Apr 12, 2016 - News

HQ Charlotte is making its mark on the Packard Place building

Packard Place is in the middle of transforming into HQ Charlotte.

Eight weeks ago, Packard Place announced a partnership with HQ Raleigh that would bring the state capital city’s growing coworking company to Charlotte.

[Agenda story: Big changes are coming to Packard Place (including a new name)]

That changeover is well underway. Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening.


New signs/rebranding

“We wanted to make it known that something is happening,” said Chelsea Barrett, director of HQ Charlotte. All the social media channels have been changed over to HQ Charlotte or HQ Community as well.


The new website is still in progress and won’t hit for another 2-3 months.


Getting a lot of feedback

There are several chalkboard and post-it note areas for the companies and coworkers in HQ Charlotte to write down what they’d like to see as work progresses.


As a response to one common suggestion, HQ Charlotte is working on more community events — specifically ways to connect the coworkers and the larger companies with offices there. This month’s happy hour will be hosted by one of the larger suite tenants.


A full building redesign is underway.


HQ Raleigh cofounder Jason Widen has been on the horn with architects for a complete overhaul of the interior. A plan to build out suites, modernize and connect the three coworking floors should be finalized by the end of the month, and the remodel is set to begin in June.

They’re also installing a wireless internet router for the outdoor balcony area on the second floor.

Pricing hasn’t changed.

Same figures, different logo. It’s still significantly cheaper than the prices at HQ Raleigh.

The view from the fifth floor hasn’t changed either.


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