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8 things I learned walking into the new KURE Vaporium & Lounge on Montford as a newb



Vaping seems odd, unhealthy and kind of weird to me. But, when something hits Montford, it piques my attention. So, I had to walk across the street from Moosehead and check out the trend myself. Yes, I’m a vaping newb. No, I will not be vaping in the future.

KURE opened on Montford two weeks ago. They’re looking to bring vaping to the more upscale Myers Park section of town and reach Montford-goers.

I’ve never walked into a vaporium or vaping lounge before, but my reaction was: wow, this is beautiful. They spent some serious cash on the upfit.

kure vaping location on montford
kure lounge charlotte

E-cigs and vaporizers cost between $20-$70.

For fellow newbs, this is the thing you smoke from. There are also starter kits available.

e-cigs kure charlotte

There are two sizes for juice. $11 for a 15mil bottle and $22 for 30mil bottle.

The juice flavors are ridiculously creative. KURE Montford has about 60 different flavors.

kure juices montford

Flavors include: Melon Felon “melon mix so good it’s criminal,” Cereal Monogamy “tastes like breakfast cereal, so good why eat anything else?,” American Pie “sweet cinnamon apples and flaky pastry crust,” Yo “creamy, tangy yogurt blend, perfect to mix with favorite fruits” and many more.

You can mix the flavors which gives you virtually unlimited original juice options.

kure on tap juice menu

KURE has a third party juice wall, like a guest tap at a local brewery.

bottled juice kure charlotte

One thing I couldn’t stop thinking about (maybe it’s the business-mind in me): The business model in insane.

It’s like the razor blade model. You sell the hardware and then you produce low cost juice with high margins. Wow. Now I understand why KURE franchises are popping up and why they say, “The vape industry is booming — predicted to be a $10 bullion industry by 2017.”

kure lounge area charlotte

Ben, The KURE store associate, told me that one of their goals is to “get people off cigarettes” and I believe him.

Ben smoked a pack and half for many years and vaping got him to stop. He had to quit playing soccer because he couldn’t breathe when he was smoking, but he can now play again.

kure back lounge charlotte

There will be beer on draft to create the lounge type atmosphere. KURE wants people to hang out there.

There will be a mix of local and non-local beer. KURE Montford is having a big all-day grand opening party on March 12 with food, drinks and a DJ. Their customers are mostly 18- to 35-year-olds.

kure chairs charlotte montford

No, I didn’t vape. Seems a little crazy to me, but I’m getting old.


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