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Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on brewery backlash, cash confessional, and Peculiar Rabbit closing

new mailbag header

new mailbag header

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: Quick list of all 10 breweries that’ll open in Charlotte within the next 6 months

“Charlotte gatherings are too frequently focused on drinking. I should open a rehab center.” – S

“We stopped going to breweries because they’ve turned into playgrounds.” – J

“2010 would have loved to see this post, 2020 is like, ahhh shocker.” – M

“Supply is going to outweigh demand.” – M

“I would take an upscale club over the next 5 breweries. Jesus be some balance.” – Q

“Oh yay! Another brewery said no Charlottean ever.” – L

“Breweries, luxury apartments, and craft burgers, so predictable.” – J

“Want to know the secret to a successful brewery in Charlotte? Open one, cash out on opening weekend. Shut it down. Rebrand it. Cash out on opening weekend. Shut it down. Rebrand it. Repeat until people catch on.” – M

“The next ‘Big Short’. Goldman I want to short the breweries.” – D

“Who the hell buying all this damn beer?” – M

“I honestly can’t tell any of these breweries apart. Same minimalist concrete and uncomfortable furniture look.” – D

“Disgusting.” – O

“Is Charlotte okay?” – J

In response to: Can Earnest Winston restore the community’s trust in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ leadership?

“While I am always hopeful that a new superintendent will have a positive impact, I think it’s important for people to remember that the decline of CMS started when bussing ended — all thanks to a Northern white family that tried to bring their version of separate but equal to North Carolina, I might add.” – O

“Are you serious with the fact that 4,000 students are experiencing homelessness? That’s terrible. It brings my life in perspective, fast.” – J

In response to: Charlotte is piloting corrals where riders are supposed to park their scooters

“People don’t even park their cars correctly in Charlotte. – K

“It worked pretty well in San Diego when I was there.” – S

“Why aren’t there more bike lanes? Why can’t I see road lines and paint when driving in the rain? Have we thought of maybe fixing these issues first?” – D

In response to: Dilworth’s Iron Tribe building will be converted into new whiskey bar/cigar lounge named The Vintage

“If I had a lot of money and time and motivation, I’d open a members only club for fermented teas and crafting. We would have the same decor though, plush sofas and big wooden tables.” – Z

In response to: The Map Shop will move from its prominent location on Morehead to a larger space in South End

“This store is a gem. Really cool map art, great gift ideas. And a great selection of maps and flags. Support local — that’s the only way cool little shops like this, which help make a city unique, can stay in business.” – K

In response to: A new six-story hotel is coming to a rapidly changing part of South End

“Is it going to look like this? Hideous!” – D

“Looks like Legos.” – A

“Just read this headline quickly as ‘A six story Chick-fil-A will open in South End.’ Got really excited for a second.” – C

In response to: Cash Confessional: 33-year-old mom makes $280,000 and she’s already hit millionaire status

“This makes me want to puke.” – R

“Thank goodness she acknowledged her $25,000 worth of privilege, I was beginning to think this lady had no self-awareness at all!” – A

“If your goal is to surreptitiously incite a class warfare revolution with these insidious articles… Nice. If not, enough with this self-aggrandizing narcissistic horse s***. Interview some f***ing homeless getting by on $14 a day. That would be interesting, each story would be unique, make readers think introspectively, and maybe even inspire them to help. Of all the terrible content you produce, and there is a lot of it to sort through, this series is the absolute worst. We are all dumber for having read them, and may God have mercy on your soul.” – L

“So reading the Facebook comments before reading the article made me ready to really dislike this story and person in it, but I don’t.. Yeah, she’s got cash, but obviously she also is in a very specialized field job wise and she makes bank. Good for her.” – A

“I’d be more interested in knowing how her nanny lives on $24,000 per year.” – K

“$2,000 a month for a nanny! Cry me a river. $2,000 per month is very cheap for a nanny in this town.” – T

In response to: Indoor miniature golf course named Stroke opens soon in Plaza Midwood

“I love putt-putt and this is much needed for urban Charlotte.” – W

“No more gimmicky game bars. How about some James Beard worthy restaurants that can compete with the best of them from DC and NY.” – A

“This is the most Charlotte thing I’ve ever seen. Also, Stroke sounds like a sex club.” – R

In response to: Longtime family-run Herrin Ice begins a new chapter as its NoDa property will be turned into apartments

“Good for them. If I owned 10 acres adjacent to the light rail I’d cash out too.” – H

“Apartments, really? All these people moving to NoDa for the ‘neighborhood’ pretty soon there won’t be a neighborhood, just apartments and a bunch of rich folks wandering around like idiots with nothing to do.” – T

“All these new mixed use developments that are completed and those in the works and those in planning – where are all the retailers that they proposed to go on the ground levels? Are the rents too high for locals? Atherton Mill now looks like every other PUD with the same national retailers.” – A

In response to: Peculiar Rabbit has closed after eight years in Plaza Midwood

“It’ll take a very special event planner to see the potential in a 3-level venue where the party can never gel.” – A

“No great loss there, overpriced food, and service went downhill. Great rooftop view though. I hope somebody good gets it!” – L

“This place was an absolute dumpster fire from day one. From wanting to charge for parking spots, to an upside down menu concept that couldn’t deliver, musical choices that blared in the wrong area, and more turnovers than Jameis Winston, I say, good day.” – R

In response to: Live music: 15 biggest concerts in Charlotte in 2020

“Forgive me for thinking that CA would have gained knowledge of culture, but where’s Andrea Bocelli on this list? (Overhead at Agenda headquarters: Who’s this ANdreeuh Bowselly?)” – M

“Y’all forgot Tame Impala…the headliner at last years Coachella!” – C

In response to: Boomer vs. millennial, practical vs. progressive: How Charlotte’s mayor and her daughter build bridges over their differences

“Aisha is a community organizer who’s dedicated her life to advocacy and equity’ says the headline. I find it very hypocritical for someone that preaches equity that in her eyes, Republicans are not welcome here (hence not wanting the RNC here). Sounds a little ‘unequal’ and prejudice to me.” – J

“I’ve been in Charlotte for five years now and I can honestly say that the city is deteriorating at a fast pace, from crime, homeless, potholes, prices, and taxes.” – R

In response to: The 21 most anticipated new restaurant, bar, and brewery grand openings of 2020

“Is there anywhere other than South End that restaurants can open?!” – A

“I cannot wait for the Restoration Hardware restaurant to open! Nothing says ‘great date night’ like shopping for distressed mirrors, drawer pulls, and tufted headboards while waiting for a table to enjoy a $24 burger. This is sarcasm unless that wasn’t clear.” – O


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