Dec 11, 2015 - Things to Do

You told us: 1,871 of your game-day rituals



We asked: What’s your game day ritual? 1,871 of you shared your quirky, superstitious and delicious — SO MUCH CHICKEN — routines with us.

By the numbers (how many mentions)

Beer: 249
Church: 108
Keep Pounding: 99
Bojangles’: 96
Coffee: 69
Mimosa: 54
Dab: 42
All American Pub: 37
Draught: 36
Bloody Mary: 26

17 of our favorites (there were lots of favorites)

• Wake up. Think WWCD…What Would Cam Do? He would win. So I seize the day by working out and then laying on my couch all day to watch football.

• I frantically clean whichever room I’m in. It’s productive, it helps to release my nervous energy and my wife loves me for it.

• I always sleep in Panthers pajamas the night before a game, and wake up and drink a glass of Bailey’s and coffee to get the day going. Sometimes I head to Bojangles to get my tailgate box… Sometimes I hate myself that I forgot I can’t buy beer until noon. Usually, I am sloshing around tailgates in a Steve Smith (I miss you, man!!) or Olsen jersey – taking in Charlotte’s finest Jell-O shots before a game. Maybe the real question is, what’s the ritual the day after?

• Wake up and work out in black pants and a blue shirt then shower and switch to blue jeans and a black shirt and then order two medium thin crust dominoes pizzas and then watch the game on the downstairs TV. If we are losing I have to move upstairs and put the tv on mute while I read my book and only look at the score after I have read a whole chapter. I got through a lot of my book last weekend (and probably offended all of the people watching at our house).

• We have owned PSL’s for several years, however I was never able to go due to heart failure and afib. Our adult children loved going to the games! Last year following my heart transplant, one of my first BIG activities was going to a Panther game! Haven’t been yet this year, again, giving our tickets to our children and grandchildren, I am “sitting on go,” I like to get there early for all the excitement!

• Wake up. Clean the house. It feels like a new day. Put on my jersey, dress my pup in his jersey, check that the beer is perfectly cold, watch ESPN and NEVER miss Rob Riggles picks. Let the game begin.
Ps. We taught our dog to jump in the air when we yell touchdown… he’s been doing a lot of jumping these last few games 🙂

• Every game day I have to drink coffee out of my Panthers mug. I’ve done it for every game this season, even rushing home from my mother’s on Thanksgiving and taking a swig of day old coffee, because there wasn’t enough time before kick off the brew a fresh pot.

• Eat, Pray, Love [the Undefeated Season].

• My game-day ritual starts the night before the game. I put my dog’s Panther collar on her so over night the superstitious juices start to marinate. The next morning I put on my lucky Panthers hoodie (the first half of the season this can get tough, but I ALWAYS wear my lucky hoodie on game-day). Exactly 30 minutes before kick-off I play “Carolina Panthers Theme Song Anthem” (see YouTube, it’s an unofficial old school fight song, it mentions “Rodney Pete throw’in that heat”, YUP!) at a somewhat unreasonable volume. Then the ritual concludes at kickoff with the rubbing of the Panthers Christmas ornament that hangs from my fireplace mantle, its been there ever since we went to the Superbowl. After that its mainly just a bunch of yelling and cheering, because I’m pretty sure if I yell loud enough the players can hear me.

• One thing that never changes about game day is Bronwie’s lucky jersey. Our Dachshund/Basset Hound mix wears a Cam Newton jersey every game day this year, and every game they’ve won! On Thanksgiving, he donned the jersey a little after the game started and within 30 seconds, Panthers got the pick 6 and stayed in the lead after that. The past Sunday, we watched the game from a local watering hole and had to leave Brownie at home. After the first quarter when things weren’t looking so great, I drove home, found the jersey and put it on the dog. From there on out, the Panther’s performance improved and they ultimately cinched another win. I wouldn’t say that we are superstitious, but it never hurts to be extra careful.

• Most days I am a normal, quiet and unassuming suburban mom of [ahem] mature years. On game day, I turn into an obnoxious, loud, hollering mother of a fan. I obsessively google stories on Josh Norman (my emotional replacement for Steve Smith), Luke Kuechly (every mother’s dream–those Hollywood looks! what a good boy!), Jonathan Stewart (omg he plays the piano! he’s self taught!) and am quite unbearable for my family to be around during game time. After too many years of watching football, my knowledge of the game is surprisingly shallow (hit him! run! catch the ball! do your thing!). I don’t have any special rituals other than to channel my most obnoxious persona, and that seems to be working fine for me this year–but not so much for my family, who would probably greatly appreciate a quieter game time experience.

• Drinking so much at the game that I accidentally take a week’s worth of birth control pills because I keep hitting “snooze” instead of “end” on my phone alarm. JK, that only happened once. I think.

• I start out the morning with a run around Charlotte. I started my Thunder Road training before the season started and I’ve run every Sunday, can’t miss it now because of course the undefeated season depends on it! Isn’t that what we all think at this point? Then I put on my Stewart jersey, get food ready, and watch the game with friends.

• I love the Panthers! But that was not always the case. You see, I came to the US from Guatemala, and I had no idea about American Football. All I have known in my life was futbol (soccer). But I was once walking through the SouthPark mall with my daughter, when I saw a couple of guys getting their pictures taken with other people. These two guys looked at us and asked us if we wanted a pic too. The main guy was friendly and a gentleman to my daughter. He talked with her with a big smile. Like a gentle giant. That was Cam Newton and one of his friends. That experience left a lasting impression on me. So, I may not have a game-day ritual yet, but every time the Panthers play, I smile.

• My game day ritual begins the night before game day. 
I put on my lucky matching Carolina Panthers outfit, including T-shirt, socks and underwear right before I go to bed. This way, I am wearing my lucky gear through the night, and wake up prepared on game day. 
Game day is all about preparation! 
The morning of game day is a sacred time. When I wake up, I like to mentally prepare—I visualize Cam Newton throwing the winning touchdown pass and the crowd going wild. After I am satisfied with my mental preparation, it’s warm up time! I go for a jog and stretch, to make sure I am warmed up and ready to go, just like the players are. Now that I am mentally and physically prepared for game time, it’s time to get cooking. Carolina BBQ pulled pork is served at every single game day, along with Cam Newton’s favorite foods—sweet potato casserole, Caesar salad, lucky charms, and banana pudding. Good fuel to eat during the game is good preparation for game day! We always watch the game with family, but also welcome our friends. Only Panthers fans are welcome though!

• I am the crazy fan who stands in front of the TV to watch the Panthers play every week. I yell advice and directions because I’m certain my voice and thoughts are carried to wherever they are playing. I feel personally responsible for the 14-0 score at the start of the Saints game because I foolishly left home to buy a Christmas tree instead of focusing on my TV ritual. Once I saw the score I quickly loaded the first tree I saw, came home and commenced my usual cheering. The Panthers remain undefeated. You’re welcome!! 🏈💙

• I watched the Panthers-Seahawks game a couple months ago with a few friends. My buddy’s girlfriend wanted to do a panthers shot at the bar we were at. We eventually decided we do one one if Greg Olsen catches a touchdown. As the game went on, with a couple near-touchdowns, and a last minute game-winning drive looming, we decided we need to step up the bet. We decided that if Olsen scored the game-winning touchdown that we would take a shot every single time Olsen scored a touchdown, as a panther, for the rest of his career. We now have a text chain during every game to hold everyone accountable. About a month ago, I was watching a night game from bed, totally sober, when Olsen caught a TD… and I had to get up, and pour myself a shot of fireball, to keep the bet intact, and the winning streak going. The bet lives on, as does the winning streak.

