Mar 15, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Exclusive: Madeleine Westerhout to release Oval Office memoir

Cover: Center Street

Madeleine Westerhout, who spent 2½ years as President Trump's Oval Office gatekeeper, will release a frank memoir on Aug. 11 about one mistake that cost her one of the world's most fascinating jobs.

Details: Westerhout, former Director of Oval Office Operations, plans a searing description of a "momentary lapse in judgment that occurred because of too much wine at a dinner."

Westerhout will recount an "off-the-record" dinner with reporters on the road — an age-old White House tradition. Hers had a disastrous fallout when word of what was discussed over drinks got back to the West Wing.

  • Center Street, the publisher, said she plans to hold "accountable the reporters who, according to the author, broke their agreement."
  • The title: "Off the Record."

Westerhout said: "With so many books out there that have attacked President Trump, I feel it is important to share what I see as the other side — the truth —about the man who is a kind and generous boss, a great leader for our country, and someone I grew to deeply admire."

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Sanders: "We have to shut this president up right now" to combat coronavirus

"We have to shut this president up right now" to help combat coronavirus, Sen. Bernie Sanders said, when asked during the 11th Democratic debate on Sunday what he'd do to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Mnuchin denies Trump has been "wrong" about his own coronavirus policies

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied on ABC's "This Week" Sunday that President Trump has gotten things "wrong" about his own coronavirus proposals, despite the administration having to walk back several of the policies Trump outlined in his Oval Office address on Wednesday.

Why it matters: The president's credibility is being called into question during a global health crisis that is likely to worsen.

Kayleigh McEnany replaces Stephanie Grisham as White House press secretary

Photo: Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany is replacing White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, who will return to the East Wing as First Lady Melania Trump's chief of staff, according to two sources familiar with the situation. The news was first reported by CNN and the New York Times.

Why it matters: Grisham will leave after nine months without ever having held a formal press briefing.

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