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See how a professional organizer keeps her own home tidy


Produced in partnership with California Closets.

Mariette Frey is a Charlotte-based life coach and professional organizer who specializes in residential transitions.

What this means: Her company, Mariette’s On the Move, helps clients decide when and where to move.

  • She also draws on personal experience, having moved 18 times in the last 22 years.

So who does a professional organizer call when she moves into a new-build home with flimsy wire shelving in the pantry and closets?

California Closets, duh.

We talked to Mariette and her California Closets Designer, Renee Haywood, about the projects and got a look around.

Mariette’s closet:

Mariette’s pantry:

Mariette (left) and Renee (right).
The chandelier that started it all.

What was your goal for these projects?

Mariette: I had always dreamed about having an amazing closet with a little chandelier (like you see in the magazines) where I could organize all my sparkly shoes and dresses like they were on display in a retail setting.

For my pantry, I wanted to get all of my small kitchen appliances off the counters and hidden away.

  • I wanted my open-concept living room and kitchen to look clutter-free, but I wanted things within reach for daily cooking.

Why did you choose California Closets?

Mariette: Every time I organized a California Closets space for work, you could tell it was very well made.

Okay, but: I always assumed they were really expensive, so I was shocked when out of the four bids I received, they were right in the middle!

Even better: California Closets’ 3D graphics software showed me exactly what the space would look like.

As an industry insider, what was it like to work with California Closets?

Mariette: I loved the idea that I wasn’t working with someone who would just put down hypothetical ideas of what would ‘fit’ in my area.

What this means: I wanted to work with a true interior designer. I had just built my dream house, so I wanted someone that could take my vision and make it functional.

  • Renee is a true professional and I’m still so blown away that she turned my vision into a show-stopper after a 30-minute consult.

What’s your favorite part about the completed spaces?

Mariette: They’re both so functional that it’s easy to keep them clean and organized.

  • If I want to change it up, I can easily move the shelves and poles around to fit my needs.

Was there anything from your work that translated to these projects?

Mariette: Yes! I coach people to do a ‘sweep’ through the house every night before they go to bed to keep things tidy, and I can easily do that in my space because everything has its own spot.

  • I feel like Renee really set me up for success.

Which finishes and materials did you use for the space?

Renee: We used Classic White with Matte Nickel finishes.

Here’s why: Mariette owns some really fun and colorful pieces, so we wanted to provide a clean, crisp background to give them center stage.

What was it like working with a professional organizer?

Renee: Mariette is the best! I knew right away she was a pro.

Her attention to detail and her understanding of spatial planning made for a fun, streamlined process!

California Closets can transform just about any room in your house. Get some design inspo and book a free consultation.

Produced in partnership with California Closets


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