And in their full glory…

• Tolbert Jersey is always worn!!
• Dress up our one year old twins in panthers jersey(son) and cheerleading outfit(daughter) and watch the game as a family.
• Put on my jersey and lay out a spread of food for husband and friends and sit back with a cold beer and start screaming, “Go Cam!”
• Watch the game with my family. Kids wear jersey and cheerleading outfits as we cheer on the panthers!
• Dance party USA before the game! Gets my game day jitters out!
• Not watch the game.
• Check my fantasy football lineup one last time before the 1pm games kickoff. Choose one of the craft beers in my fridge that were delivered to me by Brewpublik to pour into a glass. Sit down on the couch with my wife and watch the Panthers win!
• Through on the flannel and nap through the first quarter.
• Coffee and pancakes in the morning…Panthers in the afternoon. Need I say more? 🙂
• When I’m not usually working… I will grab a 6 pack, make chips and gauc and watch the game with my lovely wife. Go Panthers!
• walkingthe dog to tire her out before kickoff.
• I have a huge blow up panther guy called Tiny, he stays up the whole have in our basement.
• I clean, do laundry, and make sure my son has all of his homework finished. Then I make sure my husband and dog have their lucky shirts on. Finally, we choose which beers from our BREWPUBLIK delivery to drink, make some nachos and sit down to watch the game. Amy Wirt
• My husband and I have matching #59 jerseys which we have to put on before the game starts. Then, I have my morning coffee out of my panthers coffee mug (with a little baileys for good luck). Then we pace back and forth across the living room anxiously as the panthers win another game!!!
• Gameday a must always be started with a little champy. My sister makes or gets wings. Every game.
• Just do it.
• Bojangles pick up on 3rd street, tailgate in same lot with same amazing friends. A trip to visit the Roaring Riot is a must!
• Toss on my Cam Newton jersey and tailgate with the Roaring Riot before watching the Panthers win!
• We always start the day with a round up from SportsCenter! From there depending on game time we always find a bar/pub with good beer and wings.
• Sports Cemter over coffee, Panther jersey on, wine uncorked at kickl-off. No phone calls answered during game time!!’
• Wake up, put on my jersey, Tailgate at our spot across the street from Draught (all are welcome) then pray I somehow find tickets to the game!
• Getting plenty of craft beer, snacks and sitting in the same spot on the same couch wearing the same jersey every week
• Tailgating with friends and family
• Drinking local beer during the game
• Amazingly, I have never been to a Panthers game, so my game day ritual is to simply watch them on TV with the NY Times crossword puzzle in front of me. This year I’ve not succeeded in getting much accomplished on the puzzle during the game!
• Classic bacon egg and cheese breakfast with friends (and mimosas). Tailgating uptown with more food, lots of music, dancing and good times. Blowing a paycheck on tickets or going to a local sports bar to “stand and cheer for the panthers”. Jumping up and down and expecting a heart attack for the next 3 hours… Go panthers!
• I’ve never been to a game, no current ritual.
• Staying warm & cozy in my home watching my husband loving the game on TV. How I wish he could attend at least 1 game. He is 73 and loves football and the Panthers!
• For a 1pm game: wake up early and have a hearty breakfast. Then we head down to our tailgate spot to meet up with friends and other fans. If we have tickets then we go to the game, but usually we do not, so we head over to the French Quarter to watch the game.
• Wake up, put the Carolina Jersey on our German Shepherd and my self and go for our morning walk. Open up the garage and fire up the grill (we live in south end). Friends neighbors come over and we start tailgating! #KeepPounding
• Sitting in front of the big screen within my favorite drink wight the puppy on my lap.Go cats!
• I typically ride my bike past the stadium and tailgates with the Sunday Slow Riders while wearing my #43 jersey. I met Fozzy at Cowfish This summer and he picked up my lunch tab and I promised I’d be a forever fan in return.
• My couch. All day. I don’t go out and so far it’s worked out. It started when I moved from South End to the burbs after last season.
• I put on my lucky socks, stock the mini fridge with Charlotte craft beer and warn the neighbors to ignore the screaming from my house.
• Football food.
• It’s always a good day for Panthers football when you can join the Roaring Riot for NoDa beers and a Dilworth Neighborhood Grille buffet!
• Grill, beer, friends, and the couch. Perfect day!
• Cx
• Wake up in the morning feelin like P.Diddy. Grab my coffee and a jog I’m gonna hit this city. Order pizza for the couch because I’m too poor to go to the game. (sorry this ends the phone lyrics, not THAT creative). Put on my Panther’s gear watch the game on TV like I am at the game screaming at the TV so loud with my husband we scare our one year old (she loves it though). High fives and bootie shaking all around when we score! LOVE THIS PANTHER NATION!
• My husband & I love to tail gate with some good friends who have a spot near the South gate. We are always asked to bring one of Jim’s signature cocktail for this fun get-together. Now that we live in South-End it is just a short walk to the game. When it comes to tickets we usually depend on the kindness of others!
• Ale house with my girlfriends!
• Wake up. Think WWCD…What Would Cam Do? He would win. So I seize the day by working out and then laying on my couch all day to watch football.
• Watch with home at family
• I actually go for a run to check out all the early bird tailgaters!
• Wake up bright and early, put on your gameday best, crank the tunes, crack a cold one, tailgate and CHEER FOR A PANTHERS WIN!
• Got to put on my lucky sweat pants!
• Put my dog’s panthers jersey on him while we watch the game.
• When I’m not able to attend the game I go visit my best friend who just had twin girls and play with their two year old. Luckily the babies sleep through yelling and cheering for the Panthers! It would be great to yell without switching it quickly to a whisper!
• Usually watch on the couch with my husband and newborn. No one can walk away in the 4th quarter. My husband hasn’t cut his beard and we are certain that our daughter has brought the panthers this great winning streak, they haven’t lost since she was born!
• Viva Chicken.
• I am entering this for my parents who just moved from up north. They have become huge panthers fans and they keep mentioning they want to attend a game so it would be awesome if I won!
They are originally Bills fans so it will be different to actually watch a team that might have a chance to win! Game day ritual for me is tailgating nice and early and making sure my
Purse is the size of a penny so it doesn’t get thrown out
• Jerseys on, usually hit Pint Central to watch the game and see our favorite bartenders and drink the best local beers in town. Panthers Game Day is the best day of the week! My 9 year old nephew may actually faint if I win these tickets to take him to his first game 🙂
• Just making sure wherever I am, there’s a tv with the game on
• Church. Putting on the jerseys. Lunch in front of the TV with all my kiddos.
• I don’ really have a ritual. I just love watching the Panthers win.
• I start wearing panthers colors that Friday and continue through the weekend until that Sunday when I switch to my Cam jersey and go out to a tailgate a friends parents have been hosting since the Panthers joined the NFL
• Get in early and soak in the atmosphere
• Drink 5+ Vodka Red Bull from the Roaring Riot Tailgate and wear my “Lucky Hat” all grey snapback with white Panthers logo.
• Every Sunday morning I run 3 miles with the dogs and take 20 lbs of pork shoulder off the big green egg to prepare for gameday!
• As the father of 3 year old twins my tailgating days have been put on hold. But we still get pumped for the game in our panthers gear. I love having my parents over to watch the game and use it as a family event, my dad, me and my son running plays on the carpet. Then we dab on them folks.
• Drink beer.
• Cheering loudly with my son and step kids. All piled on the sofa.
• I’ve worn the same outfit, down to my socks, every week this year. Hey, it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work right? #12-0
• Put my dog’s panthers jersey on him while we watch the game.
• I say a prayer for the team, put on my favorite LUUUUUUUUKE jersey, and then get in the zone for another panthers win!
• Pull out the jerseys, walk the dog, go to the market for everything needed to satisfy thirst and hunger. Come home and cook and present the spread. Settle in the sofa with said dog and family, blankets and napkins included.
• I wear the same outfit every game
• Run early in the morning, shower and change into my Jake Delhomme shirt. If it’s a home game, I walk around Graham Street and check out the tailgate scene.
• I frantically clean whichever room I’m in. It’s productive, it helps to release my nervous energy and my wife loves me for it.
• Wake up, grab a bacon, egg, and cheese from Owens, go have a beer at craft and either watch the game there unless I have tickets. Go Panthers!
• Wake up and make the ultimate breakfast with Panther blue scrambled eggs then tailgate/ watch the game at a nearby pub
• I sleep in to make sure I am well rested in order to be the best fan I can be and then I put on my lucky panthers shirt. It has worked so far this season!! 12-0!!
• Usually I make some of my famous spinach dip. Will also throw the ball around with my 3 year old son tof get pumed up. It’s actually a mini rugby ball… but he calls it a football.
• I let my honey do the smack talking during the game & hold mine till the end…lol
• rush home from church to see the game anywhere I can!
• 1. Get excited before the game.
2. Stress and pace during the game.
3. Facebook gloat and dab after the game. #keeppounding
• Church, brunch, game time!
• Making sure I spend it with family and friends.
• Always start the day off with bojangles and some good beer..head off to our tailgate spot to play some some corn hole and then walk to the game with everyone. Love the atmosphere uptown on game day!
• I am in my man cave(garage) watching the game. My wife sends me out there because I get way too loud at times. The neighbors also know when the game is on.
• Bloody Mary, friends and football!
• My friends and I gather at our Southend apartment, cook up some chili, and put the game on TV. We watch from the balcony of our apartment, which has a great view of the stadium. We can also hear the roar of the crowd and see the fireworks- so it’s pretty awesome!
• I wear the same Pink Panther t-shirt EVERY game day.
• After moving to Charlotte 2.5 years ago I have really made the panthers my home team. I don’t have any “rituals” but I watch every game without fail. I work in healthcare and even if I am working the weekend that a game is on, I always am keeping up on the score on my phone! Go Panthers! Love being a part of this city!
• Get in a good workout in the morning, shower, put on my Panthers Sweatshirt and meet up with friends at a local pub!
• My game day ritual:
1) Wishing I had tix to the game;
2) Wearing black-blue-white morning, noon and night… alright-alright-alright;
3) Cheering for Cam, Luuuuke and the boys on the field, pretending that I’m there at the game;
4) Celebrating another win to their perfect season with my friends and sparkling Champagne.
• I pull out my no-fail pair of Panthers clad underwear I won’t wash until the winning streak ends! Just kidding. Ew. I throw on my jersey and crack open a beer.
• Put my panthers gear on and watch the game at home or with friends.
• I always put on my Cam Newton jersey and watch the game with friends.
• It’s not gameday without a great tailgate. Tailgate all morning then head to the game!
• Watch the Patriots and Panthers games wearing my Tom Brady jersey and Panthers socks. Sometimes a winter hat makes an appearance if a game is going badly – or my old school Randy Moss Pats jersey.
• Beer & food, duh..
• Reverse-jinxing. Basically, I list off all the reasons why we’ll lose in the hopes that karma combined with humility leads to a win.
• I always make sure my dog has on his little Panthers jersey.
• I always sleep in Panthers pajamas the night before a game, and wake up and drink a glass of Bailey’s and coffee to get the day going. Sometimes I head to Bojangles to get my tailgate box… Sometimes I hate myself that I forgot I can’t buy beer until noon. Usually, I am sloshing around tailgates in a Steve Smith (I miss you, man!!) or Olsen jersey – taking in Charlotte’s finest Jell-O shots before a game. Maybe the real question is, what’s the ritual the day after?
• If I’m watching from home, I sit in the same spot every game. Oh, and my sister can’t watch unless she’ starts from kickoff- I think she’s a jinx.
• I just moved to Charlotte and have not had the opportunity to attend a panthers game yet. This would be the perfect opportunity to start a game-day ritual!
• I’ve worn the same jeans and boots to each Panthers game this season (whether it’s at the stadium or watching it at at Craft or All American) and I cannot help but think they are part of the reason we’re killing it.
• Take kiddos to playground pre-game. Lunch out (which Wich, chipotle, etc). Mentally prepare. Keep pounding to victory.
• My game-day ritual includes spending the day with great friends who love Charlotte and the Panthers as much as I do – do you really need anything else?
• Tailgating with friends, where we cook up some food that coincides with the visiting team. We chat with other tailgaters and play cornhole before making our way in the stadium in time to visit a concession stand on the way to the seats. Go Panthers!
• Wake up, play with my dog, make breakfast and mimosas, then tailgate With the best of them! 😎
• Wake up, drink coffee out of my Panthers mug, put on my jersey, and begin getting ready to tailgate! We usually hang out at a place on Morehead where it isn’t too busy so we can grill, play cornhole, and the dogs can run around if we bring them! (Sometimes people come to just tailgate and can take the dogs home when they leave)
• 1. Wake Up
2. Drink Coffee
3. Put on my Cam Newton Jersey
4. Watch Sports Center until the Panther’s game
• Wake up…. gear up…. get rowdy and #keeppounding
• We build a fire and sit on our back porch with a few friends while the kids play in the backyard. Usually order Basil Thai via Postmates. #bestsundayfootballritual
• Every Sunday my boyfriend and I head to his parents condo in uptown and proceed to be southern as hell. His parents always buy a Big Bo Box with extra sweet tea and we sit around eating bojangles and drinking sweet tea vodkas. It’s the little things but there is nothing quite like talking about the Panthers with a chicken wing in your hand.
• Mini-pep rally with family, friends,lots of fun and food😄
• Hope from tailgate to tailgate. Enjoy the game and then stop at All American until we take the train back home.
• We live pretty close to the stadium so we have the luxury of taking our time. The day usually starts with me jumping on the bed (not unlike a child on Christmas morning) to wake my boyfriend. Usually he wouldn’t be too happy about that, but when he realizes it’s game day, he’s instantly pumped. We rise, dress the dog in his Panthers jersey, don our own and hit Romare Bearden park to bask in the energy that Panthers fans bring to the city. After a few laughs and ‘awwwws’ in response to our dog’s jersey, we head back up, pack up our clear NFL stadium approved bags and grab a couple local beers (our favorite is Unknown). Game time! After the game, we always stick around to hear every last word of Mighty Panthers (as a former TopCat, I still know every word and most of the dance) and enjoy our short, traffic-free walk home!
• Wake-up, browse the Carolina Huddle, put on my lucky underwear and panthers gear, watch the panthers win (again)
• Brunch, dress in all black, greyhounds or mimosas, then kick-off.
• Put on my Cam jersey, turn on the tv and watch the Panthers win.
• Wake up and work out in black pants and a blue shirt then shower and switch to blue jeans and a black shirt and then order two medium thin crust dominoes pizzas and then watch the game on the downstairs TV. If we are losing I have to move upstairs and put the tv on mute while I read my book and only look at the score after I have read a whole chapter. I got through a lot of my book last weekend (and probably offended all of the people watching at our house).
• Tailgating with friends and meeting new friends while tailgating!
• I’m definitely superstitious in that I’ve worn the same golf shirt for every game day when I go to church. Since we have been winning, I haven’t wanted to change it, so, needless to say, as the weather has turned cold, I get some funny looks at church wearing short sleeves!
• Nothing beats gearing up for the game and preparing a feast, just to head next door and watch the game in a decked out garage with 20 of your closest friends and neighbors.
• Finding my spot on the couch with our newborn and settling in to watch Cam and crew roll!
• Dressing up my kitten as a ferocious Panther. I’d include a picture here if I could.
• Watching my falcons and my wife’s panthers with our dog
• Not going out the night before so I can get completely hammered at the game
• Church, Harris Teeter, WBT, then Black & Blue!
• Hello OrthoCarolina – A fan from Day 1 (even saw them play in Clemson 20+ years ago), we rush around the house and yard getting chores done so we’re seated by game time. To bring the luck we must don our respective Panther attire (mine is a Luke jersey, of course) by kick off. I scream for every good and bad action in the game, scaring our lab-mix into retreating upstairs. My husband pays no attention to my antics, as he quietly concentrates on every move. As he always says, “I only watch reality TV – SPORTS”! We are devoted fans, but haven’t been to a game this year, and would truly LOVE to see the Panther’s whip the Falcons in person. Looking forward to cheering our guys alongside Ortho’s team! Go Panthers! Lisa & Fred
• Breakfast, coffee, Uber until almost kickoff, find a TV (usually in Southend)
• Outside at a tailgate is the best way to enjoy a game. 75 degrees or 40 degrees with the right preparation and fuzzy-inducing drink in hand, any type of weather is football weather.
• Go for a run, put on my Cam jersey, grab a bag of chips, park my butt on the couch for the next three hours
• I repeatedly inform the kids that now is not the time for Cailou/Thomas The Train/Doc McStuffins/etc and spend my my 3 hours of weekly TV time glued to the couch.
• I’m a realtor so it’s common to schedule showings or open houses around the Panthers.
• I take the dog for a VERY long walk and a vigorous game of fetch. If we’re successful, he’s too tired to demand bark during the game & snoring away in his bed when the Fritos are passed around!
• get all decked out in my panther gear and head over to one of the many local bars to watch the panthers play
• Wake up kids, feed kids, dress kids (without wife because she works at church and I single parent Sunday mornings without her), Go to church, Work Sunday school for one service, go to service during the second service. pick up kids, take home, play with kids, feed kids, put kids down to nap…
• I usually don’t know there’s a game. But I went to my first tailgate ever last weekend (like first EVER – not just my first Panther’s tailgate) and drank champagne out of a solo cup, which was fun. I’m a fan now. -Tiana
• Tailgate with family and thousands of other Panthers’ fans in our great city!
• Drinks and Tailgating with friends in Morehead before the game!
• Find somewhere with cable! And maybe some beer 🍻
• Tailgates on tailgates
• Hi. This is Tim S. Van Haren, and this is my Panthers game day ritual.
6:00am: Wake up. It’s game day!
6:30am: Breakfast. Yolky eggs are involved in some way, because yum.
6:35am: Make a mental note to name a future pet “Yolky.” Because it’s adorable; that’s why.
7:00am: Review the day’s NFL games. Pretend to know how each match-up will turn out.
8:00am: Shower. Daydream about being in the Panthers locker room showering with 52 other guys. Get uncomfortable. Tell myself to stop shower daydreaming.
8:30am: Select game day attire. Typically shoes, socks, pants, underwear, shirt, and jacket (weather-determined). And if I’m feeling quirky, a baseball cap.
9:00am: Pack up the car with the essentials: a cooler with ice and be… soda, some munchies, and some chairs.
9:30am: Head over to the stadium to tailgate.
10:00am: Commence tailgating at a high rate of efficiency.
12:00pm: Start walking around looking for a reasonably-priced ticket to the game.
12:15pm: Remember that there’s no such thing, get bummed out, and go back to the tailgate.
1:00pm: Find someone at the tailgate with the game on a TV and make some new friends. Barring that, find some place local to watch the game.
And most important of all: cheer on those Panthers!
• For home games we wake up 730/800 and I make pancakes, sausage, bacon and mimosas for whoever happens to be at our house that morning for game day. After we all eat, our second round of drinks are made. This time, tequila sunrise. Throw on my lucky sneakers and Cam jersey and catch an uber uptown from our Condo in Southend. Hit up a couple of tailgates and head in!
• No shower, no shaving…same coffee cup and same chair!
Read observer right before kick-off!
• Eating a wrap from Viva Chicken….always the same wrap.
• Spending time before the game with my family and friends tailgating.
• Really none, just BIG fan and supporter!
• Brunch at Little Spoon, bike to some tail gates, and watch the game wherever I find a venue that (unlike me) pays for cable.
• My husband and I are both big fantasy football players so it involves reviewing line ups in our Panthers jerseys and then most recently perfecting the dab!!
• Going to All American and Slate/Oak Room with friends from different city’s so that we can all watch our favorite NFL team in one place!
• Go on a bike ride while everyone is inside watching the game!
• Peanuts and beer
• Grab some good food and sit down with friends! Go thers!
• Watching Cam DANCE!
• Read what happened afterward.
• Wake up, go get my dog (8 month old black lab puppy), throw on my panthers gear, help my dog get his Panthers jersey on, drink some coffee, discuss the day’s game with him, then with my wife, then eat some eggs.
• Rub my baby’s head for good luck.
• I don’t have a set ritual because it usually involves strategic placement of weekend chores on the bookends of the game
• Usually I am at All American Pub or Tavern on the Tracks watching the game and eating with all the other Panthers fans.
• Put on my jersey and don’t leave the couch. What a great birthday present it would be to watch the Panthers win number 13 on the 13th, the day before my birthday!
• Breakfast at the original pancake house. Game time at dilworth neighborhood bar and grill and lots of prayer that we will win. Gotta wear the jersey all day.
• Waking up on game day and before getting out of bed, saying a prayer for the panthers.
• Wear my lucky shirt!
• Why would I need a ritual or good luck token when we have Cam Newton as our QB? I will write, however, my favorite and treasured part about game day. It’s waking up in SouthEnd to walk my dog. Why? Because the moment I walk outside, no matter what time it is, I’m greeted by Panther fans. The energy that glows in my area of town is like no other. It’s an instant hype for what’s about to come. And I would not change the feeling for anything in the entire world. #keeppounding
• Well, this year, it’s to actually pay attention to game time, WATCH, and furiously text back and forth with my brother during the game! (Sorry–not very elaborate, I know!)
• Each game day morning I put out my panthers flags and put on my TOLDOZER jersey.
• A hard workout in the morning so that I can enjoy guilt – free couch time and good food for the game
• We go to Church and then go eat lunch at Arthur’s at Belk in SouthPark Mall (kid favorite). We end up watching the first quarter there and then heading home to finish the rest on DVR.
• …… (ton) fan ….. Not very exciting but love love love a winning home team!!!!
• Keeping note of any Panthers Endzone dances!
• Game day: going to Church, then swinging by the grocery for supplies and then sitting down with my 9 yr old son to try to explain the subtleties of pro football.
• Need to make sure the koozies are out and the dip is hot.
• Same Panthers winter hat (even when it’s 70 degrees out), Luke jersey, Cam earrings and Panther fuzzy socks. Winning combination.
• I’m going to be honest…I actually don’t have one. But I am an avid trash talker and dab defender! 😁
• Wake up to the song “Panthers Tailgate” by Simplified ( Throw on my game day attire. Uber to Bojangles to pick up the classic tailgate special. Tailgate at Mint/Carson until game time.
• Wake up late and park myself on the couch.
• My game day ritual is to dig out my lucky Panthers Tee from the clean laundry basket, put on my mismatched lucky earrings & eat pizza before kick off. Don’t knock it! It’s been working…
• I’m usually working on Sunday so I’m following on my devices whenever I have a break. But now that it’s my slow time at work it sure would be nice to get out to a game. I’m sure my daughter would wear her Cam Newton jersey and we’d go to Romare-Bearden Park (if they still do the pregame festivities there).
• I make a Panthers hype video and send to my buddies and then always wear the same shirts (yes, plural), hat and pullover. Even the unmentionables are the same. Hey, it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work, right? 12-0. Keep Pounding.
• Grilling, beer, friends!
• Say a little prayer that the Panthers win!!
