair County, MI (pictured above), is offering $15,000 if you earned a STEM degree in the last 10 years, reports Linkedin's Chip Cutter.
  • Randy Maiers, who directs the foundation overseeing the St. Clair program, tells Axios that he doesn't feel he is in competition with other places also seeking new residents. "This is a 'come home' award primarily for people with family ties to our region," he said.

Those who have already availed of the St. Clair grants: "a teacher, a veterinarian, a speech pathologist and a medical laboratory scientist," Cutter writes. Other places also in the race for newcomers, Cutter says:

  • North Platte, Neb. ($30,000 if you are a diesel electrician.)
  • Marne, Iowa (free land for a home.)
  • Grant County, Ind. ($5,000 toward a new home.)