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Step-by-step guide to riding Charlotte’s new rentable scooters



Looking to ride a scooter, but now sure how it works? Here’s a quick Agenda beginner’s guide, to get you scooting, fast.

Last week, the city has come to an agreement with Lime and two other providers — Bird and Spin — that allows the addition of 300 scooters to CDOT’s in-progress Shared Mobility Pilot Program.

Here’s a step-by-step guide using Lime’s scooters as an example. The cost for the Lime scooter ride is $1 to unlock plus 15 cents per minute spent on the scooter. OK, here’s the 10 step process.

Step 1: Download the app in the app store.

Before you can start trying out the Lime scooter, you will first need to download the application “LimeBike.” You can find this in the App Store of your mobile device.


Step 2: Add your phone number.

Now that you have the app, it will ask you to put in your mobile phone number.


Step 3: So THAT’S why they needed our number…

You will receive a text message with a four-digit code that you will type into the spaces provided in the Lime App.


Step 4: Locate your scooter.

After allowing Lime to access your location, you will be placed onto a map where you can see the several Lime bikes and Lime scooters in your area.

Once you locate the best scooter for you, go get it.


Step 5: Find your scooter.

After following the map on your mobile app, you will find your scooter and you can start your ride.

They will most likely be in an urban area close to Uptown.


Step 6: Scan the QR code.

Upon scooter arrival, you will want to click on the scooter icon within the app and then press the button on the bottom of the screen “Unlock Ride.”

The app will then ask for you to enable camera access, which you will accept in order to scan the code.

The QR code is located between the two handlebars.


Step 7: Verify your payment.

You will then be asked to share your credit card information with the app so that you can pay for your ride.

The cost for the Lime scooter ride is $1 to unlock plus 15 cents per minute spent on the scooter.


Step 8: Get to know your scooter anatomy.

There is a “Go” button located on the right handlebar and a brake handle on the left side that you will want to squeeze to slow down.

In the center of the handlebars will be a monitor that shows your speed, distance traveled, and distance left to ride.

Since Lime scooters aren’t sidewalk permitted, you will need to ride your scooter on the road and follow all of the laws of the road. Although not required, you should wear a helmet.


Step 9: Start the scooter.

Once you are on a road, you can start your ride. However, you need to start with a slight push.

While keeping one foot steady on the scooter, push off the other foot to start your smooth acceleration. Then, you can begin using the “Go” button which will send you riding forward. (Don’t worry; you won’t be going extremely fast).


Step 10: End your ride.

Once you have gotten to your destination or are finished riding the scooter, you’re supposed to park the scooter in a location that is easily accessible for other riders.

After safely parking, you will go back onto your app and end your ride. You will want to confirm this so you aren’t charged extra for your ride.


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