• My game-day ritual is putting on my Luke jersey and making tasty appetizers in the kitchen while sipping on craft beer.
• For 1 pm games, I’ll prepare a pork shoulder, cook it in the morning, shred it during halftime, do sides after the game while listening to WBT post game on my cellphone radio. Every Sunday. Pork and The Panthers. Harder for the 4:30 games and the beloved prime time contests. But a ritual is a ritual!
• I go to Publix and get a bunch of snacks, flip through other games until the main event comes on!
• My game-day ritual includes waking up and going to the gym and then church. After church we go to my in-laws house with a “big-bo box” from Bojangles. I have to wear my Panthers blue and gray socks and my father in-law and brother in-law wear their Panthers jersey that they’ve worn all year without washing!
• Obviously I’m a big fan of any “football food” out there….wings, dips, cheese…gimme.
• tailgating and bar hopping around town
• Wear something in Panthers colors
• Trying to watch the game on my ipad in a chair with 4 kids running in and out.
• Pre game at Draught.
• Watching the game with my Dad.
• Brunch then watching the game with friends at someone’s house – need fuel to get through these CARDIAC CAT attacks!
• biking around south end to different breweries in between quarters
• Game day begins with Panthers Bud Light cans, and a tough decision between whose jersey to wear for the day. Go Panthers, keep pounding!
• Attend 9:30 service at church (Friendship Missionary Baptist) then home to finish preparing food. A lot of times I’m watching alone and conversating via Facebook or texting (mostly) to friends or watching with daughters and a few close friends.
• Drinking and trying to convince my friends to go anywhere besides All-American
• Put on my Panthers hat, make game time snacks, clean house, run errands, kick back with a few local brews and snacks, root the Panthers to victory!
• Try to watch at least ten minutes of the game in between playing with my 18 month old.
• Publix chicken tender sub and an IPA.
• Get together with family, prepare good eats, and watch the game together.
• Wearing all panthers gear from friday to sunday.
• My game-day ritual is doing the dab dance with Cam to celebrate a touchdown.
• We don’t have any yet. We just moved to NC from OH and are becoming Panther fans. I am a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, so given their recent history I am looking for a new team 🙂
• Comforting my scared golden retriever puppy as my husband screams profanity at the TV.
• My game day ritual starts with family. It’s the best time of year because my brothers and I always watch the games together. I moved from New Hampshire a year or so ago, and I love my new home team and the time I get to spend with my family. Also OMB beers and nachos.
• First-Order a big order of Bojangles. If your tailgate doesn’t consist of at least some Bojangles, you’re probably not from Charlotte.
Second- Ice a cold pack from OMB. It breaks my heart when I see natives drink chain beers. Buy local!
Third- eat, drink, play.
• Wear my teams shirt then jersey on over it.
• Gameday ritual is no matter what weather is whole family goes out for 3 mile run every morning even our dogs, in our jerseys, we feel if team is going to go do the work that day no excuse why we can’t.
• My friends and I go out to brunch or do brunch at somebody’s place, then head to slate for the watch party, unless we are going to the game! 🙂
• Wake up, put on my Panther’s Jersey and meet the girls for celebratory mimosas. Doesn’t matter what time the game is, there are always mimosas 🙂
• Life is too short for superstitions.
• Tailgating with friends before the game. Always getting a halftime beer with the same friends, regardless of whether we are at the game, at a bar, or at home. We always make a point to open a fresh beer for halftime.
• We have owned PSL’s for several years, however I was never able to go due to heart failure and afib. Our adult children loved going to the games! Last year following my heart transplant, one of my first BIG activities was going to a Panther game! Haven’t been yet this year, again, giving our tickets to our children and grandchildren, I am “sitting on go,” I like to get there early for all the excitement!
• I used believed I only had enough love in my heart for one team, my alma mater. But when I moved to Charlotte, in order to meet people I starting attending group events to watch Panther football games at local pubs. By mid season I found myself waking up on Sundays and feeling a sense of excitement, but instead of going out to watch, I stayed home, with no distractions to watch ‘my’ team. Today, my boyfriend (also a recent transplant) and I wake up Sundays and quickly finish workouts and errands before settling in to make pre-game snacks and anxiously await kick off. During the game, I scream at the TV while he laughs at my passion for a team I adopted three seasons ago. This is his team now too and each time we score I see him smile even brighter. Our game day ritual connects us.
• Wake up HYPED, meet with my dad at my parents house, tailgate together and catch up, and walk the 20 minutes down Mint Street into the stadium!
• Tailgating of course!
• Tailgate and enjoy the game with friends and family.
• Do everything I can to not succumb to the Sunday Scaries. This means getting ready for the week before the Panthers kick off. Then I’m fully prepared to #keeppounding.
• I work almost every Sunday during the year, but I always try to catch at least one game each season.
• The squad and I usually start at Draught since it is so close and obvi the nachos are great. Then Uber or catch that awesome golf cart to All American Pub!
• Tailgate before the game. Bojangles in the game. All American Pub after the win!
• I’d like to say that I avoid showering and wear a “game day shirt” that hasn’t been washed since the beginning of the season but I’m a germaphobe so that would be a lie. Truthfully I wake up, go about my business, and try not to freak out during game time! That’s my ritual.
• Watch the game with friends at Valhalla
• Ed’s Tavern with all my girlfriends for buckets of cheap beer and tasty apps! Oh, and lots of dabbing!
• Dap as soon as I wake up, dap in the shower, dap throughout the day but especially hard core dap each touchdown!
• Church, brunch, PANTHERS!
• I go to Draight with my friends and tailgate
• I’m boring. My game day ritual is sitting on the couch and watching the game so that there are no witnesses to my screaming, yelling and crying emotional roller coaster. Also, good tickets are super expensive…
• Grabbing our Cam jerseys and inviting a few friends over for the game.
• Watch the game and scream yell at the TV until my kids are embarrassed in their own home 😜
• BF and I camp out in front of our tv. The tv he purchased just in time for football season. The 55″ 4K resolution tv that he shows off to all who enter.
• Get plenty of rest in the morning and get ready to tailgate!
• SportsCenter and coffee starts my day before rolling into stronger beverages, usually at a South End bar/brewery with a solid display of TVs.
• My husband and I wake up, put on our jerseys, and order wings from boardwalk billies! It’s worked for this 12-0 streak so we’re not messing with it!
• Honestly, this is going to sound lame but we watch the game in the comfort of our home. We cook wings, watch redzone until the Panthers game and we are on the couch and in front of the television in time for kick off.
• Go to church. Find a TV, grab the nearest thing to eat and keep pounding.
• Sitting in the garage/man cave with friends and family with my Cam Newton jersey on.
• Standing in the Cotswold HT beer aisle in a Thomas Davis jersey until 11:59am before starting the walk up to the cashier. I know I’m not the only one. Panthers are still undefeated, North Carolina blue laws be damned. Can’t change it now.
– Jackson Lever
• Easy.. Mimosas and bojangles
• Dressing up our daughter in her game day gear!
• 1. Wear the same outfit to each game.
2. Stop by Bojangles for a sausage biscuit and coffee.
3. Drive to Dilworth Neighborhood Grill to park.
4. Call Uber for a ride to the Roaring Riot tailgate.
5. Go to game 45 minutes before it starts if I have tickets.
6. Go back to Dilworth if no tickets and watch with fellow members of the Roaring Riot.
7. Cheer loud for the Panthers while jumping up and down as if the game depends on it!
-Trish Ellington
• Dressing up our daughter in her game day gear!
• Owen’s bagels & mimosas. Tailgate hopping. YES WE CAM.
• Tailgating with family in friends just outside uptown! Crown Royal shots right before we walk up to the Stadium!
• Mimosas!
• I sleep in my jersey the night before, and wake up and drink a Bloody Mary to start the day
• Get the snacks ready, get comfortable, get ready to cheer!!
• Put on my jersey, Grab some food, grab some beer, call friends and family to get together, and watch the panthers win.
-Will S
• We typically watch at home or a friends house that has a nice outdoor TV patio
• Wake up. Coffee. Gym. Yard work. Football.
• I don’t really have a game day ritual, per say, but if I’m home I always wear my comfy Panthers pj pants!! They’ve certainly proven effective this season 😉
• We usually go out to lunch someplace different every week. (There’s lots of places to eat in Charlotte.)
• Orange juice, mickeys and those little brain teasers on the bottle cap while trying to figure out each panthers player that drives into the players lot
• Go for a run before the 1pm games, and walk over to Hickory Tavern to watch all the games.
• My husband and I usually first have to plan the kids schedule to fit around the game. If it is a 1pm game we are golden a that is nap time—winning!
If it is a later afternoon or evening game, we try to get the kids as on board as possible (toddlers) by dressing them up and creating games tied points scored. This usually result in an over consumption of candy. On the rare occasions where masked bribery doesn’t work, we call on our dear friend Mr. Disney to babysit for the 4th quarter so mommy and daddy can watch (and scream/curse) in peace.
• We all put in our lucky Panther wear. My husband sets up the man cave with our Panther corn hole, ping pong table and air hockey table. I make my award-winning dip, Mississippi Sin (won two years in a row at my neighbor’s chili cook off. My DIP wins at a chili cook-off!
• Walking from Mosaic Southend and tailgating with friends or family!
• Shower upon waking using dove body wash, same meal before gametime (tuna sandwich and chips) put on my lucky shorts (with huge rip in the back) and put on my lucky Olsen jersey.
• Dress in Carolina Panther colors (since I don’t have an official jersey), attend a pre-game tailgate gathering to jumpstart the pep rally, make the walk into the Bank of America Stadium (quietly) and say a prayer! Go Panthers!
• Same Panthers pullover as been wearing for a couple years now
• I love getting together with my friends to watch the game. We’ve done bonfires, chili cookoffs and more. We feel the community of good vibes being sent to the Panthers helps them win!
• Brunch then slate to watch the game!
• Every game day, I wake up, put on some Panthers gear and settle in for a great (hopefully) day!
• We always tailgate near Uptown Cabaret because all our friends know how to get there! It’s such an easy meet-up spot.
• Wake up. Clean the house. It feels like a new day. Put on my jersey, dress my pup in his jersey, check that the beer is perfectly cold, watch ESPN and NEVER miss Rob Riggles picks. Let the game begin.
Ps. We taught our dog to jump in the air when we yell touchdown… he’s been doing a lot of jumping these last few games 🙂
• Same shirt every game!
• wake up, Panthers gear on….game day food and beers
• On game day, I love to get up and go to church (in my panthers jersey) then leave and drive directly to the game or back to my house where my brother comes over, we have two beers right at kick off, then we watch the game (of course we go completely hoarse by then end) then we go around the corner to the local bar to hang out.
• Work out in the morning, watch a little TV to relax and get ready for the big game.
• My wife and I go to church and get back home in time for kick-off. We are originally from Rochetser, NY so we like to cook up some Zweigles and plop down for game day!
• Where panthers shirt Saturday, Clemson shirt on Sunday. It’s backwards but it’s working.
• Get together with friends and yell at the TV and cheer on all the great players on the team
• Wake up, move directly from bed to sofa and watch ESPN until two hours before the game. Shower and get my gameface on….
• Watch the game with my husband. Sometimes we go out to the local bar and cheer with fans or we stay home in our jerseys and panthers gear and just scream in our apartment.
• Buy as much Bojangles fried chicken as humanly possible of course!
• Wings – and lots of them.
• Even though it kills me to do so, I can’t wear a shirt or jersey or anything for my team on game day. Otherwise I’m convinced they’ll lose. Uh.
• Get dressed up in my panther gear, then some tailgating! Go to the game and cheer for our Panthers then after celebrate another WIN!!!!
• Watch the game at home or at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill in my lucky steve smith jersey from the Superbowl run.
• My 10 year old son and I make sure we have our game day schedule cleared off and have our snacks and drinks ready to go. He has his ritual “spot” on the couch where he must sit to make sure the Panthers play well and win. I look forward to our game days and we’re enjoying the Panthers journey this year!
• Game day ritual…might not seem as exciting as some but game day is a very special day for my husband and I. After a morning workout we settle into our Uptown condo where we make lunch, not to be disturbed by needed to snack during the game. With our favorite beverage in hand and Panther’s gear on the world stops as we tune in to watch our favorite team play! With a view of the stadium it is fun to watch close up on TV and then see fly overs, the occasional fireworks and of course the Duke Energy Building light up with a score is made from our window.
• My ritual is to workout, have some coffee and go from there.
• My wife and I always grab a few pregame drinks, walk to the lightrail, and then tailgate with our closest 70,000 friends before the game! Popular stops include the Doghouse and Draught (not Drought as often mis-stated). Nothing brings the city together quite like a Panther’s home game!
• Drinks, good food, friends, and corn hole to get ready for the game!
• Drink and watch the game!!!
• You have to start the day with a run outside in your Panthers gear! Seeing all of the other fans out creates a strong sense of #KeepPounding. The rest of the day is devoted to good beer from Good Bottle Co. and good food. And cheering, of course.
• Enjoying the game with my Dad, who has been a fan from the very beginning… And eating Bojangles, always.
• Panther jersey, scooter to find friends tailgating, socialize and talk up the big game
• Making chicken wings and nachos, lighting a fire in my fireplace and watching every play with my husband and dog. But club seats would be a nice change of pace!!
• Unfortunately, we usually watch the games on tv. That’s why I’d love to win the tickets: to see it live!
• I get home from church around 12:45, then its time to hustle! I change into some comfortable clothes, grab my computer, and get ready to watch! I always sit on the edge of the couch, leaned forward to ensure the maximum amount of attention is applied to the game. If we are winning comfortably, the second half could be watched lying down. But if the game is still close, the posture is still forward. If the Panthers play @ 1pm, then the 4pm game is nap time! There are few more comfortable feelings than falling asleep in the sun with a football game on in the background.
• Sit on the right side of the couch after a bojangles feast and a chorus of stand and cheer.
• My gameday rituals go like this.
8:00 – Wake up (maybe hungover from College Football on Saturday)
8:30 – Maybe take my dog on a walk (depending upon aforementioned hangover)
9:00 – make breakfast. ALWAYS Bacon, Eggs, and coffee.
9:30 – Shower
10:00 – Get dressed and turn on pregame
10:15 – Head to Uptown tailgate to consume copious amount of food and drink
11:00 – My hangover starts to feel better.
12:15 – either start to head into the game or head to buddys house for watch party.
4:30 – celebrate Panthers win.
• Wings & beer! That’s all we ever need.
• Cheer on Panthers!!
• Watching the game! 🙂
• Trying to find the game on a free channel and play it through apple TV. #nocable
• I don’t have one. …this will be my first actual football game (unless you count fast forwarding thru the Super Bowl to see the commercials).
• Call my brother in California and tell him how sorry I feel for him because they have the Raiders and the Niners and that’s just sad
• As a game day ritual, we wear our game day shirts and or jerseys. Dad sits in the same chair as a “good luck charm” while my mom, brother, and I are scattered around the couch. My friends always dress up their new puppy. If we go to the game, we will normally tailgate!
• Go to church!
Wear a black shirt when we are home and blue shirt when we are away.
I attempted to do all the same things I had done the week before…same jersey, same beverages, all that sort of things. A game day ritual, to me is the core of every variation on this theme is to have a good time.
• Owens bagel and a mimosa to start the day!
• My game day ritual is to clean my house, my yard, complete any work that I may have so I am not distracted. After I’m done I pick up a sandwich or a meal from Bojangles and settle in for the game. I always make sure I have some high quality craft beer to sip on while I watch the Panthers #keeppounding.
• Beer, pizza and good company!!
• Watch on tv. On nice afternoons, we bring the tv out to the patio.
• Drinking only Charlotte beers on game day
• Tailgating! You gotta love the camaraderie associated with a giant parking lot all getting ready for the big game.
• Wear my Cam jersey and meet my friends to watch the game
• We’ve never actually attended a game – I’m relatively new to Charlotte. BUT, we do watch from home with some good food 🙂
• We bolt home after church, feed our little boys lunch and throw them in bed for naps. Then we put on cozy clothes and curl up on the couch to watch the game.
For evening games, our boys love staying up a little past bedtime to eat “football food”, wear their jerseys and watch the game as a family.
• A healthy heaping of mac & cheese in front of the big screen.
• War up early to set up our fantasy picks, head to church to pray then straight home for the couch for the games!
• I don’t have cable, so I head to my in-laws or watch it at my community club house. There’s no such thing as NFL for Netflix, is there? Anyway, watching the game in person would be 10,000,000 times better. Yup.
• throw on my panthers jersey, blast my panthers play list and go on a run with my dog to get pumped up!
• firing up the grill, every family member breaking out their jersey and hat, watching the pre-game, reading up on to get latest updates, pics and videos to get hype! laying out the spread on the coffee table, firing up the surround sound to make sure we hear Cam’s audibles as he directs our offense..every crunch, grunt and groan as the panthers defense dominates..After every great play we cheer and clap to encourage our 1 year old son to celebrate and get into the game with us!!
• I like going to a fun bar with friends and/or family, have a great tv setup, get wings and beer, and get ready to cheer!!!
• Drink and watch the Ravens or panthers
• I start game-day with a good early brunch so that I’m full and ready to cheer on the team. Then I stop by a couple tailgates to get hype with fellow Panthers for the game. My last stop is All-American where the spirit is high and hopefully the team keeps it that way.
• Take the kids to Romare Beardon Park.
• Between 8-9 – Roll out of bed. Assess the situation through hazy thoughts.
9:01 – PBR
9:30 – Ride comes
9:35 – Bojangles Cajun Filet Biscuit
10:00 – Parked at tailgate
10:01 – PBR
12:00 – Walk down to the stadium to find a ticket
1:00 Keep Pounding
• Panthers tshirt and good beer.
• Always wear my #1 jersey!
• Nothing but cheer hard during the game!
• Delicious home made loaded nachos and beers from the freezer.
Just my husband John and me with lots of Facebook postings during the game to our Yankee friends who are jealous of our winning streak. Haha. No, Really they are happy for us! Bonnie Boughter-Eft
• Grab some beers (lately Mecktoberfest!), put on my panthers gear (Panther’s santa hat, sweatshirt and socks) and cozy up in the living room!
• Game day is the reason I moved uptown… Okay, not really, but it is one of my favorite parts. I can walk to the stadium, and on the way see what scalpers are offering for tickets. Sometimes they’re reasonable — depending on the weather, the opponent, etc. Worst comes to worst and we don’t get tickets, we kick it off at Dog House and end up at Slate, where it’s always a Panther’s party. And luckily, fans have left happy all season! Win win.
• I’m not sure I would call it a ritual as much as an oddity. I tend to do odd ballet-esque (ballet is used very loosely here) and make noises that could best be described as not human. Also, I promise the other team’s kicker I’ll bake him cookies/brownies if he misses the PAT or field goal.
• Figure out how to get the kids down for a nap in time to watch the game!
• Good food!!
• Grilling out and watching the game at home with several other loyal Panthers fans!
• Donning my panthers gear, gathering with friends and family, and popping open a cold beer. OR tailgating it up in the beautiful Charlotte weather and screaming my face off in the stands.
• Slate Billiards is a must. Best atmosphere in the city
• I always wear my Luke jersey!
• I am superstitious. You can ask my friends how many times a day I make them knock-on-wood for even thinking that the Panthers will, you know, do it. I wear the same outfit every weekend for the panthers. In fact, when we were losing to the Saints I got up, cranked up my roommate’s steamer and STEAMED my jersey. I put it on, sped to Selwyn (for apparently the last night with the big tree?!?!) and we won. Ju-ju, live on.
• Breakfast and Bloody Mary’s at home, then tailgating near the stadium…
• tailgate pump up and a rowdy walk to the stadium (if im lucky) or past it to drought!
• All the girls who live in my apartment drag our selves out of bed after a Saturday night out and gather around the TV. Nothing rallies a hungover college girl like a panther game.
• Every game day I have to drink coffee out of my Panthers mug. I’ve done it for every game this season, even rushing home from my mother’s on Thanksgiving and taking a swig of day old coffee, because there wasn’t enough time before kick off the brew a fresh pot.
• Fantasy football, a panthers shirt and frantic maneuvering to get the game from my iPad to the TV. Everytime. Must work cause we’re 12-0 🙂
• Don’t have one. But I’ll have to start if I won this awesome prize!
• Put on my Luke Kuechly jersey, hit the tailgate with my friends near Draught and hopefully score some tickets to the game or watch from the many great sports bar locations!
• My amazing girlfriend and I always go to the exercise class she teaches on Sunday mornings and then make the best nachos you’ll ever see, just in time to settle in to watch Panthers kickoff (unless of course we have tickets to the game)!
• It doesn’t matter what I have going on- I wear blue and black. I prefer to wear my jersey or tshirt, but I had a work thing several weeks ago so found a way to wear my colors and look professional.
• Panthers day in our house includes all 4 of us in our Luke jerseys and cheering loudly at the TV
• I grew up in Charlotte, moved away and just moved back 2 weeks ago. Game days away from Charlotte have meant getting decked out in all black and Panthers gear – the dog, too – and doing my best to approximate a tailgate in the 30 minutes to hour I have between church and the 1:00 kickoff. Now that I’m back with my Panther-fan wife we’re hoping to find a great pub to watch the games alongside other Panther fans.
• Gather at a friend’s house, grill out, drink a few beers, and high five everyone after every Panthers touchdown.
• Fill the cooler with beer.
• Game- day ritual is to wake up, chug a bud light special edition panthers can. Eat a full breakfast. Link up with the crew. If it is a home game, head to our normal tailgate spot and break out the corn hole and hard stuff. If away game All American pub and hope to make it to work the next morning.
• Sunday Funday at Draught
• I wake up early to swing by Central Coffee to pick up a victory latte(I know its a little early to celebrate but its worked 12 times this year), then head over to Mcglohon theater to attend the 9:30 worship Experiance at Elevation Church. After chuch I will swing by Laural Market to pick up a two Number 8’s for lunch. Then to my couch to enjoy pregame and a Panthers Victory!!!
• Make crabcakes, where superman shirt. Superman socks. Tailgate for home games, and watch the game, not at the stadium, but at draft, in the cedar yards. It’s a super great crowd
• If it’s a home game, tailgating at the lots behind the Dowd YMCA, grilling steaks and drinking champagne! If it’s away, cheering from the Whiskey Warehouse rooftop, eating pretzels with queso, and drinking champagne!
• I wake up at 6:45am lay out my game day attire, start to get ready. Head over to start the tailgating process and head into game before kickoff
• For each game my wife Sally and I never leave watching the game with out one of us always watching.
• Not much of a ritual. Just start watching pre game shows at 10 with breakfast
