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👶 Top baby names

A bar chart showing the biggest changes in baby name popularity in DC 2013-2023.The biggest increase in popularity was for Aria and the biggest decrease was for Justin.
Data: U.S. Social Security Administration. Chart: Erin Davis/Axios Visuals

Sorry to all the Justins and Katherines — Liam and Charlotte were the most popular boy and girl names for babies born in D.C. last year, per Social Security data.

Why it matters: This means the odds of you getting almost trampled by a rogue herd of toddler Charlottes at a brewery in five years are much higher.

State of play: Noah and Leo take the number two and three spots for boys, while Olivia and Naomi snag those slots for girls.

  • Meanwhile, names like Aria, Emilia, and Rowan saw the largest increase in D.C. popularity in the decade between 2013 and 2023.
  • Justin, Katherine, and Kevin saw the biggest local drop in popularity during the same period.

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