Feb 19, 2016 - Food and Drink

Here’s what we know about Pushwater Coffee, debuting in Charlotte next week

There’s a new coffee brand coming to town and it’s cloaked in mystery, which is a good way to build buzz before a launch. Even after speaking with the two founders, I’m not totally clear on what the end product will be. But here’s what I do know now.

pushwater coffee charlotte

Pushwater Coffee will launch at noon on Friday, February 26.

pushwater coffee
photo via Facebook

Other than that, no one can really figure out what’s going on.

pushwater coffee

It’s owned by two friends: Peyton Hayslette and Corbin Cansler.

Hayslette is a product manager at LendingTree and Cansler is a CMS high school teacher. They say they’re “stoked on coffee” and have pulled this passion project together over the course of a fast and furious three weeks.

peyton hayslette
corbin cansler

Will it be a brick and mortar cafe? A wholesale roaster? A caffeine IV I can stick straight into my vein?

The guys say they’ll launch as a small-batch roaster.

“We’re focusing on doing small batch releases of coffee to make sure we’re providing solid products for everyone. We’ll focus on small batch roasts to refine our process and help customers understand what we’re about.”

pushwater coffee charlotte

Their goal is to use the brand as a platform for giving back to the community.

“We have a passion for helping the underserved and a passion for the small business craft industry in Charlotte.”

photo via Facebook
photo via Facebook

And that’s it for now. One thing I know for certain: Charlotte loves its coffee so Pushwater will likely receive a warm caffeine-fueled welcome. For more details, I guess we’ll have to just wait and see what they roll out next week.

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