• My husband and I take the light rail to Bland Street, hop off, and bounce around to a few tailgates. It’s a great way to enjoy Charlotte’s beautiful weather and revel in the Panther pride all around the city! When we’re lucky enough to have tickets, we like to get there early–watching Mike Tolbert crawl onto the field like a real panther is my absolute favorite!
• 12:00 Watch pre-game coverage
1:00 Beer
1:05 Kick-off
• Watching the game on delay and on mute while I listen to the cheers from the stadium.
• I wake up and do the tap dance, each game day.
The tailgate with my friends when the Panthers are in town. If they’re out of town I host a panther party.
• I live uptown so I enjoy walking our dog first thing to see the stadium before the crowds to really appreciate the energy later!
• First and foremost I put on my Newton jersey. Then I head to the Dog House to get in the game day spirit. Next I bumble around some tailgates, nothing beats beers and bratts, before heading to the Bank Of America Stadium to watch the best team in the NFL. #KeepPounding
• Work, home, food, game. No distractions.
• Every week, no matter where I am, right before the game begins I put on the LUUUUUKE jersey that I bought before the season.
It seems to have work- we have won 12 straight games since I started to do it!
• Eat, Pray, Love [the Undefeated Season].
• I always drink a local beer and open my windows on home games (live in Wilmore) to listen to the stadium in the distance. My wife makes me “multi task” and clean the house during commercials and half-time.
• Always starts off with the early service at church. We change in the car on our way to the grocery store to load up on the goods! We tailgate until about 11:30 before we make our way in – we love seeing the warm ups. We’re there until the final whistle – win or lose, and catch a few of the other games that are still in progress before we load up and head out!
• Go to church. Rush home to sit on the couch and watch the Panthers.
• Good beer for dad, Good wine for mom, “Daniel Tiger” queued up on the ipad for the toddler during the 4th quarter
• On game day, I am always cooking while the family gathers around to watch the game. Watching a Panther game is the only time we watch TV and eat a meal. #keeppounding
• My son and I get dressed in our panthers apparel attend whichever church service that will not allow us to miss any of the game. After church we head to my parents house, there we meet with more family all in all of our panthers gear, have Sunday dinner and root for our home team! I am a native Charlottian and absolutely love my panthers! My son is 8 years old and a huge panthers fan! I have not been able to afford to take him to a game so this would be major for us!
• Yoga and tailgating!
• Get dressed to head downtown….walk around and enjoy the tailgaters. When the gates open we prepare for great victory as Sweet Caroline plays in the background
• Drinks at All American Pub and walk to the game early to see warmups.
• Get up early and have a big breakfast every week. Then my fiance has to put on the same t-shirt and jersey he wears each week several hours before the game. He also has to sit in the same chair each week.
• TAILGATE! Go to the game if I can, otherwise get with some friends and RAGE (or just sit on the couch and hang out).
• Tailgate before the game and then rage in the game.
• Always wear a Panthers tshirt or jersey with a different players name on the back.
• Pretty simple….Get up. Go to the gym. Put on the jersey. Crack a beer. Watch the game!
• Giant tailgate on the roof of the Residence Inn parking deck across from the stadium.
• Generally, I get up with some other fellas in my Fantasy Football League, and we watch football all day. We may grill, but one staple I have brought to every game is some fresh hot salsa from Harris Teeter and a bag of Tostito’s Scoops. Its been at every game day get together and the Panthers have not lost yet.
• Gotta have the jersey on!
• Tailgate, Draught, game.
• My game-day ritual starts the night before the game. I put my dog’s Panther collar on her so over night the superstitious juices start to marinate. The next morning I put on my lucky Panthers hoodie (the first half of the season this can get tough, but I ALWAYS wear my lucky hoodie on game-day). Exactly 30 minutes before kick-off I play “Carolina Panthers Theme Song Anthem” (see YouTube, it’s an unofficial old school fight song, it mentions “Rodney Pete throw’in that heat”, YUP!) at a somewhat unreasonable volume. Then the ritual concludes at kickoff with the rubbing of the Panthers Christmas ornament that hangs from my fireplace mantle, its been there ever since we went to the Superbowl. After that its mainly just a bunch of yelling and cheering, because I’m pretty sure if I yell loud enough the players can hear me.
• If I’m not at the game, a group of us go to Brazwell’s and sit at the same table with the same server. We call it, “Family Football Sundays” even though none of us are related.
• Watching redzone in the mancave
• I usually brunch and watch the game from a bar close to the stadium!
• Sitting on the sofa… I need those tix 🙂
• Wake up, eat, drink, and breathe Carolina Football (including Panther’s onesies).
• I watch cam highlights from junior college three times in a row then the auburn national championship celebration and always miss the first quarter of the game, hasn’t backfired yet 12-0!
• Because of your article “The best tailgate packages in Charlotte, ranked”, my game-day ritual now consists of picking up a family pack from Bill Spoon’s BBQ and then heading to the stadium to tailgate!
• Usually we go to brunch, then head to All American Pub.
• I am brand new to Charlotte and have yet to create a game day ritual here. But I’m ready to!! I can already see the passion for the Panthers in this town and it’s amazing! I came from a city where fans were fickle and I’m ready to join this Panther nation full force!!
• Wear same clothes.
• Pre-Game: walk to 7th St Market. Get a NJC cold brew and a Local Loaf chicken biscuit. Briefly consider running a few miles, but instead do some laundry.
First Half: meet up with a couple friends and get a few (read: several) beers at Brass Tap or Craft.
Second Half: walk to All-American and/or Slate in anticipation of the W.
Post-Game: grab some food; something substantial like Phat Burrito. Slowly come to acknowledge that Monday is mere hours away. Head home with the intention of catching up on emails and whatnot, but instead watch Netflix or HBO.
• No Panthers ritual yet (since we just moved here last week) – but we’re huge Florida Gator fans, and generally make it to all the home games. Our group has been tailgating together for about 10 years, and we’re always out to our spot by 7am regardless of game time. After we set up and are all situated, someone goes and grabs Chick Fil A for breakfast. Starting about 4 hours prior to game time, and every hour until the game, the core group sneaks back to one of the trucks and Jager Bombs get poured. It’s really the highlight of the fall.
• Getting up early to fire up the smoker!
• Wear the same jersey.
• I wear my blue Cam Newton jersey with the black sparkly #1 on the back, drink from my Panthers coffee mug in the morning and drink from my Panthers pint glasses all day. I don’t miss one single minute of the game! GO PANTHERS!
-Resa Goldberg
• Wearing my Cam Newton jersey!!! #keeppounding
• Dress my son (he’s 2) in his Cam Newton jersey and “cat ball” hat, make sure we have some football worthy food (chili, wings, burgers), and gear up the game. I’ve been cheering on Cam since his days at Auburn! War Cam Eagle! Go Panthers!
• All the snacks.
• Tailgating with Chrissie and the Wallworks!
• Wear the same jersey.
• Review game strategy with my “expert” 18 year old son
• I only have rituals for Saturday- watching the Michigan Wolverines. For the Panthers, I just turn on the tv and watch them play great football.
• Drink out of my Panthers coffee mug, order ham & pineapple pizza, silence all phone notifications.
• Wake up, throw on my Cam jersey, grab my Bojangles, and start drinking.
• Sleep in my Cam jersey. Wake up and check the players twitters ( looking for no partying at the epicenter). Check the injury report. Pop a bottle of champagne for mimosas. Watch at least an hour of pump up YouTube videos. Scream at the tv for 4 hours non stop.
• I wear the same Panthers t-shirt and sit in the same seat in my living room each week to watch the game.
• Wake up, grab a bagel at Einsteins on South Blvd. Tailgate for the game out front of the Charlotte Observer then Uber to Selwyn Pub to watch the Panthers win.
• 53 push-ups for each of the players on the roster
• My gf, Maryann, and I are new to Charlotte (7 months) and neither of us had a team we really supported (I grew up a Cowboy’s fan, but got fed up with the off the field issues about 6 years ago). It was easy to get behind the Panthers. We read all the news leading up to the game and Maryann always wears her Panthers shirt for the game itself. If things aren’t going well, she’ll disappear into the kitchen long enough for the Panthers to do something good. We’re certain this ritual had an effect on the outcome. 😉
• My fiancé and I each have our one article of “good luck” clothing that we’ve rocked every single game this season (in order to keep the streak alive, of course). His is a black and electric blue light-up hoodie…the thing literally comes with a battery pack and mine are my pair of panther blue pants. We then proceed to hit up Futobuta for ramen, game watching annnnd occasionally some sake! This place is a well-keeped secret for game-day. You can actually WATCH the game…it’s been working well for us so far this season! GO PANTHERS!!!
• My game day ritual: my husband and I put on our gear, decorate our car and head to a breakfast spot. Once parked uptown if early we see friends at various tailgates and then to stadium early for kickoff!
• I always wear a winning shirt. Once I wear a shirt to a game that is a loss, that shirt never gets worn to a game again.
• Watch with friends and potluck tailgate food
• Watching from home with my boyfriend. He makes nachos. We both wear our Panthers gear. He paces when the game is close. I stay on the couch with my fingers crossed until we pull ahead! Works like a charm. 😉
• Wake up, immediately throw my Cam Newton jersey on and make my way to AAP or a rioting tailgate before kickoff.
• I watch the games from home, usually, drinking mimosas and wearing my Panthers cat ears purchased from the last game I attended in 2011. Isn’t that soooooo unbelievably sad? Gee, it sure would be nice to watch it in person…… club level seats. *blinking doe eyes*
• Yard work.
Watch the game live with my 9yo son. He’s in full Panthers uniform, I hold a football while I watch, sometimes he gets to hold the football. We play catch during halftime in the front yard. Wife lets us know when the game’s back on.
• I take cycle class at Flywheel.
• Game day ritual?? I have never stepped foot in BOA Stadium! I just relax on the couch.
• Wear my steve smith jersey I bought in 2004.
• Watching from the couch in my lucky panthers shirt and screaming after almost every play!
• It’s been difficult to have much of a ritual this year as my fiancé and I have been traveling so much, but it usually starts with watching ESPN hoping to hear the Panthers get some recognition, checking Bleacher Report for Panthers news, and cracking a beer at home as the game starts or turning on my radio to 1110 AM to listen to the game in my car.
• I scream “RAWRRRRR” every time someone mentions the Panthers…you know, like the rawr that happens in the stadium after each panther touchdown.
• Since I can never afford tickets, I usually put all my Panthers shirt and socks on, make some delicious food for friends, and watch the game at home while drinking beer kept cold by my Panthers koozie.
• Put on my lucky panthers shirt!
• I enjoy wings, angry orchid, and homemade dessert during game day.
• Early morning workout at my south end gym (in my Panthers shirt), Pick up a publix sub, drink a couple beers at good bottle and uber to the game OR watch it at All American Pub. #SUNDAYFUNDAY!
• A group of my old college friends have a tailgate spot near Midnight Diner. After a few shot guns and hot dogs those of us with tickets make the hike to the stadium, and the rest fill in at Old American. After the Panthers WIN we take it to Montford to celebrate. GO BIG CATS
• For the first game of the season, I went up to my parents’ house in Davidson because it was my mom’s birthday. I randomly went over there for the second game of the season to hang with them as well. Once we were 2-0, it became an absolute must that I watch every game of the season with them!
I have gone up there for every game so far EXCEPT the Monday night game, which was the only game so far that I have been able to score tickets. So I have either been at my parents’ house or sitting through a monsoon!
12 and 0!
• I get decked out in my Panthers gear and sit in front of the tv at home eating all the delicious food my wife has made. I would love to take her to a game.
• I like to tailgate with some friends in the parking lot at midnight diner, and watch the game at Carolina ale house.
• Get a morning work out in then wear Panthers gear all day!
• get pumped up!!!
• We join all of our friends in a fantastic tailgate with great music and food and participate in celebrating the panthers !!
• Get some pizza & wings and watch the game at home while yelling at the TV the whole time.
• My family has been Panthers-centric for 20 years now. The games are always on our TV, with the sound cranked up to better feel the action. My wife is very superstitious, careful to wear certain Panther apparel. Our three year olld now shares the same rituals as my wife, donning a cheerleader outfit for every game. She is a huge fan of Cam and Josh, following the game fairly well and cheering the entire way. We are convinced that our rituals directly influence the game outcome and have worked hard this year to support an outstanding group of folks that we know as our Carolina Panthers. #keeppounding and GO PANTHERS!
• We live in a divided house. My husband a lover of the Panthers… Me a lover of the Falcons (with the Panthers coming in as a close second). The first thing we do on Sunday mornings is throw on our Jerseys. Then we head to Owens Bagels for some breakfast and plan out when we can actually get a few things done around the house and when we are going to be devoted to the TV. From there it is a mixture of house and yard work and a whole lot of football watching.
• Four words: pigs. in. a. blanket. They’re lucky charms!
• Watch the game at home with my husband
• You gotta rock the jersey, preferably #LUUUUUUUKE!
• Big breakfast..
Gotta line that stomach!
• Waking up early, stocking a Styrofoam Panthers cooler full of beer purchased the night before in a panicked run through Harris Teeter (why is it I always forget you can’t buy beer on Sunday mornings at about 10 PM Saturday night?), and heading uptown for some tailgating! Followed by bar hopping in SouthEnd and a late night trip to Taco Bell to try and sober up for work Monday morning.
• Get together with friends and watch, hopefully without the Cardiac Cats causing too much stress.
• Grill hot dogs with homemade chili!
• I wake up, eat pancakes at the Flying Biscuit with my cam newton jersey and head over to the stadium around 12 to ensure I miss the mass crowds. I get my face painted because you have to go all out when your in Panther Nation! I may grab an OMB beer if I’m feeling up to it, but when the game begins it’s eyes on the prize and I am ready for a Panther win!!
• Go to early church service. Get home and prepare some football food and enjoy some local craft beer while watching the game with my wife and 5 kids.
• The entire family puts on their team gear and we set up our mini Panthers helmet and LEGO type Cam Newton toy in front of the TV.
• First thing I do when I wake up on Carolina Panthers game day is ice up, son! I used to crush my cereal with no spoon, but then I realized I have better taste than Jerry Jones. Then I throw on my Panthers gear from head-to-toe and hit ’em with the dab in the mirror! As I “Carlton” my way out the house to meet up with all of my other loyal Panthers friends, I take a look up into the Charlotte city skyline and realize that I live in the BEST city and I’m proud to call this place home. As a transplant almost four years ago, I couldn’t have asked to meet a better group of friends, and I attribute that to the culture that Charlotte breeds. It’s a fun city with a lot of things to do and to see. From sporting events, social events, concerts, outdoor activities, festivals, breweries, and good restaurants. This city has it all. And most of all, THIS CITY and the CAROLINA PANTHERS #KEEPPOUNDING!!!!
• First, I put on my Luke Kuechly jersey, then put on my dogs panther jersey. My boyfriend and I go to the grocery store that morning around 11, stock up on snacks and head back home to prepare for kickoff.
We usually watch it at home in his “Man-Cave” that has 5 TVs mounted to the wall, couches that recline and of course have cup holders (it’s quite a man’s dream). He sits on the left, I sit on the right, and so far…it’s been working!!
• My game day ritual is waking up early and preparing to tailgate with friend either at home, at the stadium, or at a bar somewhere around Charlotte. Friends, good food, and a winning Carolina team is all it takes to make Sundays in Charlotte great!
• Wake up. Shotgun a Kuechly Pepsi. Cajun chicken Bojangles biscuit. Put on war paint. Find a parking lot. Panthers bud lights, grilling, cornhole and counting the number of Newton-Olson completions. Then head to the stadium to add a few more.
• Regardless of when the game begins, you can find me sipping on a Bloody Mary somewhere throughout Charlotte. Just by chance, it has turned into a tradition (or really a superstition) that I watch each game at a different establishment. If only there was an Agenda article that listed the best Bloody Marys in the city… hint.. hint..
• Church. Lunch. Then my lucky spot on the couch to watch the game. It’s worked so far…
• Must wear blue and black and tailgate at Draught. Go panthers!
• Bojangle + Dogfish 90 minute + Cam jersey = keep pounding!
• Day before: Make sure the tshirt is clean
Day of: Wear it with pride
• Wake up right at 7, having an 11 month old gets you on a routine, and make some breakfast. Church at Dilworth Methodist at 8:45 to leave enough time for tailgating after. Then it’s on to tailgating and the game. Go Panthers!
• Gear and beer, enough said.
• Get decked out in Panthers gear, get a box of wings from Whole Foods and head out to tailgate with friends & family.
• Multitasking with watching the game with nervous anticipation and cooking appetizers and after the game dinner cooking.
• I try not to have a ritual, because the one game that I DON’T do it will be the game they inevitably can’t come back from a 14-point deficit, and I would blame myself for years.
• Mimosas!!!
• My game day ritual is wake up, Dab, pray to the football Gods, and Dab again.
Once I complete this ritual I get up, get ready, put my panthers gear on dap up my dog and then we sit there and manifest destiny happen.
• Mimosas!!
• We are usually traveling so my fiancé and I wear our panthers gear and listen/stream 1110am listening to the game on the radio waves!
• Put on my panthers shirt and get ready to watch a win.
• Healthy breakfast…followed by a few hours of adult beverage consumption. It’s all about balance!
• My boyfriend and I are both native Charlotteans (yes, born and raised in Charlotte), and were 10 and 11 respectively when the Panthers came to Charlotte. We dated in high school and were crushed when the Panthers lost in the Super Bowl. Now, superstitions in tow, we wake up on game day, don our Panthers t-shirts and snapbacks, and get ready to cheer on the home team from our friends couch. Superstitions are only crazy if they don’t work, right? Go Panthers! #keeppounding
• Getting together with my siblings and their kids at my parents house! We eat, teach the kids about football and cheer on the Panthers!
-Katie McCleery
• Multitasking with watching the game with nervous anticipation and cooking appetizers and after the game dinner cooking.
• Wake up early, throw on my keuchely socks and read panthers articles while I drink my AM coffee.
• D, my son, begins the week by looking at the line-ups. He will watch ESPN to hear commentary about upcoming games. He then searches YouTube for addtl commentary or old highlights (I think that’s what he’s doing). The night before, right before bedtime, he ends up doing this crazy dance called The Ram It (here’s the link and announces that he’s ready for the games tomorrow. He wakes up at what feels like dawn and runs outside to play but returns quickly because “no one is outside.” Ultimately, he spends the entire day running in and out of the house taking glances at all the games that are on and providing his commentary. If he catches something phenomenal he immediately goes out to practice that move and then ends his night by catching ESPN commentary and YouTube clips followed by his announcement that he can’t for it to be his turn so that he can set new records.
• Attend as many home games as possible. Watch away games with friends or family. Wear the same blue shirt. Complain about the officials.
• We like to put some ribs on the grill and gather the kids to watch the game as a family.
• Mimosas in the morning, tailgating in the afternoon and then GAME TIME.
• I always eat brunch before game time
• I haven’t had the opportunity to attend a Panthers game, but usually I join friends at the Roaring Riot Tailgate or go to Draught.
• I try to wake up as early as possible on Sunday’s (I do my best), and get started with the ESPN pre game shows before getting out to our friends tailgate on Hill and Tryon. From there it’s either into the game or to a bar to catch the game
• Game day. It brings a whole new meaning to a boring, routine filled Sunday once those football jerseys come on and the leaves start to change their beautiful hue. Usually a day reserved for church, errands and the ever daunting feeling that tomorrow starts the work week again. But game day Sundays, now those have a whole different tone to them. Of course, there’s still church. But church comes a little earlier when you have to “keep pounding” on Sundays. So its there and back before the beautiful chaos on Morehead street, South End and surrounding areas begins. Usually, because as a teacher, the funds are lacking to actually get inside Bank of America stadium, my game day routine consists of wandering through Romare Beardan park, checking out all the tailgaters, events and sightings. A couple tosses of the football, smelling some good southern BBQ and reliving last weeks game and the hopes of this weeks. Then, it’s off to the Panther’s lair to grab some food trucks, get a high five from Sir Purr and take in all the excitement that is offered there. Once the crowds start to wane and head to the stadium, I make my way over to Latta Arcade and find my spot either at Belfast Mill or Vahalla, depending on the mood and the draft list. From there, it’s time to yell, cry, cheer and pray that the Panthers pound on and get the W. And then, after all that excitement, it’s time to come home to a delicious crock pot meal and look in awe of the stadium from my apartment window, reliving Cam’s amazing passes and Luuuuuuke’s blocks. Until next Sunday, when it starts all over again and the Panthers continue to keep pounding!
-Julie Patrick
• No matter where I am on game day, I represent the Panthers by wearing my Kuechly jersey
• Panthers shirt, position myself on the couch with drink and finger foods. Have patented touchdown booty dance that is performed when we score.
• Wake up. Put on my favorite panthers shirt. Find my friends for some mimosas and Bojangles! Then enjoy the game at all American.
• A Two-Hearted Ale. Every game.
• I have a Julius Peppers jersey that I wore for all games since our Super Bowl run. But after seeing Julius ‘I don’t know how to have fun and I argue with my own teammates’ Peppers attempt to diss Cam I went with the old fashioned #1.
• My husband and I enjoy our Backyard Bar with bar seating, a refrigerator and a flat screen TV–absolutely perfect for Panthers games.
• Tailgating is a must. We are lightrail riders! My husband and I are tailgate hoppers. We never do our own tailgate but make sure we bounce around to different friends it always makes for a fun and different plan each home game. Always cheering in are blue and black, wearing panthers gear each game! Go Panthers, Keep pounding!
• Mimosas of course!
• Watch the game with the family.
• 8:00 am – Wake up hype – IT IS GAME DAY!
8:15 am – Get on the Panthers gear
8:30 am – Run around with the puppies in their Panthers gear
9:00 am – Bloody Mary time.
9:15 am – Walk to the tailgates, high five all the Panther fans!
9:30 am – Tailgate!!
Noon – Secure spot in front of the TV or in the stadium
1:00 pm – Watch the Panthers win another game!!
• Egg and Sausage casserole, Hop, Drop and Roll, and a Luke Keuchly jersey. Early arrival to the stadium so I don’t miss kick-off!
• Pretty simple… Head Uptown to enjoy the pre-game energy. Find a nice place to eat and have a couple of beverages, then head to the stadium to watch pre-game warm ups.
• Going to Owen’s Bagels for breakfast in my 88 Greg Olsen jersey, tailgating with friends, then watching the game at Duckworth’s Uptown (or cheering absurdly loud from inside the stadium). Go Panthers!
• We gear up and put the little guy in his first jersey each Sunday morning. Sometimes we have family over or just watch the game at home. Good food is always a must!
• Wake up, grab some bojangles and get to tailgating!!!
• I like to work for my beer and food, so before every game, I go to Reebok CrossFit Charlotte (conveniently located directly across from the stadium) and get a good work out in. Then I shower up at the gym, put on my game day clothes, and tailgate RIGHT THERE. Our coaches grill up so burgers and brats, everyone brings a dish and some drinks to share and we get to watch all of the game day shenanigans and the PurrCussion and TopCats walk around being awesome. Its the perfect spot right in the middle of the action!
