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See inside a new build collab between California Closets and a local interior designer


Produced in partnership with California Closets.

Relationships with independent interior designers are a huge part of how California Closets works its magic.

Here’s why: Single-room projects happen sometimes. But often, a closet or pantry is just one part of a larger, multi-room design project.

  • This means that California Closet’s designers often work alongside independent interior designers to create beautiful, functional spaces that blend with the rest of a home.

We spoke with California Closets Design Manager Morgan Haynie and local Interior Stylist Linda Martinez about their most recent joint project.

How long have you been working with each other?

Linda: I’ve been working with Morgan at California Closets Charlotte since 2016. We’ve actually worked together on another one of this client’s homes.

  • I trust Morgan and California Closets Charlotte 100%. They are reliable, professional, thoughtful and friendly.

How did you two approach this particular project?

Morgan: Since the home hadn’t been built when we began, Linda and I started by meeting in the showroom. We created tentative plans and then worked closely for over two years to modify those plans with building and construction changes.

Linda: Once the walls were up and we had the precise measurements, we started fine-tuning the design using feedback from the client.

Can you give an overview of your design process?

Linda: I typically call Morgan to let her know that I have a client interested in redoing or creating a new space for their closet. I let her know what I’m looking for, and she comes up with designs, which we tweak together.

  • Then, I bring the client to the California Closets showroom to review the samples and finishes.

Morgan: From there, we’ll usually go to the client’s home, where we measure the space and review the designs.

How would you describe the space’s aesthetic?

Linda: There were different functional needs for different closets throughout the house.

The primary closets needed plenty of drawers and hanging storage, open concept designs, and specialized areas for the washer and dryer, hampers and oversized accessories like hats and luggage.

Morgan: I needed the finishes from California Closets to blend with the home’s modern Mediterranean style and not fight any of the decor.

  • The challenge: It was hard not seeing any of the furniture since it was a new build, so I relied heavily on Linda for help there.

What features make the project special?

Linda: We included glass drawer fronts for better visibility of interior items and tons of adjustable shelving and clothing rods.

  • We also gave the client strip lighting in all open shelving and behind the glass doors in the primary closet.

The main laundry room includes a drying rack, five hampers, drawers and a narrow closet for an ironing board along with a large dry-erase wall.

Plus, plus, plus: Both the laundry room and primary closets have custom stone countertops and hardware.

Were there any unique challenges to this project?

Morgan: There are always challenges when it comes to timelines, especially with new construction.

  • The large scope of this home was another challenge.

The solution: Linda and I had multiple site visits and had to work closely with their timelines for construction.

What’s your favorite thing about the completed space?

Linda: The glass drawer fronts in the primary closet. I love being able to see through them and know exactly what is in each drawer.

Morgan: How all of the spaces tie back into the home’s style and decor. This was the largest project I have worked on, and it had so many details to coordinate. I’m very happy with the end result.

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Produced in partnership with California Closets.


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