Aug 9, 2016 - Food and Drink

9-step guide on spending 3 amazing hours with your toddler on a Saturday morning



Here’s the best way to spend three power-packed hours with your toddler on a Saturday morning: ImaginOn -> 7th Street Public Market -> Google Fiber headquarters -> First Ward Park.

I recommend on-street parking by First Ward Park — free (weekends only) and easy to grab if you arrive around 9 a.m. Walk to ImaginOn.


(1) ImaginOn: Customize a Mr. Potato Head at the Mr. Potato Head table.

ImaginOn opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday and it’s free. It’s not crowded early. It’s a gem.


(2) ImaginOn: Grab some parent phone time as your toddler goes nuts on the computers made for toddlers.

Dream that he’s going to be a computer scientist until he tries to eat the keyboard.


Walk 40 yards from ImaginOn to 7th Street Public Market.

(3) 7th Street Public Market: Enter the market and let your toddler run free.

You’re going to be jealous of the Uptown youngsters that just woke up and are clearly shaking off a hangover from drinking too many RBVs at Roxbury the previous night and are crushing a breakfast sandwich from Local Loaf. You’ve been up since 6:30 a.m. changing diapers…


(4) 7th Street Public Market: Grab a coffee from Not Just Coffee.

As a parent, you never pass up the opportunity for coffee. Ever.


(5) 7th Street Public Market: Pretend you’re at a market in Paris and buy a crêpe from Hazelnuts Crêperie.

If your toddler isn’t cultured enough for a crêpe, you can’t go wrong with anything from Local Loaf. If your toddler pounds fruit or you’re one of those helicopter parents that doesn’t like feeding your toddler carbs/sugar, go with Rico’s Acai.


Walk 25 yards from the 7th Street Public Market to the Google Fiber headquarters.

(6) Google Fiber headquarters: Explore their headquarters.

Get some air conditioning and comfortable seating.


(7) Google Fiber headquarters: Allow your toddler to play with all the electronics.

Your toddler should go nuts with the remote, television and phone. If he messes anything up, no need to call tech support, they’re right there. Literally. Relax on the sofa.


Walk 10 yards from the Google Fiber headquarters to the First Ward Park sprayground.

(8) Fountains!


(9) More fountains!


Go home. Nap time for both toddler and parent. You deserve it — you just won parenting.


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