• 1) Watch the Clemson Tigers win on Saturday.
2) Watch the Panthers win on Sunday.
Such a simple formula!
• Family over for the big game
• walking uptown and trying to find a tailgate
• Get in a work out, put on my Bills Zubaz, grab a beer, and watch every single game.
• On game day the whole family has to wear their jerseys. We get together for Wings and Beer (for the adults of course!) We have to have these essentials or game day is not the same
• Pre-game at Draught and post-game at Dog House!
• go watch the panthers at slate & all american pub in south end!
• Getting my Panther gear on, Go Panthers!!! all the way, bring that super bowl back home to Charlotte, NC
• Lots of chicken wings
• I wake up at the crack of dawn and put on my oversized panthers shirt and do yoga, praying to the Gods that the Panthers will win (so far, so good!) -Mikala
• We start our morning with our Panther jerseys and wear them all day , we will check highlights and pre game and shop and cook early to not miss them game .
• For home games, we usually arrive at our tailgate spot about three hours before game time. Tailgates are filled with homemade appetizers, a grill and of course adult beverages! We park in the “HD lot” right across the street from Gin Mill and Tavern on the Tracks. If we have tickets, we head out for the stadium around 45 minutes before kickoff. If we do not have tickets, the party continues all the way through the game with a TV set up on the back of one of the trucks in our crew of people.
• Never, ever miss a game…even if it means using the DVR and plugging my ears and covering my eyes until I watch.
• tailgate and yell KEEP POUNDING!
• Getting my Panther gear on, Go Panthers!!! all the way, bring that super bowl back home to Charlotte, NC
• My boyfriend, his brother, and I always get together. We watch the game, every good play there’s high fives all around. Usually someone has to step out of the room if the Panthers are doing bad to bring back the good vibes for the team. We always have great food and beer to get us through the game!
• Unfortunately, work. Thankfully the game is always on so I have a valid excuse to not do my job for 3 hours.
• Wear the same attire every game during this winning streak! We also tailgate and eat whatever the opposing team is known for. Ex. Philly Cheesesteaks when we played Philly.
• Getting my Panther gear on, Go Panthers!!! all the way, bring that super bowl back home to Charlotte, NC
• Bojangles and tailgating of course! Then it’s generally heading over to All American for the viewing party (um…unless I win amazing tickets.)
• Wake up. Coffee to Beer. And it’s game time!!!
• I love to light up the grill and throw some food on. Crack a beer or two and chill out on the couch with my family. Go Panthers!
• I always wear my Cam Newton jersey on game day and I dab with Cam after every touchdown.
• I moved to the US from Ireland in 2012, so I have only just fully grasped the rules of football this past year. Let’s just say I am now HOOKED! As I am new here, I haven’t necessarily created a ritual for game-day. Although, I do enjoy cooking a big traditional Irish dinner for my husband & eating it while the game is on.
• Panthers shirt, panthers hat, blue socks and blue shoes. Wife in her panthers gear and my 3 year old in his Cam jersey and blue shorts and my 1 year old in his panthers shirt and blue shorts.
• When I’m not at the game, I like to tailgate and go to a bar to watch with friends! Go Panthers!
• Wake up. Plan the game day meals/food/snack. Wait in line at Harris Teeter. Set up TV. Turn on pregame.
• Jersey, visor, and luke kuechly socks on from the time I get up and until after game is complete!!
• Wake up.
Greasy breakfast.
Throw on Cam Jersey.
Park self on couch.
Watch Fantasy Football Now.
Set lineup.
Commence the football watching.
• We cook a big lunch after church and watch the game on the sofa. Kind of lame, but cozy and fun.
• Wake up. Mimosa. Draught. Beg for Tickets.
• My game day ritual is to always wear something panthers related the day before and the day of. All of my friends and family know I have many items of panther gear and I wear it pretty often!
• Lots of snacks to give my husband, kids and I the energy to cheer on our team!
• I lay on the couch upside-down before the game starts with a Panthers jersey over my head.
• Watching with my 74 year old mother and my wonderful boyfriend! 🙂 We love our Panthers!!
• Yelling and cheering as loud as my wife will allow!
• My game-day ritual starts with throwing on my favorite black and blue gear, usually my Luke Kuechly jersey (used to be Steve Smith, I still consider him a Panther even though he’s no longer on our team). I then head uptown to tailgate with friends, stopping along the way at the Dog House. When it’s ready for game time (and we don’t have tickets) we move the party to All American to cheer on our Panthers. Keep Pounding!
• Daily walk, coffee, newspaper, beer run (at noon). Go Panthers!
• No matter whether I’m traveling or not, I always wear the color jersey the Panthers are wearing (even though now all my jerseys are former players – Smitty, DWill & Jenkins). Also, I will not wear any colors of the opposing team that day on my clothing (socks, tshirts, shoes, etc) unless it’s a shared color with the Panthers.
• Pregame in the parking lot with cans of Triple C. Grilling. Cornhole.
• Hopping between the bars, restaurants and tailgates between my home in south end and the stadium.
• I put on one left sock and no right sock. So far it has worked this whole season!
• Wake up, and immediately put on panthers gear. Who cares if it’s 7 am?!
• The entire fam MUST wear their Panthers gear. The family that wears Panthers gear together…stays together.
• Panthers gear, good food, family and friends!
• Ritual includes food and drinks, pretty simple.
• Wearing my favorite hat, and eating some combination of pork, cheese, and hot peppers.
• I was born and raised in Charlotte, and with the Panthers. My family and I have a long standing tailgating tradition. We come down to our lot, set up a big table, and do a pot luck tailgate with everyone contributing something to the spread. We are firm believers in ‘juju’, some people going so far as to wear the same jersey for every game if we’re on a winning streak.
• mimosas first thing, head to the stadium for the tailgate and then make our way to All American Pub and Slate to watch the game with lots of heavy drinkers and crazy fans #sundayfunday
• We usually like to get down there by about 8. It’s funny how great Charlotte can be on Sundays. I lived in towns that didn’t have football teams and sort of just die on Sundays. Charlotte starts to breathe on those game days. It’s an energy that’s hard to find sometimes.
• Spending time with my bae
• Looking through binoculars at the top of the east end zone scoreboard to see if the air traffic controllers are up there to direct a fighter fly by during the national anthem.
• The whole fam must wear their Panthers gear.
• Watching the game at Duckworths uptown with friends… And always wearing my Panthers scarf!!
• Wear my “Property of Carolina Panthers” T-shirt and turn up the TV. 🙂
• I don’t have a ritual per se, but you will find me wearing my Keuchly jersey and yelling a lot (either in front of my TV, in a parking lot Uptown, or at BoA).
• Church, game, dinner.
• Cooking some burgers with the guys and drinking some ice cold brews
• I always watch the game at a friends house
• It’s always spent with friends, food, and lots screaming.
• Same shirt, same shoes, same jacket since the streak began. No need to mess w/ winning combos.
• No ritual; I just make sure my TiVo is set up to record!
• Local beers!
• Sunday mornings are always the best when the Carolina Panthers are playing. You have to wake up early and have a great breakfast to start your day off right. After that, my day looks like putting on a Cam Newton jersey and heading to a Carolina Panther tailgate and viewing party or straight to the game. Either way watching the game and crossing your fingers for another Panthers win, is an integral part to my Sunday.
• One thing that never changes about game day is Bronwie’s lucky jersey. Our Dachshund/Basset Hound mix wears a Cam Newton jersey every game day this year, and every game they’ve won!
On Thanksgiving, he donned the jersey a little after the game started and within 30 seconds, Panthers got the pick 6 and stayed in the lead after that.
The past Sunday, we watched the game from a local watering hole and had to leave Brownie at home. After the first quarter when things weren’t looking so great, I drove home, found the jersey and put it on the dog. From there on out, the Panther’s performance improved and they ultimately cinched another win.
I wouldn’t say that we are superstitious, but it never hurts to be extra careful.
• Sleep in, go to church at 11am, go right to grocery store to get food for the week, and buy 1 nice big sized porter stout beer to drink during the game on my couch.
• Wake up, run my jogging route through uptown, smelling all the gameday food. Consider stopping and asking for a hot dog. RUN AWAY AND RESIST TEMPTATION!
Then I go watch the game.
• Put on the amazing Cam Newton socks I snagged at Paper Skyscraper and my favorite Panther quarter-zip, prepare my delivery order from Panera, and kick back.
• Typically start the day with a mimosa and coffee breakfast! After that, we put on our favorite jerseys, #59 and #58!, and head out. Before we leave to join friends, I make sure we have the same #keeppounding bracelet on that we have worn since the first preseason game, as well as we have our Panther beer fist/koozie. Just some fun rituals to get our game day started!
• Panther gear and cold beer.
• I wear my Panthers gear to the store to buy food for the cook out I have at my house every Sunday the Panthers play.
• Put on my Cam jersey and drink a good local beer!
• On my Sunday morning run I go from my apartment to Bank of America Stadium and touch the Panthers head, then run home. It has been working so far!
• No ritual to speak of in our home. But my 13 year old nephew has quite a routine, he does not believe the Panthers will win unless he has on his Panthers mask, Panthers Santa Claus hat, and Panthers jersey. He will then set out a poster of Cam above the fire place. That visual coupled with the fact that his screams during the game can penetrate the sound barrier, lends to a very entertaining game watching experience. Can’t complain though, thanks to his efforts Panthers are 12-0!
• Get up and go for a run around the stadium (also scoping out early bird tailgaters), shower, eat (something besides Bojangles), head to earlier scoped out tailgates. Eat again (Bojangles this time), start drinking. Listen to the best Purrrrcusion ever, lose at cornhole, walk to stadium. Let the security attendants get all hands-y, get popcorn, find your seat. Watch total world domination.
• Wings wings wings
• Bojangles and beer. Lots of both.
• Nothing special, just get the drinks, snacks and turn the surround sound system volume all the way up to feel part of the action
• My two year old son has worn his Luke Kuechly jersey every game day this season. He obviously will continue to do so!!
• Mimosas and Bojangles all while wearing my Cam jersey
• Most days I am a normal, quiet and unassuming suburban mom of [ahem] mature years. On game day, I turn into an obnoxious, loud, hollering mother of a fan. I obsessively google stories on Josh Norman (my emotional replacement for Steve Smith), Luke Kuechly (every mother’s dream–those Hollywood looks! what a good boy!), Jonathan Stewart (omg he plays the piano! he’s self taught!) and am quite unbearable for my family to be around during game time. After too many years of watching football, my knowledge of the game is surprisingly shallow (hit him! run! catch the ball! do your thing!). I don’t have any special rituals other than to channel my most obnoxious persona, and that seems to be working fine for me this year–but not so much for my family, who would probably greatly appreciate a quieter game time experience. Please give me those tickets. 🙂
• Dressing up our golden-doodles in their finest Panther swag and taking our daily walk through Panthers in the Park at Romare Bearden.
• Usually tailgate at the Roaring Riot lot then head to All-American Pub to watch the game. Unless of course I have tickets to the game.
• Game-day for us is a family affair. It’s become a rule that my husband, dog and I must always be together during game time (unless, of course, we are at the game. Even then, we like to make sure our pup is “watching” from home.)
Each of us has a piece of clothing we have worn each game this season – for me, a Panthers t-shirt, my husband it’s a Panthers hat, that dates back to 2003, after the we won our first NFC South Championship, and for our beagle it’s a Panthers bandana. It’s our good luck charms.
Finally, my husband and I always share a quick kiss with each Panthers touchdown. It’s cheesy, but it’s a fun way to celebrate!
• Go to the best tailgate there is…the Roaring Riot tailgate!
• My friends and I usually meet up at Draught to watch the game and join in on all the festivities!
• Wake up. Hope the Falcons don’t blow it again. Watch the Falcons blow it again. Cry. Cry a lot. 🙂
• On game day my husband and I and our two boys (1 & 3 yrs old) dress up in all our panther gear. We usually pre game by running around outside playing some football with our boys. My husband puts a yummy dinner in the crock pot and we gather on our living room to watch and cheer for our wonderful Panthers!!!
-Samantha Vonsiatsky
• Chips. Salsa. Couch. TV. Snuggie.
• I always end up at Slate, watching the game with a couple thousand of my closest friends!
-Brittany Amann
• Beer. Boyfriend. Yelling at the TV.
• I like to sleep in my jersey the night before. Then when I get up, I will go pick up Bojangles and prepare for the tailgate. Then park uptown and invite friends to hang out at the car.
We like to go into the game early to watch the Panthers warm up
• I’ve got to throw on my lucky unwashed Panthers t-shirt first thing in the morning on game day & rock my panthers blue Oakley Frogskins during tailgates! And obviously have a lucky Golden Boy from Triple C Brewing Company! GO PANTHERS!!!!
• Cheering on my hometown team, not yelling at the refs, and congratulating everyone on a game well played. Sportsmanship, people.
• If my cat isn’t watching, we aren’t winning. He’s watched every game this year.
• French toast! Kids say that’s it is lucky, so I keep serving it.
• Wake up early to a nice breakfast and mimosas. Dress our dog up in his Cam Newton jersey. Walk over to the Roaring Riot tailgate and donate some money to their efforts to support Operation Smile. Walk over and hang out with my friends at PantherFanz tailgate. Head towards the stadium, bang on the drum, and watch our hometown team take down our opponent.
• Put on the same colored jersey that the team is wearing that week. So far the team hasn’t lost since I started this tradition!
• Wake up, grab a coffee and put on the Jake Delhomme jersey that I bought on eBay for $6. I come across as a long time Panthers fan, which is fantastic, and it satisfies my unending desire to be thrifty. I’ve only been here for 3 years. Boom.
Then, the gang heads over to my place for Mimosa’s and breakfast. Depending on the game, we’ve either coughed up the dough to go inside and watch the Panthers annihilate whoever they play in person, or we watch at my place. In rare cases, the mimosas are flowing pretty well and we end up at All American for what’s considered a Sunday Funday. That’s typically an understatement.
Head out to dinner or end up grilling with friends, and hang up the sacred Delhomme (aptly nicknamed by myself as Del-Homie) jersey, and begin yet another 7 day countdown until Panthers kickoff.
• Hop Drop and Roll beer from Noda brewery and hamburgers.
• Load up on snacks and beer!
• I do yard work and avoid watching the full game. I usually don’t start watching until the 3rd quarter, because I’m convinced if I watch the full game, the Panthers are going to lose. Mildly suspicious, I know. I’m all there by the 4th quarter, and luckily for my efforts this year, the Panthers are winning.
• Stop at Bojangles and get biscuits. I then make my own sausage egg and cheese biscuits plus hashbrowns for the tailgate.
Tailgate spot is a lot off cedar and morehead ($20 gravel lot!). Usually have about 7-10 friends in attendance. Head to the game sometimes other times go to Ri Rah’s Irish pub uptown. It’s typically less packed than a lot of south end spots.
• Cooking game day yummies and being with friends.
• Watch Sunday NFL countdown and decide whether I should walk to Brazwells or Selwyn Pub to watch the game.
• Put on my panther colors and meet up with friends for a tailgate!
• Lots of chicken wings and good company!
• Put on Luke jersey right at kickoff, never a second before.
• Draught!
• Always up early, cooking snacks & packing cooler up for the game. Tailgate in the Observer lot with a wonderful family that has been going to games since the Panthers inaugural season, and we always get inside for player intros and the national anthem.
• Tailgate on Tryon with the Blue Man, watch every win at Gin Mill!
• Game and BBQ at friends house – this year the perfect combination for an undefeated season!
• Drinking copious amounts of coffee in the morning to get my heart rate through the roof for the game, then copious amounts of beer to keep it from exploding during the fourth quarter.
• Rise ‘n Shine…it’s GAMEDAY!!!
Warm clothes (we’re sitting in the shade today); Panthers Jersey…check, Panthers Toboggan…check, Panthers Jacket…check, we’re out the door. Time for BOJANGLES!!! Lynx Blue line to Uptown, walk to the stadium with the masses…”LET’S GO PANTHERS!!!”
Tailgate in the Draught parking lot…there’s the air raid siren, time to walk in. SECURITY!!! More Bojangles and local craft beer. Toboggan off…Proud to Be An AMERICAN!!! ***Roaring Jets*** #KeepPounding Kickoff…”LET’S GO PANTHERS!!!”
• Sleep in then go to Terrace before the crowds. Order a full breakfast and coffee, the lady gets the same but with a black and white mocha. Order the fruit with berries only because no one likes honeydew. Then on the way home buy snacks and beer for a log day of football.
• In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Wake up, drank, pass out drank, pour up, drank, headshot, drank.”
• Tailgate from as soon as the gates open until game time
• Turn on the tv , laptop and phone to all the sport channels. Check out my fantasy picks for the game. Take out the burgers for the grill, and have a few beers before the game.
• Game day starts at breakfast when I wake up and eat a Carolina Panther colored waffle with extra butter and syrup. I have a cup of hot coffee in my Panthers mug. I then get dressed for church with my Superman t-shirt underneath my suit. Off to church to PRAY for a win 🙂
Game time consists of full Panthers gear with my friends in various jerseys (of course I wear the #1 NEWTON jersey!). If we aren’t tailgating, we are enjoying the experience at home while snacking on our favorite foods and cold beverages.
• Not attending the game: shower, jersey on me, jersey on dog, Beer or Pedialyte depending on the night before, take out from Sundries, sit back and try not to wake up the niece from her naps.
Attending the game: Shower, jersey on, fireball shots and Panthers Punch regardless of the night before
• For the length of the Panthers win streak, I have watched the game by myself in my living room. You may not want me going to this game!
• Towards the end of the first quarter or beginning of the second quarter, I always make my way to the concession stands and order a regular coke and nachos. You cannot beat the nachos at Bank of America stadium! Last year they changed the nachos but luckily for my ritual and all the other nacho-loving Panther fans out there, the original nachos are back! Go Panthers!
– Graham Miller
• Drink well. Eat poorly.
• Brunch, booze and football!
• Wake up early. Meet up with friends. Drink, meet new people. Find food! Walk to the stadium, getting pumped up. Watch us beat everyone!
• Game-day ritual changes each week depending on whether we have tickets or not. But it always includes going to church and praying that we will win!
• Wake up early to don my Cam Newton jersey and Luke Kuechly socks. Tailgate only to a point where I can maintain a laser sharp focus on the game and contribute my best cheering efforts.
Celebrate winning.
• I’m new to Charlotte so I’m still developing my game-day ritual. Any suggestions?
• Find and wear my luck Panthers shirt. Avoid wearing my other (unlucky) Panthers shirt.
• Every Sunday, like clock work, I wake up, put on my Panthers division champs t-shirt and turn on the TV to get all the latest news and predictions for the day’s games from good ol’ ESPN. I then double check my fantasy lineup to ensure total domination (though my players don’t always cooperate). As game time approaches I pick up some wings and fried pickles from Lebowski’s, pour myself a delicious local craft beer, preferably Unknown’s Pre-Game ale and settle in to cheer on my UNDEFEATED Carolina Panthers! Watching the game at home on my big screen tv is nice, but having never been to a Panthers Divisional matchup (or any regular season game for that matter), I can only imagine the atmosphere at BoA Stadium on game day. #KeepPounding!
• Dressed in blue and black, waiting for the win!
• Dress up on all my gear (pups get dressed too), dab dance, biggie smalls on high volume to get hype, baby maker on tap and a chanting Go panthers before kickoff.
• Wake up, check fantasy line up, grab some bojangles, and uber down to the tailgate.
• Step 1) Wear Steve Smith Jersey – I know he’s not a Panther anymore – but he’s an OG Panther
Step 2) Tailgate with 500+ of my closest friends at the Roaring Riot tailgate
Step 3) Scream at the TV and jump up and down like a crazy person
Step 4) Participate in the touchdown dances ala Cam and Tolbert
• My girlfriend and I work late saturday, so we get pretty goofy Sunday mornings before game time.
• My game day ritual is simple. First, wake up and check any scores to make sure the Bucs are losing (I’m a Tampa native but a PROUD CHARLOTTEAN now). Then toss on a throwback Keyshawn Johnson jersey and rush to the tailgate (or Draught), where the hardest decision I’ll have to make all day is whether to drink Coors or Bud Light.
• My game-day ritual so far this season has consisted of watching the game and celebrating afterward. 😉
• Wake up, drink, and celebrate an undefeated season. Cheer. Booking my hotel for super bowl 50. Eat. Celebrate another win. Nap.
• Our game day ritual is to wake up at 9am stop at Owens grab a Philipasfedish and head to the doghouse for the before noon tailgate. We hang out there grab lunch at saucemans food truck and over to the panthers Lot for a selfie with sir purr before the game starts!
• I love going on a walk the morning of a home game and seeing all the panthers fans and excitement throughout the city. I will of course finish my walk hours before the game so I’m ready to either go tailgate or watch the pregame show before the game.
• We have our family over but more importantly we wear the same clothes as the week before, drink blue Powerade, rub our Panthers helmet for good luck and sit on a couch cushion from an old couch we got rid of mid-season. Hey, it’s working though!
• Gotta have the LUUUUKKE jersey on!
• Prayer and eyes on the tube! Go Panthers!
• Wearing my black Kuechly jersey (hasn’t been washed all season, can’t wash out the juju now) and getting bojangles. The football gods always demand a sacrifice of bojangles for a good day of football.
• wake up just in time for the 1:00 game to start, throw on my P/V panthers tee and (try to) veg out on the couch
• Wearing my lucky Kuechly jersey and then watching at Jackelope Jack’s with friends where they give out blue jello shots when the panthers score!
• Don’t have a ritual, just turn on the game and watch.
• Wake up early, blast panther growls throughout the apartment complex, throw on the Greg Olsen jersey, and tailgate/watch the game with great friends. Nothing better.
• This would be a surprise for my boyfriend. It’s all his Panther Tervis cup. You’ll never find him without that thing during a game.
• Get up early, take care of all chores and work, and get ready for the game. Start texting my sons (in Idaho and Oregon) and daughter (Charlotte), all of whom are huge Panthers fans…and continue the texting throughout the game. Go Panthers!
• Watch pregame. Put Jonathan Stewart on floor for good luck.
• Tailgating on South Mint Street with Bojangles and Panthers Bud Light cans!
• Wake up early to eat a nice breakfast and to get ready for another Panther’s victory. This usually includes heading to the roof of The Arlington to scope out the tailgating scene before beginning the tailgating festivities. #keeppounding
• To be completely honest, I am a Steelers fan, but my girlfriend is a huge Panthers fan and I would love to surprise her with tickets. Plus I’ve been an Agenda reader since day 1!
• Big pot of chili and some cold beer.
• Make a ton of food, tailgate in the lot by Unknown or meet friends at Ed’s Tavern (away game-days!), dress in Panthers blue and white and cheer for the Panthers all day!!
• I always start my game day with a Bojangles breakfast for good luck. Then I’ll head home to either get ready to tailgate for the game or watch it at home.
• brunch at Fenwicks.
• Wear blue pants!
• I wake up at 5:27 am to Jock Jams’ “Let’s Go!” I use my mock player figurines (made of the player’s hair) to act out the entire game from start to finish. Don’t worry, the Panthers always win. I then put on full warm up gear, blast “Eye of the Tiger” and sprint around Charlotte (Rocky style) to get the rest of the city hyped up. (You’re welcome.) With five minutes to the start, I run by each Panther statue, pounding a good luck fist bump, then grab local beer to prepare myself for kickoff.
