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Confessions of a Charlotte fitness coach on affairs, farts and junk food



Note: We’re starting a new series of “confessions” where we ask certain professionals a quick set of questions and keep their responses anonymous so that they can tell the complete truth. If you’d like to participate, please email [email protected]. We promise to keep you anonymous.

Do you ever wonder what your personal trainer thinks when you get sweat on them? What about when you get a little flirty? Or ::gasp:: accidently let out a fart?

I talked to a Charlotte fitness coach to find out some of his sweatiest (and sexiest) confessions.

What’s the most annoying thing your clients do?

When clients are late. I can’t stand it.

Is it weird seeing clients when you’re out eating unhealthy food?

I teach my clients balance, so it’s never been too weird. But a part of me feels a little guilty if I’m eating something crazy unhealthy like fried mac and cheese or a Pinky’s cheeseburger.

Do you ever just not feel like working out?

As my schedule gets full and I have less time off I find that I sometimes would rather choose a nap over a workout session.

Same, except I choose naps 100% of the time. Is it gross when people sweat on you?

It’s always gross getting someone else’s sweat on you. But I have gotten a little more used to it as time has gone by.

What about… farts?

Farts are inevitable when clients are doing heavy squats or crunches. I just try not to laugh and make believe I don’t hear/smell it.


Do you ever get hit on?

The cougars are relentless… I just laugh it off and try to keep things as professional as possible.

Do people really have affairs with their fitness coaches? Or is that just in the movies?

It’s a real thing! When you spend one hour a day with someone two to three times a week, people can get very comfortable with each other. I did have an affair one time but I learned my lesson. It’s not worth it in the long run, in my opinion.

Can you tell when people are lying about their fitness routine or diet?

Definitely. Your body is a reflection of how you eat and workout. I’ve never really had that issue with my own clients; they’re pretty honest with me. But with friends or family… I’ll call them out if they try and give me some bulls***.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you while coaching?

When an older married woman divulges information about her sex life without any prompting from me. It was… graphic.


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