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MADabolic’s blueprint for long-term strength and confidence


A message from: MADabolic

A group of people exercising in a gym.

The fitness industry is full of misinformation, and the owners of MADabolic, one of Charlotte's most popular strength training studios, know that fitness myths are a huge reason people struggle to see long-term results.

Some examples:

  • Eat less, move more.
  • Never miss a Monday.
  • Routine is the enemy.

An expert take: "Those philosophies prevent many fitness-goers from actually making progress. They overtrain, under-eat, neglect recovery, and take extreme measures on their wellness journey because that's what the fitness industry has misled them to believe is right," says Finley Funsten, who owns MADabolic CLT alongside her husband, Landon.

  • In other words: Progress comes through consistency and repetition — not through excessive restriction and over-training.

For sustained results that outlive New Year's resolutions, here is MADabolic's 2024-to-forever blueprint for your strongest, most confident self.

A man performing squats with two dumbbells in a gym.

1. Commit to a consistent training routine.

Quick fixes — think "overnight results" and "30-day challenges" — often lead to burnout and injury.

  • Instead, implement a reasonable and structured training program that you can embrace for the long term.

How it's done: "With best-in-class programming and coaching, we guarantee meaningful gains in strength, conditioning, and confidence just by training with us 50 minutes, 4x/week," says Landon.

2. Ditch diet culture.

"We believe 1,500-calorie-per-day diets are for toddlers," Finley says. "We train grown adults and want them fueling accordingly."

How it's done: Rather than yo-yo dieting and restriction, MADabolic encourages sufficient protein and calorie consumption to promote consistency, fuel your workouts and enable results.

Why it's important: This creates a long-term, stable relationship with food without compromising a balanced and socially active lifestyle.

3. Honor your rest days.

Professional athletes don't treat every day like game day, and neither should you.

In other words: Strength training seven days a week will do more harm than good. Progress requires rest and recovery.

The strategy: MADabolic recommends complementing your 4-times-per-week strength training routine with scheduled rest days and active recovery, like yoga, pilates, walking or running — whatever movement you enjoy.

A man squatting on a box in a gym.

How it all started

MADabolic was founded in Charlotte in 2011 by former professional hockey players who wanted to bring their athletic training experience to the everyday high-achiever.

The deets: It's a strength and conditioning program that provides a 1:1 training experience in a group class setting. Members will get a highly-personalized experience and hands-on coaching, plus a community of like-minded people.

What to expect: "Walking into a strength-focused gym fo

r the first time might feel intimidating, but those feelings will vanish the moment you open our doors," Finley says. "You'll be welcomed like family, closely observed, safely corrected, and shown that you're a whole lot stronger than you realize."

  • Regardless of your background, the MADabolic program design and trainers meet you where you are and elevate your fitness to the next level.

MADabolic memberships include access to all three locations in South End, NoDa and Elizabeth. Try it out for five days and $5.


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