And as fabulous as that sounds, I actually am quite basic. I wake up, head to All American, and cheer on our team with the rest of the Charlotte scene. Go Panthers!
• Cook a huge brunch bright and early (of course, mimosas are included) + 2 big screen TVs + friends + more food = a great time!
• Every Sunday, no matter what else we’re doing, my boyfriend and I turn our living room TV to the Red Zone channel. That way, even if we’re decorating the Christmas tree, cleaning the house, or cooking, we can watch some of the highlights from the Sunday games.
• Always wear my jersey and American flag cowboy boots!
• If I am not attending the game, I love watching the game outside by the fire pit.
• Bojangles Cajun filet biscuit, Roman Harper Jersey, and Luke Kuechly socks….game day attire has to be on point
• I drink 3 cups of coffee, go for a 3 mile run, then take 3 shots of fireball. Everything’s better in 3’s.
• Whether I’m going to the game or watching from the couch, I always wear my Panthers jersey on game day!
• As a die-hard Auburn fan, my new ritual has become “make it through Saturday so you can relax on Sunday.” And boy, has that prove true! My new ritual is to watch my Auburn Tigers embarrass me on Saturday. I wake up Sunday knowing my old Auburn Tiger, good ole Mr. Newton, will put on a show. I wake up around 8AM in order to squeeze in a workout at Orange Theory. Once the calories are burned, I work to consume the lost calories. I wear my Panthers jersey with #1 across my chest, and anxiously wait for kickoff. My favorite game day drink? Bloody mary. What’s that? Kickoff is at 7pm? I’ll take another bloody mary. No matter what time of day the kick off is, bloody mary is in my hand. GO CATS
• Hungover brunch with my Steve Smith Sr jersey.
• Wear my panthers blue scarf and watch the game with a beer (or several!)
• Drinking so much at the game that I accidentally take a week’s worth of birth control pills because I keep hitting “snooze” instead of “end” on my phone alarm. JK, that only happened once. I think.
• Watch Sportscenter for their view of the game
Go to church – Pray for the Panthers among other things.
Either walk to the game from church or get home, eat lunch and hunker down.
• Wake up. Find a Panthers themed outfit. Go to a bar with plenty of TVs. Grab a drink. Enjoy!
• Because of the Panthers, I became a football fan. I remember we got the team, I was so proud! I feel like because I was there when they where born, The Carolina Panthers are family members. But I have become convinced that they can only win if I watch. So when they where a younger team, the first game I watched they won. If I had to work and couldn’t watch they lost. I’m disabled this year. So guess what I think is part of the reason for the winning season! If I can’t watch at home, I try to find a sports bar that has the game on and nurse a beer for a really long time!
• I put on my panthers jersey right when I wake up and make some lucky game day chili for the game.
• I am very superstitious and believe in good juju. Right before this season’s first regular season game, my dog Tucker went to the groomers and was given a bath and a Panthers bandana. He’s been wearing it ever since and we haven’t lost a game. It looks dirty and ratty, and smells terrible but the Panthers are worth it! KEEP POUNDING!!!
• wake up with our little boy and enjoy some morning smiles, make breakfast with mom, drink a bloody and toss the ball to our pup, head inside for some espn obnoxiousness and then head to tailgate to meet friends. the wild days of shotgunning and all day benders are behind me, now it’s just pure enjoyment and appreciation.
• Even if I’m feeling those Sunday scaries, there is nothing like waking up and being a panthers fan. I get myself suited up in some kind of Carolina gear and of course put my game face on. If I’m not headed in to the game, my typical move is Selwyns or the new bar “Slate” to dab it up the rest of the day.
• Sleep in, throw on weather-appropriate Panthers gear, watch various pre-game coverage on TV, wait for my fiancee to finally get ready, Uber to tailgate at Reeves Sheet Metal on Mint (across from stadium), then watch the Panthers dismantle another team’s hopes and dreams!
• I wake up–shower, always gotta be clean for game day….At this point I have a big decision, liquor or beer for tailgating.
I put on a friend’s LUUUUKE jersey–ever since I wore it to the third game of the season, we agreed it’s a must and she will get the jersey back at the end of the season. Me wearing the jersey has only helped us win. Right?
Only rituals that exist at this point–and so far they’ve worked this season so I’ll stick with it.
• On Panthers game days, I put on my favorite Panthers tee shirt and gather with friends at one of the many bars in Charlotte with outdoor seating and televisions. One of the many perks of life in the Carolinas – mild weather usually allows outdoor viewing at least through December!
• We hang out in my husbands “man land” that has 3 TV’s and watch ALL of the games at one time.
• Well my husband and I live in the Panthers back yard off of West Hill St. So we usually “housegate”. Our street is packed with football fans pre gaming and tailgating. We wake up early with the drums and start dating drinking. We have friends over to watch the game.
• Panthers tervis, North Carolina craft beer, sit on the edge of my seat.
• Each gameday, I wake up and kiss all of my Panthers memorabilia before we play for good luck.
• Watching the game with my schnoodle in my lap and a cold beer in my hand.
• My clothes gotta be super clean, everything from the socks to the hat. Pressed, ironed and Downy clean.
• wake up, drink mimosas,, tailgate and do some dabbing.
• same panthers shirt, watching the games with my husband.
• Deluxe Publix sub and spicy chicken wings are an absolute must
• I have 2 small kids so we don’t get to go to games too much any more… now the routine consists of trying to herd my kids out of the office to get to the grandparents house on time before kickoff and keeping them occupied with chips, apple juice and ipad games so we can watch the game in relative peace.
• Get my jersey on and my dogs jersey on as well and head to the tailgate! Haha
• Olsen
• Start tailgating by 11. Stop at bojangles on the way. A little cornhole with friends. Be in the stadium by kickoff. Celebrate another Panthers’ win!
• I play football with my son and daughter before and after the game. It could be “Monkey in the Middle”, “Jackpot”, how many punts in a row we can catch (record is 21), or traditional plays.
• Get a bunch of beer/wine, go to friends house, and chill all day.
• Wear my jersey that has not been washed since I got it (about 7 years) and won’t get washed until they win the Super Bowl.
• Playing grill master at the tailgate! 🍔🍻
• I just recently moved to the Charlotte area. I’ve never been a professional football fan, but having watched a few Panthers games it is hard not to love them. They are so fun to watch! I prefer to round up some friends and catch the game at a local bar. Last Sunday, we all went to Solstice Tavern in NoDa. It was so electric watching the game amongst everyone at Solstice. It’s amazing how sports bring people together. What an amazing game that was!
• Bloody Mary breakfast. Reluctantly put on pants. Don Kuechly t-shirt. Uptown bar for Panthers glory. – Jeremy B.
• Drinks and snacks before
• After waking up in the morning, my sister and I like to make a big brunch at home complete with mimosas. Then I check the weather to see what panthers gear to wear that day and head uptown to watch the game!
• Sit in my favorite chair right up close to the tv and in perfect alignment with the hallway so I have a free path to celebrate every big play without trampling the dog.
• Lots of appetizers and mimosas.
• Chose my perfect black and blue outfit, gather up my pigs n a blanket, hop in the uber and head to friends’ tailgating spots near the stadium! duh!
• i wake up, and put on my Panthers hand watch, then start to prepare lunch for the game. After that i wear my lucky panthers sweater and sits on my sofa and i down stand up from it until the end of the game.
• I scour the internet for a somewhat reliable stream of the game since I’m a cord cutter and don’t have cable, but a Sunday isn’t Sunday without football.
• Gym first, then football!
• Church, lunch with the family and watch with the family!
• My 11-year-old stepson and I go to one or two games a year. First, I pop some ibuprofen to get the back, knees and ankles loose (I’m an old catcher, you see). Shower up and shave, grab all my Panthers gear and, for certain, make sure my stepson has brushed his teeth. We then jump in the Subaru and head downtown (yes, I refuse to use the “Uptown”) marketing gimmick. We make sure we park in the same lot (we’re undefeated when we park in that lot) and take the same path to the game, making sure to get his face painted by the same girl on Mint Street. We hit the same nacho stand and make our way to our seats. We then cheer and scream and high-five our way to another Panthers win. Wahoo!
• Wake up – Get bundled up (depending on the weather) set up the tent out of the trunk of my SUV and fire up the grill, If i’m lucky enough to have tickets to the game I start the walk over to the stadium. After the game win or lose I give my Old Man a call and scream/celebrate/complain about the best and worst plays of the game with him.
• My game day ritual includes a massive group chat with all my closest panther’s fan friends and of course, sporting some gear.
• Game Day Ritual. Grabbing beer, brats, and chips at grocery store right arouns 12pm. Going home where my toddler and I get on our Panthers gear. By game time we are on the couch watching and cheering together!
• My game day ritual involves adjusting all my fantasy, draftkings and fanduel lineups. (Who else despises that they have defaced the light rail with their non stop advertising?) I like to go to Draught if I am tailgating before the game. When I am watching from home, hopefully I have a 50% off Papa John’s pizza thanks to the Hornets scoring 95+ points along with win.
• Wake up. Walk to tailgate. Watch the fans pour into the stadium. Eat, drink, cheer and be merry! Win or lose, rain or shine, we stay until the end because that’s what real Panthers fans do.
• I like to rise and shine early on game days. Tailgating, BBQ, and throwing the pig skin around with friends is what it’s all about! I typically do not talk a lot of trash due to superstition, I let the Panthers play shut up the Dirty Bird fans.
• I usually go to brunch, make sure I’m decked out in Panther gear, and head on over to oak room/slate to start the festivities. After the game I usually stay around to dance to celebrate the panther win.
• I like to tailgate with friends and family, tell stories and eat some awesome food!
• Cam Newton jersey and bojangles for every away game.
• Wake up. Pace around. Put on Carolina Panthers dog hoodie on the Maltese. Humans gear up. Cheer Panthers baby!
• For me, game-day always involves Charlotte craft beer and homemade wings.
• First there’s the morning brunch, then the ritual of going through the Sunday paper while the pre-game shows are on. Next we finalize our fantasy football teams. Get the food ready to go and sit in and relax for 10 hours of fun!
• Find a great place to tailgate before them and get to the game early!
• I honestly don’t know how to behave anymore with the current win streak. I’m living in a weird dream.
• Well as a life-long Cleveland Browns fan, my usual game day ritual is to cry and prepare myself for disappointment. As a Panthers fan, it’s nice to actually be excited for the games and hopeful for a win:)
• Wake up. Put some panther gear on. Head uptown and tail fair with some friends hours before the game and then cheer the panthers to victory!
• Bojangles & Blood Marys
• Our gameday ritual begins with a strict 12am curfew on Saturday night (which is easier said than done). A group of our friends from the outskirts of Uptown, aka anything further than a $10 Uber ride, spend the night at our condo so we can all wake up at 7AM to get the tailgate started. There’s always that one guy in every group who is the obnoxious morning person, and our one guy happens to be a huge fan of any hip hop song released between 2001-2008 so our morning wake up call is usually from some sort of Ja Rule remix circa 2006. Our ultimate goal is to be parked in the tailgate lot by 8AM, where we usually wait about 2 hours for the rest of the “die hards” who said they would be there at 8 to show up. The next five hours make the morning struggle worth it – grilling out with friends, playing every tailgate game known to man, dance offs and taunting all of the opponents fans as they pass us. Panther’s fans have really stepped their tailgate game up this year, I can’t wait to see what Sunday holds!
• Game day ritual:
Right after church I go home and put on my white Steve Smith jersey over my blue Panthers T-shirt. I pick up my dog “Buddy” and we both head over to my friend Jon’s house while listening to the pre-game on the radio. Then at Jon’s our dogs play in the house and back yard while we eat chilie that he made for the game and have a craft beer tasting.
• We wake up and cook brunch for our group complete with bottomless mimosas. Check our fantasy lineups, head out to tailgate, then drinks at the Dog House, sometimes buy tickets and if not head to All American Pub to spend the rest of the day. Our weekends are very unproductive during football season.
• After I set up 3 TV in the common area for our weekly football party. I go shower while singing “easy like Sunday morning” loudly. Before the games start I check my fantasy line up one last time and make all the wrong decisions.
• Wake up, watch the game, drink more wine if we start losing.
• It’s pretty boring but I always put on Panthers colors/ or my panthers tee and jeans, make sure we have yummy game day snacks (Palmetto Pimento) and try not scream too loud as to scare my children.
• Cook all my favorite appetizers, buy my favorite beer and watch the game with my husband and dog.
• Eat chicken and waffles while watching the game at Whiskey Warehouse
• Putting on my panthers shirt and heading to All-American to watch the game!
• Dressing up like cam newton.
• Sunday games, we start with church, head home to get our panthers gear on, and cook a big meal to eat during the game!
• I recently moved to Charlotte and fell in love with the Panthers spirit and the excitement they bring to my new surroundings! I love to watch the game no matter where I am!
• Wings – all of the wings. My friends and I either hit Duckworth’s for their award winning “Bold and Gold” sauce, or Brazwell’s for their great back patio and half price wings on Sunday. I make sure to tuck a napkin into my Luke jersey – can’t have wing sauce on that pristine white #59.
• Go for a run, come home, listen to the game on the radio while doing household chores.
• I get up in the morning and go workout. After my workout I get showered up and ready to go tailgate. I don’t have tickets so I usually find a good bar in town and watch the game with other Panthers fans. My attire consist of my black Cam Newton jersey along with a superman armband. I never miss watching a game.
• Have a few drinks of Paul Masson, sit on the couch with friends and dog and watch the game.
• Wear black & blue, even if I’m working!!
• Armand Vonsiatsky likes to dress up like Sir Purr and then run a lap around the neighborhood.
• Mostly good beer.
• Cook something delicious, have a drink, hang out with family.
• Buy some beer, turn on the TV and yell from the couch! We live just a little over a mile from the stadium, so we can hear the crowd and announcers from outside, it’s awesome.
• Always wear my deangelo Williams jersey
• I dress up my dogs in their finest Panther’s gear and we head to a dog bar to watch the game.
• I start with a big breakfast which lays the foundation for a solid few hours of pre-game tailgating. I generally hang around the stadium 5 minutes after kickoff at which time I secure a ticket in the nosebleeds for well under face value.
• During this time of year I use the opportunity of watching sports all day to make holiday presents!
• First I do a bunch of dabs. Then I eat a bunch of snacks. After I’m done snacking and dabbing I move on to crushing many craft beers. Once beers are crushed I will make my way into the stadium to cheer on the Panthers! And crush more beers.
• Bojangles Bo box, NODA brews and good friends.
• Gather my friends for some Publix fried chicken and beer while we cheer the Panthers!
• Making sure there is lots of local beer in the house, break out the fantasy football app and turn on NFL Red Zone.
• Every time the Panthers score I run a victory lap around the house. I’ve been doing a lot of running this season.
• Drink beer
• Put on my lucky Panthers jersey, make some yummy snacks, and watch the game on the couch with my husband!
• Wear my lucky Panthers shirt!
• Tailgating and then watching the game at Slate!
• Wake up. Wake everyone else up. Gameday Shirt. Beer before noon.
• Shower, brunch, beers with boys, panthers football
• Drink and watch the game!!!
• A big breakfast is a must. Given superstition has a play in this too I try not to change too much in my game day routine.
• Same socks , same underwear , same pants and same jersey ! Washed ofcourse ! 😉
• Before kickoff, I always have to have a beer from Charlotte’s own, Unknown Brewing Company! It’s worked so far this year!
• Tailgating with the roaring riot and then celebrating our inevitable win!!!
• Copy the players’ celebration dances after every first down (Cam) and touchdown!
• My husband and I wake up, put on our jerseys, and order wings from boardwalk billies! It’s worked for this 12-0 streak so we’re not messing with it!
• Big tailgate with a ton of friends. lots of food, lots of beer, lots of chuggling and chanting. And of course, post game pizza.
• Pray to the football gods for another W !!
• Tailgating and buffalo chicken dip…and hopefully going to the game
• Beer on ice, jersey on!
• Depending on whether its a 1PM or 4PM game I will start off with a solid breakfast that is always reliant on potato of some fashion because there will be some drinking that will soon ensue(plus I heard carb loading is always great preparation). I will put on my favorite panther Shirsey(Shirt +Jersey not sure if thats the technical term) and grab my favorite napping blanket and curl up on the couch snoozing from my carb overload right until the game starts. From there I fill my favorite Stein up with the beer of my choice lately that has been OMB Dunkel or Sweet Baby Jesus and watch the opposing team lose in a game that they thought they could win.
• Find the game on TV, and watch it.
• When I moved to Charlotte in August, I joked that I needed to become an NFL fan, but wasn’t sure which team to cheer for. The Panthers have shown me all season why I should be a fan, and I would give anything to attend my first NFL game ever and watch them continue their undefeated record!
Game-day ritual includes a good breakfast to sustain me all day, a tailgate with friends, and packing into a bar surrounded by other Panthers fans to keep the intensity up!
• Making i have my dog with me and dont post any memes ill after the game starts.
• Watch the Panthers win. Period.
• I wake up early on game day and do my picks for my fantasy team. I have Greg Olsen on my team which always makes me happy. I always wear my Alex & Ani Carolina Panthers bracelet and drink out of my Panthers Tervis. It’s worked so far, so I’m not changing now!!
• Usually watch the game at Selwyn with family and friends.
• Morning – blueberry muffins with blue food coloring. We bleed blue.
Dress – put Shelby (our puppy)’s panthers bandana on. Shelby is only a year old and we have never lost a game with her wearing her panthers bandana. Coincidence? I think not. Myself- jeans and game day shirt.
Lunch- typically tailgating enjoying Panther chip cookies and my mother in laws deviled eggs (God bless America)
Game time – we’re either there (fingers crossed) or glued in front of the tv with friends. We don’t miss panthers games.
• My dad, brothers, and I all have to have our assigned jerseys on. We cook Sahlen hotdogs and buffalo wings and then proceed to screech at the TV.
• Join my friends to watch the game at All American with their old bay and Parmesan wings….with a beer (or five) of course 🙂
• Sunday game ritual: Wake up and go to church (pray for a win), put on my Cam jersey and practice my touchdown dance, head to the tailgate where my buffalo chicken dip is always a hit. Usually then watch the game at All American Pub with Charlotte’s finest.
• I put on my Cam Newton jersey, and I yell.
• I dab on em while making panthers blueberry pancakes every Sunday morning!!
• I make sure my 4 year old is sporting his Cam Newton jersey!
• I always eat pizza on game day. It keeps the luck going
• Paint my face in Panthers colors
• I wake up at 9 and check for any fantasy football updates. Then I set my lineup. Then I put on my Gameday gear, unwashed since before week 1. Then I’ll prepare food for game time to make sure it is ready for 1 pm kickoffs. 12:55 I completely second guess my fantasy football lineup. 1 pm: cooler and food next to my chair. Go Panthers.
• I go to Flywheel around 10:30 to burn off some major calories, take a shower when I get home, don my Panthers long sleeve t-shirt and have my hubby fix up some game day snacks. Our Sunday Funday usually consists of summer sausage, cheddar cheese, Ritz crackers, Helluva Good dip, Utz chips and wings from Tavern on the Tracks. As we watch the game and cheer for the Panthers, I also obsessively compulsively check my fantasy team to see how all of my players are doing. It’s a good thing I love football because my husband watches a lot of it!
• Wake up in NoDa and wish that the light rail was already operational on the north side of Charlotte. Dreams will be realized though and an Uber suffices for transport to BofA stadium.
• Church, the romare bearden park with the kids if the panthers are in town!! Then home to watch game. We never miss a single one!
• put on my newton jersey and watch the panthers continue to dominate!!
• Go over to my boyfriends house where tailgating is religion and watch the game from the comfort of his couch. Pizza and drinks a must.
• Now that we have a little one, we don’t make it to as many games, but we all dress up in panther gear on game days & cheer them on from the living room with the surround sound turned up really loud
• Put on my Keuchly jersey, tailgate, paint my face and cheer for the P-Cats!!!! #KEEPPOUNDING #UNDEFEATED
• I live fairly close to the stadium so for most home games that I don’t have tickets to I’ll take my dog for a walk in his Panthers collar and visit various tailgates a couple of hours before games. I always make it back home in time for kickoff on TV though.
• Drink.
• Wake up. Dab in the shower. Bleed Panther blue.
• Can’t start the day without my black/grey Panthers toboggan. That doesn’t come off until the final whistle blows, and yes, it can get warm while wearing it around the Independance Wal-Mart grocery section where I’m buying single packs of spicy guac to enjoy with Tostitos Scoops, usually starting at the beginning of the second quarter.
• Always wearing the same thing: my hoodie and black jeans.
• Cab it to the stadium…love to stop and get a craft beer and snacks to take to my seats .and then LET THE CHEERING BEGIN!!
• Usually it starts with an early morning tailgate with my dad and family. I haven’t been to a game and gotten to tailgate with my family since my son has been born so this would be super exciting to bring him to a family tailgate and his first Panthers Game!!!
• If I’m not going to the game or meeting up with anyone, I usually wake up pretty early (assuming it’s a 1pm game) and take care of some house hold chores like laundry or the dishes. I try to avoid all the pre-game stuff so I can keep a clear head as to why I think the Panthers will win.
If I’m meeting up with friends to watch the game, the same routine follows except I’ll plan to arrive right at kick off. Again, this is to avoid any one filling my heads with bad thoughts about how Cam dresses too nice, or why we have no good wide receivers, etc.
• Lots of black and blue Panthers clothing! More importantly, LOTS of yelling and cheering! 🙂
• Our game day ritual is to get the kids dressed in their game day gear. Our daughter in her Panthers T-shirt that vaguely sparkles and our 1 year old son in his Cam Newton jersey. Our Son is currently 12-0 in his Cam jersey, so we make sure it’s clean and ready to go for game day. Another part of our ritual is to put the kids down for their nap!
• We bring our own bloody mary bar to the tailgate and enjoy the rest of the day in the sun!
• Baking cookies and wearing my panthers hat.
• I wear the same Panthers t shirt every Sunday!
• I hit Dilworth Neighborhpod Grille & then shuttle over to the Roaring Riot tailgate onCedar Street! Let’s go Panthers!!! 💙 #DoYouRiot
#KeepPounding #staytunedqc
• Prepping my screaming voice by humming a few tunes and enjoying a brewski. Lots of food. And high fives with my boyfriend.
• Home Games – Dress in best Panthers gear (we have a lot to choose from), take the light rail to Romare Bearden Park (for the kids, of course), find a local place that doesn’t mind a 3 and 6 year running around, watch the game, talk smack on social.
Away Games – – Dress in best Panthers gear (we have a lot to choose from), make wings, pizza, fill the growlers, watch the game, talk smack on social.
• Typically we will watch or pre game at Craft. We love Craft!
• After church on Sunday’s if I’m not going to a game I’ll have my jersey on with my lucky socks and panthers shoes.
• I usually curl up on the couch and cheer on the home team, that is unless I have to jump up and scream at the TV a few times!
