May 31, 2024 - News

📍Here in SD: Golden Hill Fountain Grotto

Golden Hill Fountain Grotto, covered in graffiti

The Golden Hill Fountain Grotto is plagued by vandalism and graffiti. Photo: Andrew Keatts/Axios

🎉 Congrats to Cory B., who was one of a handful of readers who correctly identified the Golden Hill Fountain Grotto.

The big picture: The Golden Hill Fountain Grotto — just outside the main loop in Golden Hill Park, which is within Balboa Park's boundaries — was designed in 1907 by Henry Lord Gay.

Zoom in: In 2016, Boy Scout Troop 53 and Will McCullough improved landscaping surrounding the fountain.

  • It continues to be plagued by graffiti, vandalism and poor maintenance.

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