Jul 29, 2016 - Food and Drink

6 weird things that make me love Beef ‘N Bottle even more



I’m a huge Beef ‘N Bottle fan boy. I love the steaks. I love the vibe. It’s one of the restaurants where every time I go, I ended up have deep conversation with my dining companions. Here are five quick small things that I love about Beef ‘N Bottle. Stay weird.

(1) Salad plate.

Instead of adding the salad toppings onto the salad, they give you a separate salad topping plate.

Puts me to work and allows me to create the perfectly balanced salad and dip the remaining veggies into my Blue Cheese salad dressing.


(2) Budweiser bar sign.

Forget the local craft brew craze, Beef ‘N Bottle is old school. Their five-seat bar is tiny, but there’s something I love about it.


(3) Cheese spread.

What’s better than a silver bowl of cheese? A fresh melba cracker. Melbas are very underrated. This cheese/cracker combo sets the tone for the evening.


(4) Perfectly rectangular parking lot.

I don’t know why I like this so much, but I do. Maybe it’s PTSD from the Starbucks parking lot on East Blvd.


(5) Big onion ring.

I love how Beef ‘N Bottle thinks my steak is lonely and instead of garnishing it with a flower, they put a massive onion ring right on top. I didn’t know I needed a huge onion ring on my filet, but I do.


(6) Architecture.

Beef ‘N Bottle’s layout makes no sense, but that’s why it makes sense. I love the tables inside and the intimate environment that they create.


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