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These are the absolute sexiest careers in Charlotte



It’s time to cut out all that silly “I like people for their personalities” nonsense and get shallow up in this biscuit. You know when you’re scrolling through Bumble and come across that person with a great smile, killer style, just a little wild, and then you see their occupation and you go total heart eyes emoji (or eggplant emoji for those of you who use Tinder)?

That’s what we’re talking about today: the sexiest careers in Charlotte. I asked a few local and surrounding millennials and Gen-Xers their opinion on the most attractive careers potential partners can hold, and the answers were not even mildly surprising.

See your career on this list? If you can stop stealing everyone’s man for a few moments, Jolene, hit the share button and brag to your friends.

Charlotte Women Love…

Commercial Real Estate Agents in Uptown

“There’s just something very attractive about a guy who knows a lot of powerful people,” said the friend of mine who suggested this. I’d agree with her if it wasn’t for the fact that retail in Uptown is a total bore, and one of the biggest wasted opportunities in our city. I guess she’s into guys who don’t get much done.

Related answers: Financial Advisers (in Uptown), Restaurant Owners (in Uptown). Dang, are the pheromones just stronger inside the loop?

Craft Beer Brewers

This is the only career in Charlotte that involves growing a beard and being around a ton of exposed brick, if you don’t count being a chimney sweep. Hanging out at breweries with a craft buzz going and being surrounded by other young singles must have hard-wired our brains to believe the dudes behind the scenes are where the real romance happens.

Related answers: Brewery Bartenders, “Influencers.” You know, you could have just said you liked manbuns and saved us all a lot of time.

Professional Athletes

Breaking news: women want to get with Luke Kuechly.

Related answers: Anyone over 6’2″, Cam Newton during winning seasons.

Uptown Valentine’s Day flower line

Charlotte Men Love…


Unlike our state government, dudes in Charlotte love our teachers. Maybe there’s some inherent attraction they have to women they perceive as caretakers, or maybe poor healthcare packages are a big turn on. Whatever the reason, almost every male I asked first said that they find teaching to be the sexiest career, after I told them “stripper doesn’t count.”

Related answers: Yoga Instructors, Physical Trainers. If teaching is sexy, then teaching a sexy thing is double sexy.

Sales Reps

“They’re educated, confident, and can handle their own,” said a buddy of mine. Yes, men are extremely attracted to goal-oriented, strategic women, and that fits the bill of a sales rep. My friend did specify that he meant a sales rep for “a large company” though, so sorry to those of you are doing your door-to-door knife selling gig.

Related answers: Account Managers, Publicists, basically anyone who tells you what to do, because you all subconsciously wish you could marry your mothers and it’s time you admitted that.

Bartender at Strip Club

“No, dude, I said no strippers,” I tried to explain to my friend.

“She’s not a stripper. She’s a bartender at a strip club.”

Related answers: You know what the related answers were.


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