• Put on out blue and black and make chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday morning’
• Welllll… since we ditched cable tv earlier this fall, we have to rely on a sketchy HD antenna to view Panthers (or any) games. Most of the time this doesn’t work so well, with images being spotty and especially pixelated at the most critical moments. Sigh.
• Blood Mary as soon as I get to the game! Yummmmm!
• Wake up, walk the dog, walk around uptown and stop by tailgates if we are home. No jersey til right before the game! Definitely make some yummy food.
• First and foremost, I attend church because Jesus loves the Panthers too. Then usually my brother and his wife will sneak out early and get in the drive through line at Bojangles for some greasy fried chicken and fixins before we all meet up at my parents house to watch the game.
And in true cardiac cats fashion, my brother and father are a roller coaster of emotions til the last knee.
There’s a lot of screaming and dog barking throughout. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!
• My game day ritual is pretty straight forward. I wake up Sunday morning around 7:30 AM. I start my coffee and while it’s brewing I turn on NFL AM to get the early news of the day. I then decode what to wear either my first Panthers jersey I bought 8 years ago which is so faded you can barely read who it was or my Panthers black Polo. The polo was added to my rotation this hear and its brought good luck so I don’t plan on changing that ritual anytime soon.
• I unfortunately don’t really have a ritual. I just wake up and focus on positive winning thoughts. I also wear one of my jerseys or some variation of Panthers colors for the games!! Go Team Go!!!
• Bojangles obviously. Fantasy football updates. And watching my crazy girlfriend lose her voice screaming for THE PANTHERS
• Wake up with mimosas and set my fantasy lineup before throwing on my panthers gear and heading uptown to tailgate!
• I have to wear my lucky panthers bracelets. Usually a Bloody Mary and some fun tailgate food.
• Breakfast Casserole, Bud Light, and my lucky game day sweatshirt. Cheers to 13-0!
• Watching the game! Duh! 🙂
• Attending the roaring riot tailgate and wearing the same color Cam jersey as the team.
• We had our first son on November 8th, the same day and time the Panthers went 8-0 and he was 8lbs. Lucky #8! He now wears the same panthers hat he wore when he was born every game day for good luck!
• Try not to use the bathroom as long as the Panthers have the lead. It’s bad luck. I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious.
• I order some Old Bay wings with ranch and fries at All American pub!
• My game day ritual is going to a sports bar around town with one of my best girl friends. We eat food, have drinks, and watch our favorite team win games!
• Tailgate with my friends parents if get lucky enough to go to the game (they have a really big tailgate every week). If not, a close group of my high school friends watch the games together every weekend. We were all born and raised in Charlotte and have been fans since the beginning. Nothing big, just grill out and eat a lot including a few beers. This year I’ve worn the same shirt every game day since we’ve been on our current streak along with the same watch. Most Sunday’s I have to switch watches before the game because I’m not wearing it (superstitious!!!). Go Panthers!!!! #KeepPounding
• Sleeping as much as humanly possible beforehand since I work night shift. Then going to work and cheering on the panthers with then rest of CMC hospital.
• I have been a huge panthers fan since 1996. My game day ritual is to watch the game a local bar in Charlotte. I have not attended a game this season because of financial reasons and would greatly appreciate the tickets.
• Wake up. Put my #1 Jersey on. Get Bojangles. Tailgate. GAME TIME!
• Gotta wear my good-luck panthers shirt and snack on some hot wings during the game! It’s worked pretty well so far this year so we’re going to keep it up!
• Go to Jackalope Jacks get some beers and then uber to the game. All Day Keep Pounding!
• I make Panthers blue Jell-o shots for every home game tailgate.
• Put on my team shirt, grab a beer, and chill out with my brother.
• Brunch at home with mimosas in our Panther cups, put on the same outfit that we have worn every game day this year and then head to The Dog House!
• My husband son and dog Wake up on Sunday put on our jerseys invite friends over then we order pizza and watch all the games!!
• I start out the morning with a run around Charlotte. I started my Thunder Road training before the season started and I’ve run every Sunday, can’t miss it now because of course the undefeated season depends on it! Isn’t that what we all think at this point? Then I put on my Stewart jersey, get food ready, and watch the game with friends.
• To watch the Panthers win!! This will be the last home game this year that I am able to go to!! #keeppounding
• I wear my #1 Cam jersey and my lucky slippers.
• Tailgating
• Hang up my panthers flag game day morning.
• Wake up put on the lucky Luke jersey #59 and always have the game on in multiple rooms. Superstitious maybe but it hasn’t lost a game yet
• Put on my jersey!!
• I have to be eating. Depending on their performance, I either eat two slices of pizza or the whole pie. Sure, I feel terrible afterwards but the Panthers are undefeated. I can lose the weight after the season ends.
• My wife, boys and I don our Panther gear, of course. My oldest has not yet washed his Kuechly jersey this season, and it’s “ripening” quite nicely…we may not be invited to any super bowl parties when the Panthers make it.
The boys typically bring various Panther paraphernalia down to our den and bedeck the shelves, coffee table, etc.
It’s a fun, wholesome way for our family to spend time together. It’s one of the few times in the week where we all slow down and actually hang out together. Thankful for the Panthers. #KeepPounding
• Sunday School and then church and then getting out of my nice clothes into my work-out pants and Panthers tee shirt.
• I get up get my daughter ready with her panther outfit and myself ready, go to church and after church we are ready to watch our panthers
• I live right near the stadium so I enjoy walking around and taking in all the sights and sounds.
• Grabbing food to make while we tailgate
• Local Hangout with friends…
• Gotta make sure I have my Panther’s tee shirt washed and ready to wear. I usually switch up my shirts throughout the season, but not this 12/0 season!! Keep Pounding, Cardiac Cats!!
• Beer and brats
• On gameday I hit the gym, clean my apartment, go shopping and watch football the entire day.
• I sleep in my Luke jersey the night before the game. It’s work for 12 games so far.
• Bojangles, beer, set my fantasy line up, and text my Falcons friends t hey suck.
• I only drink local Charlotte brews on game day, seriously it has to be made in Charlotte for me to drink it… started it this year so it must be working 🙂
• Wake up. Put on my #LUUUKE shirt from The 704 Shop (or my #88 Greg Olsen shirt. But ONLY one of those two.) Eat. Drink. Watch game. Repeat.
• Turn up at AAP
• Tailgate and get amped for the panthers to KEEP POUNDING!!
• My husband and I have recently relocated from up North and are fully embracing the Panther bandwagon! We live in uptown and love the palpuable excitement that game day brings to the area. We have been to one game this year but when we aren’t at the stadium we treat game day as an excuse to visit another bar on our list!
• Ordering Chinese from Ho ho Cherry House and camping out on the couch so that I can yell as loud as I want at the TV screen.
• Never miss a game!
• Cheer from my couch.
• My game day ritual starts with a log dog walk through uptown (I live uptown) sporting my Panther hat (I have one for warm weather, one for cold) and take in the vibe of our awesome city! Tailgaters are setting up, visitors are out walking our streets and seeing what our city is all about. My dog is worn out after we do our Panther circuit, so we can sit back, relax and cheer on our Cardiac Cats!!
• I was a Topcat for 4 years, and this is my first year experiencing games as a fan! My husband and I go to every game together. We get dressed in our panthers gear from head to toe, and we love tailgating with all the other panthers fans! The Panthers organization is the best in the League!! Go Panthers!
• Dress my baby up in his lucky panther gear!
• we stay positive, full on panthers gear and tailgate for sure.
• 20 Sundays a year are my day. It may involve lots of things but usually good food, friends, football.
• Upon returning from Church, I rushes to watch the game with 5 ladies. Our hostess aged 84, always cooks a scrumptious meal. She says . .grace, we.start eating just about kickoff. We then begin watching and critiquing every play . Our joys and frustrations are vividly vividly expressed. We watch the game from 2 tvs. The irony is that the TV in the kitchen shows the play about 15 secs before the TV in the Florida room where we are watching shows the play This is a Sun ritual.
• Upon returning from Church, I rushes to watch the game with 5 ladies. Our hostess aged 84, always cooks a scrumptious meal. She says . .grace, we.start eating just about kickoff. We then begin watching and critiquing every play . Our joys and frustrations are vividly vividly expressed. We watch the game from 2 tvs. The irony is that the TV in the kitchen shows the play about 15 secs before the TV in the Florida room where we are watching shows the play This is a Sun ritual.
• Every Sunday when the Panthers are at home, I can be found (Bojangles in hand because let’s be serious, I can’t cook) at the Charlotte Observer loading dock on Poplar Street for tailgate. My parents have been tailgating here since 1996 and while I don’t usually have a ticket, I enjoy the themed meals for every game (ex. Cajun food when playing the Saints, cheese steaks for the Eagles, etc.) and the buzz that fills the air so close to the stadium. Nothing beats Panthers fans #keeppounding
• Watch. Eat. Drink. Watch. Cuss. Repeat.
• My game day ritual is when I wake up I watch ESPN pre game show. Take a shower and throw on my Panthers gear. I head to Eddies Place to eat brunch and return to the house in time to crack a beer and start the game.
• put on comfy clothes, grab an adult beverage, and hit the couch!
• A roaring riot tailgate followed by a Panthers win!
• Get Bojangles for breakfast, 12 pack of Bud Light and either tailgate or grab a spot on the couch with family and friends and don’t get up till the Panthers win!
• Game day ritual is usually prepared in my cat onesie, beer, and pizza.
Just kidding..well sometimes it happens. It all depends on my mood and what friends are doing. I have yet to tail gate or go to a game this season, why?! I don’t know. I usually find myself in South End or the comfort of my own home. I guess you could say my ritual is to watch the game where ever I may be.
• I start my game-day off bright and early. I load up my truck with all the tail gaiting essential and head down to the stadium around 8:30am. We set up our table, chair, bar, and grill by 9:30. We typically have 35-50 people show up and get ready for the game. By 12 we’re ready to watch the Panthers chalk up another win and head to the BOA stadium. When the game is over, we meet back at our tailgate for post game festivities to celebrate another big win.
• Grab a meal or snack from Bakersfield, Duck Donuts, or Hazelnuts Creperie and then a beer form Sycamore Brewing. Watch the game with the family.
• Bloody Marys!
• Bojangles and Bloody Marys!
• Put on my panthers jersey and big cup of coffee!
• Check the official panthers Twitter account and get pumped up with their posts!
• Usually I put on my Cam jersey, head to Craft to pick up a couple growlers, and walk up to Cedar Street to do some tailgating. A few minutes before kickoff I’ll walk by the stadium to see what the going rate on tickets is, and if there aren’t any left I’ll to the dog house, brass tap, or All American to watch the game.
• Sit in front of the tv with friends and family. Food is cooking and beer is in hand:
• Pull out my Sir Purr signed picture, put it next to the TV and make chili!
• Wearing my favorite Panthers hoodie and watching the game with my 9 year old son!
• Dear Axios Charlotte,
My game-day ritual is very simple but important. Unfortunately, I wake up very early on game day due to excitement. While a pot of coffee brews, I reach into the cabinet for my lucky Carolina Panthers mug.
This is not just any mug. Ever since I’ve owned the mug and drank out of it on game day, we (Panthers) have not lost a (regular season) game…
This ritual is so important to me, that after realizing I forgot my Panthers mug at my home in Charlotte during Thanksgiving dinner, I weaseled home to drink a sip of coffee from the Panthers mug before the game.
I’m usually not a superstitious person, but I really don’t want to break ritual as we’re currently 12-0!
Sincerely a coffee and Carolina Panthers lover,
Joe Cornelius
• Wake up. Pray for Victory. Win.
• I love the Panthers! But that was not always the case. You see, I came to the US from Guatemala, and I had no idea about American Football. All I have known in my life was futbol (soccer). But I was once walking through the SouthPark mall with my daughter, when I saw a couple of guys getting their pictures taken with other people. These two guys looked at us and asked us if we wanted a pic too. The main guy was friendly and a gentleman to my daughter. He talked with her with a big smile. Like a gentle giant. That was Cam Newton and one of his friends. That experience left a lasting impression on me. So, I may not have a game-day ritual yet, but every time the Panthers play, I smile.
• spending time with family and friends while watching panther football !
• Watch the game at a bar and have some wings and beers while obsessing over fantasy football points!
• Go over to my boyfriends house where tailgating is religion and watch the game from the comfort of his couch. Pizza and drinks a must.
• Make lots of good food and sit in the corner (aka the best spot) of the couch!
• Game Day Ritual – Head to Brass Tap to watch the game, order a craft cider and their AMAZING southwestern spring rolls, pray I am not the loudest one in the bar 🙂
• Drunk.
• Wake up early and start chanting all of my favorite player’s names (i.e. KURT COLEMAN, GREG OLSEN, LUKE KUECHLY, TD, TOLDOZIER, JOSH NORMAN, SUPERCAM). Then I cry because I can no longer yell SMITTY!!!!!!
• Pick out my Panthers shirt of the week (there’s about 6 options to choose from), finish the Sunday house chores and errands to prepare for the workweek, pick up the football food (chili, burgers or Bojangles tailgate if we’re tired) and then tune into the game. Twitter check-ins are a must, because Twitter makes every live sporting event more fun, especially when there’s gifs #CardiacCats.
• I watch my husband’s gameday hype video (suggest edits) and then I always put on my Luke Kuechley jersey, EXCEPT during week 1 I put it on and then decided not to wear it and wore a Panthers T, so now I have to do that every week (thanks to my husband). Put on jersey, take it off, and wear my T-shirt…wow.
• I wake up at the break of dawn and howl at the sun like a jungle cat. I then begin to pound bloddy marys and I keep pounding!
• Same socks on the same foot after each win.
• My wife and I have worn our respective jerseys for everyone of the games. We traveled to Chicago to see friends and were the only proud jersey wearing panther fans in the bar. It was the Green Bay week so we were in good company with the bears fans. We like to think wearing our jerseys is a small part of the winning mojo. Your welcome.
• Starts off with getting any chores needed. At noon make last minute run to store for any food or beer. Game time, sit and watch.
• Desperately trying to avoid uptown traffic
• Set that fantasy lineup. Put on the Black and Blue, then get ready to watch the Cardiac Cats go to work.
• For home games, take light rail early Uptown and head to the Roaring Riot tailgate. After getting lathered up, head to stadium to yell my head off!
For away games, put on my lucky Panthers shirt and grab a drink in my Panthers stadium cup. Then sit in the same spot on the couch in front of my TV.
-James Guy
• As a Charlotte native and Panther fan since 1995, Panther game days are sacred to me. Especially a Panther home game. There is nothing like it, Charlotte comes alive in the best ways possible, the feeling of being around the stadium tailgating along with 100,000 other fans who love the team and my city like I do is beautiful.
My fiancé and I found an awesome little house to rent in 3rd Ward, in the shadow of Bank of America Stadium. The past two seasons living there in the mix of it all as the Panthers won the NFC South and a home playoff game in 2014, and now are 12-0 in 2015 has been unbelievable.It has allowed us to get the most out of every Panthers game day, enjoying it with family and friends.
So, game day ritual. This actually has to start on Saturday night, as we move our cars in to the parking lot beside our house for Frazier Park. This way all of our friends and family can have grade A parking in our drive way for game day. Sunday mornings start with then two very important deeds. First off, getting the whole family dressed in our freshest Panthers gear from head-to-toe, this includes myself, Maggie (fiancé), and Nash, our German Shepherd. Yes he has a Panther’s bandanna and it’s awesome. Second, we cook a huge breakfast, because once we are out the door for tailgating we may not have time to think about eating again. Now that we are ready for game day, a rotating cast of our family and friends shows up, parking as many cars in our driveway as possible. Then it’s time to kick-off tailgating with some local craft brew, mimosas, cornhole and beersbee (beersbee is an awesome lawn game that more people need to know about).
After a bit of tailgating at the house, we make our way to Mint St. to join the masses. We have two stops on Mint St. One at Penman St. to hang out with some friends who always have a different food theme for each game day. Then the next stop is in the Grainger parking lot where my friend’s dad has been a season ticket holder since 1995 and one of the biggest tailgates you will find in Charlotte. On Panther game day it is awesome to be a Charlotte native as we run in to someone we know just about every stop we make. After we have done our fair share of (friendly) heckling the opposing fans, we make our way back toward the stadium. If we have tickets for that game of course we go in, but for most games we don’t. So we make our way in front of a TV as quickly as possible, which usually ends up being at the best bar to watch a Panther game in my opinion, Draught. On away games we will continue the party at our house and watch the game there of course.
So that is my game day ritual, it involves a lot of tailgating and an awesome route around the stadium I recommend everyone try! Also the most important factor of my game day ritual is the gear, I’ve worn my black Cam Newton jersey for every single game this year and am convinced if not worn we may lose.
I hope this ritual story wins as we would love to go to our first 2015 match up against the Falcons! But whoever does win it, please make sure they are a true Panther’s fan, no enemy fans inside the stadium for this game. Also keep up the great work at Axios Charlotte, have been an avid reader since you all started, love seeing unique and interesting stories about my city!
-Chace Black
• First into the tailgate lot, satellite tv, 5 star menu, drink of the day. #winthetailgatefirst
• Wake up. Put on Panthers gear. Gather Friends. KEEP POUNDING!
• Be negative and tell myself we’re going to lose.
• Watch at home same place on the couch!
• I always wear my blue cheetah print socks and my Kuechly jersey. If it’s a later game, I will wear my Panthers t-shirt and switch into my jersey just before kickoff.
• Tequila and chips and salsa.
• DD Pecker Wings if we are staying home to watch the game or All American Pub pre-game before we go to the game.
• 1. Wake up – always important!
2. Prepare a big breakfast for the family – french toast, bacon, bloody mary bar.
3. Attend church with Panthers gear on! Good to have god on our side.
4. Stop at wing place on way back (Flippin’ Chicken) and get family pack.
5. Turn on game on big TV, supplement with online streaming in other rooms.
6. Cheer like crazy – ensure that kids scream and yell like crazy.
7. Head to cul-de-sac and toss the football during halftime.
8. Cheer on some more (to a victory of course)
9. Prepare a victory dinner – typically with some sort of blue and black desert (blueberry cobbler!)
• Just watching with friends
• For every tailgate our group comes up with the menu based on the opposing team. For example since we are playing the dirty birds this weekend…we will be having some sort of flavorful chicken and probably some dirty deviled eggs. GO PANTHERS!!!!
• Watching with friends
• I hope I’m not disqualified for being a Falcons fan :/
Every Falcon game day, I usually try to make the early service (8am) so I can make it home in time for kickoff. Once I make it home I put on my boy Ludacris “Welcome to Atlanta”, put on my faded falcons t shirt and hat, and proceed to watch the game in the 2nd bedroom, because my fiance’ is a Panthers fan and THIS year they tend to have priority in my house. Would love to win tix to see our teams play!
• My game day ritual is wearing the same jersey, same hat and sitting in the same spot every week! If friends come over, they do the same! And NEVER say the U word!
• Every game day all I wear is Cam Newton Under Armour! – Kent Matzinger
• Watch the game online with some popcorn or pizza. Not much special.
• We live in Myrtle Beach now, but we had Club Seats in Section 310, Row 21, Seats 3 & 4 for many years. Game day now consists of cooking out, mucho cerveza’s and trying to figure out why in the hell we sold them in the first place !
Love this site. Great writers and stories ! Keep up the good work !
Joan & George Cox
Myrtle Beach, SC
• Beer & nachos for the win.
• If I’m in town and there’s a home game, getting to the early service at church is a must! Immediately after the service, this season I’ve been wearing my favorite panther tshirt every game. Halftime is the only time I take my eyes off the game to check my phone and to see what my fellow fans are saying about the game.
• Get our young boys dressed in Panthers gear. Then either stay at home and keep them occupied, or go out to a restaurant with a really big booth so that we can actually watch the game.
• Pretend like I’m not going to watch, then watch the game.
• Mimosas and French Toast!
• Game Day Ritual includes: a brunch fit for a Panther, prepping my game day colors of blue and black, making sure my stock of local brews is good, and making sure I have enough food for halftime!
• Sports bar, black-and-blue clothing, OMB, and spinach-artichoke dip. (And a Panthers victory!)
• I like to wake up, throw on my panthers gear, grab some meat and head to a friends house to grill out and tailgate until game time.
• I have an old Panthers hat that’s been through countless seasons of both despair and triumph. It’s seen Jake Delhomme all the way to Jimmy Clausen (the horror!). No matter what, though, I’m always wearing it. I like that it’s one of a kind – just like this season has been. Keep Pounding!
Matt M.
• I wake up every Game Day feeling like it’s Christmas morning and Santa is bringing me another Panther win! I read up on the upcoming game, stats, and predictions. Then, I go for a long run..and if the weather is nice, over by Bank of America stadium so I can fully relish in Panther Nation. I throw on a panthers T shirt, and get my game face on!
• i call my dad to wish him luck as he’s a on duty police officer. I’ve been wearing my favorite panther tshirt every game. My twin sister and I have never been to a game but our ritual is tailgating every home game with our cI workers!
• Our family wakes up when our 7 month old son, Shields, wakes up, which is about 6:30. We spend time playing with and cleaning the house. I then, set my fantasy football lineup, pick my winning teams in a Pick’em league and catch up on the Axios Charlotte articles that I’ve missed during the week. We then put Shields in his good luck Panthers jersey with his name on the back and watch the game! If this gets published I can send a picture of Shields in his game day jersey! It looks awesome! – Malcolm
• Wear my #1 Jersey!!!
• To be honest, I’m fairly hungover on Sundays so game-day begins with a greasy breakfast and a tall drink of water- not to be confused with Luke Kuechly. Depending on the severity of the hangover, the game is watched in the comfort of my apartment or at a bar where I proceed to drink to another win. It’s worked this far…#keeppounding
• We always have everyone over to watch the game, every season. I cook a spead like nothing you’ve ever seen, from vegan to meat platters, to accomediate everyone and their dietrary needs. We don’t wash our jerseys – we wear them with pride through the season. I have special eye makeup for gamedays… PANTHERS EYES!
• BBQ & Craft Beer at Moe’s BBQ
• Sleep in while my husband incessantly refreshes scores on his ipad.
• Don myself in the same shirt, hat, socks, and blue underbritches before heading over to Roaring Riot’s Tailgate With A Purpose. I’m drinking beer for charity!
• 1 wake up early (6-7a) because of anticipation mostly
2 Get Dressed (obvious for some but this includes clearly my panthers shoes, shirt and hat, depending on weather shorts or pants)
3 text everyone about my anticipation thoughts and feelings about the game and pending opponent. Also find out where everyone is watching the game(varies depending on hangover levels so whatever I was told earlier in the week always changes)
4 if I have tickets I make my way to the lot at draught and park
5 Open the cooler and begin tailgating and go to the Roaring Riot tailgate
6 listen for the hour warning horn and head into the stadium
7 Stand and Cheer for the entire game
• My husband wakes up with the sun and throws on his old Panthers jersey to wear all day long. We lived in Atlanta until earlier this year and no game day was an exception to this rule.
Our game day ritual involves beers and mimosas with breakfast, tons of food and watching the game with loud friends.
• Tailgate with friends and family in South End — most of us born-and-raised Panthers fans. Cornhole game, cooler, music and Bojangles tailgate boxes. Living the dream at 12-0, really.
– S
• I love gathering around the TV with family and friends and eating delicious food while we cheer the Panthers on!
• Tailgate at the Roaring Riot tailgate.
Enter the stadium early to get settled and check out the pregame warm ups.
Cheer my Panthers on to victory
Walk back to the car with a mob of celebratory Panther fans.
• Dressing our dogs up in their game-day gear. The (furry) family that cheers together, stays together!
• I love gathering around the TV with family and friends and eating delicious food while we cheer the Panthers on!
• Must wear something with NC on it. Sit in the same seat, may have to change seats of playing bad. But will not give up seat if playing well.
• Wake Up. Praise the lord for another day. Depending on the time of the game: breakfast tailgate/lunch tailgate with family and friends. Watch the Panthers Keep Pounding.
• Watching from the best seat in “our house”!
• Mimosas and Bloodys all around with family and friends.
• Before games I get up early to exercise, then order a pizza and wings. Also turn my phone ringer off for no interruptions.
• Typically I have to work on our game days because I work on the weekend, so my ritual is different than most fans. While I’m working I have the Carolina Panthers Twitter feed pulled up in my internet browser so I can get real time score updates and can see replays of all the big plays that are made. Of course, nothing beats watching the game with a bunch of your friends except sitting in the actual Bank of America Stadium rooting for my Panthers!
• Keuchly jersey on (unwashed since our last loss) and tailgating with friends.
• Same Jersey, Same Underwear, Same Owen’s Bagel, Good Friends and Mediocre Beer
• Hang out watching the game at Pint Central, then head over to Birdsong to celebrate the Panther’s win.
• Kids panthers jerseys laid out night before, pop them on right away game day morning. Usually walk to Laurel market for breakfast and coffee to show off the panther pride.
• Panthers gear… check
Tailgate in our driveway and watch others walk to stadium… check
Watch the game at home or bar close by and listen to the roar from B of A… check
Panthers win… check
• I wear my Panthers tee and drink Birdsong Jalepeno Pale
• I wake up early enough to breathe outside before engulfing myself in a dimly lit room to watch football all day. I figure out if there is a budget in place to order essentials such as beer, pizza, chicken, food options always vary so I will end it there but beer is always in budget. After these things are completed I watch football. Proper attire is always a plus. A shirt that has a label displaying my favorite teams logo and name with a beanie hat that does the same. If there is more than one game I would like to view the proper steps are taken place such as bring out the television from my room into the common area, I live in an apartment. If that is not enough I knock on my roommates door and do the same. With these steps in place, my game day ensues and football consumes my day. Thank you for the tickets, I appreciate it greatly.
• Wake up, put on my old Panthers hoodie and go downstairs for coffee. Stay in the same hoodie until roughly 15 minutes before kickoff. Proceed to go take a shower, get dressed in my new Panther’s hoodie, and then watch the game. Also have to wear my new hoodie to work every Tuesday
• Watch the game while drinking brews at Pint Central.
• Just make sure my family is with me throughout the game!
• Walk our little Panthers (aka dogs) . Get together with any friends and family who want to watch the game!
• Watching with the crowd at All-American enjoying the cheap mimosas
• Must go to Ed’s tavern with my girls. Must drink buckets of beer. Must not be in the same building as my boyfriend. Superstitions are only weird if they don’t work, right?
• To watch the game with my dad
• We’re usually a few hours away on game day, but our ritual is simple: we wear our Panthers gear no matter where we are, what we’re doing or who will see us. If we’re out of town on a Sunday, I have to always make sure I pack our Panthers t-shirts.
• Drink
• Wake up.
Not Just Coffee.
Tailgate at lot next to Romare Bearden.
Keep Pounding at BoA or Draught.
Celebrate (so far this season)!
• Get cozy on the couch and enjoy the game.
• Coffee. Sports Center. Direct TV NFL package. Couch. Snacks. Repeat!!!
• Wake up around 12, put on my UNC shorts and beanie, and drink copious amounts of cheap whiskey out of my Panthers cup I got at the preseason game vs. Kansas City a couple years back.
This season I’ve watched every game with my sister, who is a new fan at age 12.
• Tailgating and All American to watch the game:))
• Same thermal undershirt, same 704 Shop panthers tee, Charlotte-made beer and the same group of friends in the same seating arrangement. We’re pretty sure that’s what’s keeping our record intact.
• Cold beer, hot food, good friends, and cheering for the Panthers until I lose my voice!
• no ritual, per se. hunker down wherever i can with friends, booze, too much food and my pups.
• Large nachos and beer
• After the first few weeks of this season, my ritual became: Put on Panthers apparel, read/watch the analysts hating on the Panthers’ ability to win, meet up with friends, and watch the team KEEP POUNDING.
• 50 push-ups
• As a true fan of the franchise since it started 22 years ago, I’ve stuck with the Panthers through the good times and the bad. Regardless of how well their record is, there is absolutely nothing that compares to game day in Charlotte. The energy is intoxicating and being able to rally around a team with fans of all different backgrounds is the true definition of a Panthers game day. I’ll usually start with a build-your-own bloody mary bar at All American Pub, head uptown for tailgating, and watch the game (if I’m lucky enough!) at the stadium or at Slate. Win or lose, it’s always a great day to be a Panthers fan.
• Get room and TV ready. My wife is a bigger football fanatic than anyone in the family and all needs to be ready at kickoff. Food, drink, lighting, distractions everything in order.
• Making pancakes
• Wake up in Southend Charlotte and meet friends at All Anerican Pub to watch the Pathners dominate when out of town or bounce around tailgates in our beautiful city when we play at home. Dressed in my favorite Rawr inspired panthers gear, of course.
• My ritual is getting up early, dressing in my panther blue! Getting to the Queen City Roaring Riot Tailgate with a purpose as early as possible! We all leave the tailgate and march into the game together! If I do not have tickets I will head on over to Dilworth Neighborhood Grill to scream and cheer as much as I can! Carly Gardner
• I have to wear my jersey and sit and watch the whole game, anytime I get distracted with chores around the house or doze off during a game we are winning, the other team starts to crawl back in it. So if I see that the team is falling off some and I’m trying to multitask, I sit down and give them my undivided attention to iesure the win! 12-0!!!!
• Me and my husband moved to charlotte 3 years ago. We have yet been able to afford to go to a panthers game. So our game day ritual usually consists of going to church then we go to wing king cafe to watch the Panthers win!
• Painting my face Panther Blue
• My boyfriend and I wear our Panthers jerseys all day, as well as making our 2 dogs wear their’s . Then we tailgate!
• Watch on TV with my kids
• Winning!
• Start the morning off with a Rocky-style stair run chanting “LUUUUUKE” and “Let’s Go Panthers”
• I sleep in my panthers shirt the night before the game then get up and shower and immediately put on another shirt while getting ready and then change into my jersey! And bring my He’s Not Here Blue Cups to tailgate and it’s worked so far!
• Wing king cafe. Lemon pepper wing basket and good ole sweet tea.
• Put on my Cam Newton jersey.
• All black and blue, tailgating with my best friends all around uptown!!
• Try to make the kids be quiet enough to watch/hear the game!
• I tuck away my panthers gear so I won’t jinx them
• Bloody Mary’s
Panther gear
And Bojangles
• First I prepare the ingredients for my game day foods (nachos , hot dogs, pizza).
I then proceed to my closet and dress myself in panthers black and blue head to toe.
Before the start of the game I play “Killa Cam/Roll That skit” by Cam’ron as a good luck ritual for Cam.
• Just watching the game.
• I generally watch the games at home. I am a perfect candidate as I’ve never been to a Panthers game!
• Wake up and get fully decked out in my panthers gear, go to bruegers bagels for breakfast and then head towards the stadium to stop by at least 5 tailgates in between. After that go to the game or head to southend bar to watch the panthers win!!!
• Watching cam dab
• Tailgating!
• Watch NFL Redzone and check my fantasy team simultaneously.
• Beers and brats followed by a stroll around the stadium.
• Run by the Harris Teeter to pick up a quiche and mimosa materials; swing by my friend’s where a group of us gather and indulge; head to Jackelope Jack’s in time for kickoff; rounds of Irish coffee and jello shots after Panther TDs!
• I enjoy putting on my game day gear, cooking up some good food, and watching the game with my friends!
• My game day ritual is to cruise by the stadium and cry to myself about all the scalpers who abuse the system and jack up the prices on tickets. Then after swinging by Noda and enjoying pizza or fish tacos, I watch the game in one of the many fine bars Charlotte has to offer.
• My roommate and I have been attending every Panther’s game at Slate on Sunday’s since I can remember. When we get the chance to watch at the stadium, we certainly do!
• I pray. I walk. I eat. We win.
• Cooking a great meal for my family to enjoy during the game.
• Always tailgating with friends off Morehead St! This weeks menu consists of falcon wings with falcon choke dip…GO PANTHERS!!!
• Tailgate.
• Wake up. Take my pet panther for a walk on the Rail Trail. Talk crap on Twitter to second string players on the opposing team. Eat a block of cheese. LOCAL cheese. Put on my favorite turquoise shirt. Google search “nervous” gifs. Have several heart attacks. Dab. Dab dab dab. Dance like Tolbert. Ugly cry when a cute kid receives a ball from Cam. Quote every line in Luke’s CPI commercials. Salute the Troops. Wonder where Riverboat got those lenses. Consider hiring Greg Olsen as a personal security detail. Pass out from stress/ excitement/ emotional overload. Wait 6 days. Repeat.
• I put on my Olsen jersey, pick up a Cajun filet biscuit from Bojangles, and pop open a local beer (sugar creek this Sunday). If we’re not having people over then I walk up to Draught for some rowdy Panther fan company.
• You need to talk to my friends. They have converted an old fire truck into “big red tailgating crew”. Detailed food plans every week depending on who we are playing. Dedicated room in their new house just to prepare for the weekly event- floor to ceiling fridge, drain in the floor, etc. they live and breathe the Panthers and tailgating like nothing I’ve ever seen!
• My game day ritual starts on the Monday before. I work in a medical office so my panthers blue top must be worn with my black pants. And then starts the tweeting to get panthernation pumped up. Check me out @_MissPurr_ By Friday at work in in panthers attire again. On actual game day it’s starts with the lucky undies, sorry if that tmi but it’s been going on for the past 5 years and there I don’t see it changing. While at home if I am lucky to sleep in past 8am due to excitement I make the coffee and watch all of our haters on ESPN 🙂 by the time it’s game day I’m in my jersey sitting in my crack of the couch. The volume is at 30, no higher no lower. Cheers are cheered tweets are tweeted and my blood sweat and tears go into these games. I would be honored to have the opportunity. I will make sure no 3rd downs are converted and no falcons fan leaves happy. Thanks!
• Big breakfast followed by wearing the same clothes we have been wearing since the start… Good luck Panther’s gear!
• Breakfast at Toast of Dilworth (Man-mosa’s included), Tailgate by Draught.
Lucky Panther’s boxers and socks, don’t check fantasy stats during the game.
I also ALWAYS draft Cam Newton and the Panther’s Defense in my leagues.
• Love to meet friends at tailgate at the stadium!
• Wearing my #59 on top of my #1 Jersey which equals my age or my #1 jersey on top my #59 jersey if the offense is struggling.
• Every gameday starts the exact same –
1.Keep Pounding
2.Mass text group of friends Carolina Panthers Fight Song
3.Keep Pounding
4.FaceTime friends from bed, sing said fight song, talk about Saturday night
5.Keep Pounding
6.Coffee followed by pre-tailgate package (1 EmergenC, 4 Advil, 2 Tums, 2 VittC tablets, chased down with 32 oz Powerade Zero – grape)
• I typically start game day early, head downstairs and put a Panther’s bandana on my black lab. We will then go for a run, both wearing our team gear. If I’m lucky enough to have tickets I’ll then tailgate Uptown at Draught or a friend’s tailgate before kickoff. Otherwise I’ll either watch at All American or on Montford, or will have friends over for local craft beer and Harris Teeter subs as we watch the Panthers dominate yet another week of football! #KeepPounding!
• If I’m going to the game or tailgating for the game, I really need Bojangles in my life. Other than that, I have to be wearing my Panthers jersey (Cam or Luke depending on how I’m feeling that day)!
• I wake up on Sunday realizing that I woke up too late. Hurry to make a batch of cookies or brownies that I promised I would make for the tailgate. Figure out the light rail times to rush out my door and try and catch the next train.
Walk 15 min to the tailgate. Eat and hang out until they have to go into the game. Walk 15 min back to the train and hope I make it home before kickoff.
Nap during the 3rd quarter.
• Wake up, shave, shower…throw on the same pair of shorts, tshirt and jersey I’ve worn for EVERY game this year! Right down to the boxers! get the food ready, make sure there’s plenty of Charlotte beer on hand and off we go! Whether it’s to tailgate, or to watch with friends, nothing is better than a Panther game day!
• Go to church. Eat some lunch. Watch the game.
• Pray for a good win!
• Bojangles
• food and drink preparation are always fun to plan for around the teams we play: New Orleans- Cajun, Chicago-hot dogs, NY- pizza etc
• Food! Lots and lots of food. And beer. If the Panthers keep winning, I’m blaming the Panthers for any weight gain.
• Cam #1 jersey on, panthers scarf on, black/blue sunglasses on, panthers toboggan on, 1 sir purr doll rub for each win so far in the season, bike ride uptown to viewing location for the game, and some bbq or chicken wings to get the day started
• I only wear my team colors on gameday – right down to my socks. I also have a special team cup that I drink out of.
• Take the lightrail uptown, first stop is always Doghouse, watch most of the game there on the back deck. Around 4th quarter we head to All American and Slate to finish off the game.
• Head to Thomas Street Tavern for their amazing Sunday morning ribs.
• Uber driving fans to tailgating and the game!
• Put my Panther gear on and cheer on those guys!
• First, I make sure everyone is wearing their jersey, even the dogs. They haven’t been washed yet this year and won’t be as long as the panthers are winning. I drink a beer everytime Cam scores a touchdown. This year that has led to some pretty tipsy Sunday afternoons.
• Well, I’m a huge morning game day fan because I also enjoy college football–so I wake up to exercise and do chores prior to the game so I have no interruptions. Most of the time that involves cutting the grass, so I will sometimes trim “keep pounding” into the side of the garden with the weed whacker; wife hates it, but I continuously find new spots around the yard to hide it. It’s become a game that I’ve added a bit of luck into it, every time she found it last year we either tied or lost. This year I have spared absolutely no expenses in my process of hiding the green-graffiti, and it seems to have paid off so far.
• Gotta wake up early, check the injury report that comes out a bit before the game. Then I head in to the city and park at my favorite spot – the Morehead Street Tavern. Grab a quick bite then my girlfriend and I (both with LUUUUKKKEEE jerseys on) head to the game a little early to get through security and get settled in.
• It might be more superstition than ritual, but a black bra and a teal thong haven’t steered us wrong all season. Dear Lord, please keep this anonymous
• Old-school rap music
• Lots of “keep pounding” being screamed
• Party!
• I am just now as a 29 year old getting into football, and I love it! Have never been to a game so my usual go to spot is with friends at home or at a bar.
• On game day it’s essential that I eat a brunch buffet. This takes care of my food intake for the day so I can spend the rest of the afternoon drinking copious amounts of alcohol with my friends.
• Pork rinds, pizza , beer and watch the game on the couch
• First I call my dad to discuss the gameday strategy (he was my coach as a kid). I then get geared up. I crack open an IPA (Woody-n-Wilcox Typically). During the national anthem I put my hat over my heart and sing along, at the end I scream….LETS DO THIS BOYS!!!! Throw out a couple solid loud claps and high five any fellow fans arms reach. The IPA consumption will be repeated throughout the entirety of the game and sometimes afterward:)
• None yet since I’ve never been to a game… time to start one!
• Ham delights, Lil Smokies, Mimosas (depending on time of game), Blueberry muffins, bunless burgers and dreaming of Luke Kuechley coming over to my tailgate spot to eat it with me.
-Shannon Weatherly
• I always wear my Cam Newton jersey!!! (I do wash it it, haha)
• 1. Put on shirt. No undershirt. Just a Panthers shirt.
2. Pack cooler for tailgating.
3. Touch superman symbol in garage.
4. Get ready to tailgate in beautiful downtown Charlotte!
• We make sure our two girls are fully outfitted in their Panthers jersey and our ‘Keep Pounding” flag is hung by the TV. We’ve had the same ritual since the first game this season and it seems superstitious to change it since it’s worked 12 times in a row!
• Get in comfy clothes and make sure I have enough pillows and blankets on the couch. My boyfriend and I like to watch the game in comfort! And also have plenty of food and drinks on hand.
• Whether I’m going to the game or not, I always head to a friends tailgate to have a few beers and enjoy the atmosphere. Nothing like being around Bank of America stadium on game day!
• Since my parents live in Huntersville, it is very easy for me to commute from South End and them every Sunday for our “football tradition”. Friends love tagging along for my Mom’s tailgate spread featuring her famous buffalo chicken dip and as much Bud Light as you can handle. If I were to win these tickets, I would definitely take my Mom with me to thank her for for all of her Football Sunday snacks and for always welcoming my friends and I with open arms.
• Tailgating with friends and family.
• A big breakfast/brunch followed with tailgating and then going into the game (if I’m lucky)… followed by celebrating at All American Pub! And no I’m not being cocky, we’re the Panthers. And it’s 2015.
• Tailgate across from the Mint St entrance starting as early as possible then yell as loud as possible on defense until the Panthers emerge victorious! #DoYouRiot
-Palmer Steel
• We watch with friends!
• Tailgate for home games. Whiskey Warehouse for away games. Never miss it!
• Not game-day ritual, but game-weekend ritual: Watch the Clemson Tigers win on Saturday, then the Carolina Panthers win on Sunday! #allin #keeppounding
• I travel a lot on the weekends and plan my return trips around Panther’s games. I either need to watch it before I go or make sure I can listen to it in the car on the way home.
• Get in a quick work out, shake off Saturday night and get ready to watch magic happen!
• Listen to Van Halen’s “Jump” while taking a shower in the morning. Throw on my Mike Minter jersey. Pick up a cajun fillet biscuit, bo-rounds, and Cheerwine from Bojangles’. Grab a cooler with some Bud Lights. Take an Uber downtown to begin the tailgating festivities, which, until this year, were always at 500 East Morehead. Unfortunately, the building was demolished this year so the parking lot is no longer available.
• Fireball shots 🙂
• Sunday Crossword Puzzle.
Viva Chicken.
Panthers Win.
• Get up. Go for run. Tailgate. Win. Repeat.
• It starts with the shirt; a simple, Panthers blue tee that gets the nod every Sunday thanks to slight superstition. It does get washed every week. On to the best tailgate in Charlotte at Trade and Stonewall. Knock back a few shots of Panthers juice along with some Falcon (chicken) wings. Big cat’s gotta eat. Then it’s up to debate on where to take in the weekly domination – Slate, Dilworth Neighborhood Grill, Draught, back at home, etc. We tend to change it up. It’s been a decent recipe for success so far this year.
• Coffee, coffee, beer, beer, brat, brat.
• My 15 month old son HAS to wear his Kuechly jersey! If he’s in bed while they play then we drape it over his crib:)
• Put my favorite panthers gear on, say a prayer and have a craft beer in hand just in time for kickoff.
• Grocery shopping and laundry alldone before 11:00…it have failed me yet.
• Wear my panthers hat and then do a Panthers handshake with my bff before every game!
• Get together with friends and family. Throw the football around and #keeppoundingforparker
• I eat Bojangles and GET AFTER IT.
• We get everyone dressed and ready in their Panther shirts. Food and drinks are prepared Panther style!
• Bojangles, Beers & BBQ!
• Take the day off, sock off, and get ready for no voice in the morning.
• Every home game we tailgate for the Fans Against Child Abuse charity uptown across from Levine museum. Away games usually go out to watch the game or have people over.
• My family and I all where the same outfit, even the same t-shirts under our jerseys and all of my family sit in the same spot on the couch.
• Wearing my Panthers jersey, drinking local beer and cheering as loudly as possible!
• Wings, beer and panthers blue!
• Wake up with some coffee… Everyone in the family puts on their Jerseys (Kelvin Benjamin for me, Cam Newton for my wife, and Player 00 for the puppy) and get ready for some fantastic football. Keep Pounding
• Nachos!
• A combination of church, family running (as in my husband and our dog), and knowing not to walk in front of the tv when football is on. It’s all about balance!
• Put on the Cam jersey.
• Wake up and get my breakfast growler for The Beer Growler out the fridge.
Head to the Roaring Riot tailgate to continue lathering up.
March to stadium with the rest of the fan club.
• tailgate
• My game day ritual is easy: Wake up and immediately put on my Panther’s t-shirt and affix my breast cancer awareness pin on there! Next, big breakfast of panther-cakes and a cup of coffee. Draught on S. Cedar at 10am for the great tailgate in their parking lot, sponsored by Mindseeker, a local small business. Sometimes only 8 times a year but boy do we wish it were more! And this year it will be! Keep pounding!
• Go for a long run in the morning then watch the game with my dogs.
• Watching the game on TV…because we never have tickets!
• Gather up my 2 cats, Paul and Ringo, carry them around on my right shoulder, one at a time and pace around the house all while chanting “Go Cardiac Cats go!”. Then I put on work shirt, and turn on the game, and make sure the cats are in the same room for as long as I can keep them wrangled.
• On Sundays, we go to church, have lunch and settle in after kick off. Great way to really enjoy the game after giving thanks to God:)
• Football season is all about the good food and time with friends for me!
• Bojangles and champagne 🙂
• Starbucks coffee and read the paper, attend to personal items depending on the day, prepare steaks, burgers, or chicken, ensure the Budweiser is ready for consumption, relax on the couch.
• I just cook for my boys
• Bloody Mary, lucky hoodie…KEEP POUNDING!
• Pre-2015 football season the game-day ritual was to ignore the Panthers and focus on the Steelers. However this year’s team has made us take notice and we are definitely watching more closely on Sundays!
• My game day ritual is getting dressed in my panthers shirt and then just having a good time with friends while watching the game !
• We live in Raleigh, so our game-day starts early to get on the 6:45 AM Amtrak, which is a great experience. The train is full of Panthers’ fans, and the Amtrak staff do a great job of accommodating everyone, providing information on how to get to the stadium, how to get back after the game, etc. The train gets in at about 10, which gives us time to roam around Romare Bearden Park, or meet up with friends who have a tailgate spot. We have to bolt back to the train station after the game to make sure we don’t miss it (happened once!), and usually take a nap on the way home. Go Panthers!
-John Tonissen
• Cold craft beer and jumping jacks.
• Up – shower – panthers morning gear straight on! Out for a coffee. Time to get in the mood! Watch some pump up panthers on YouTube and get freaky for kickoff! Then enjoy the pounding!
• Go to church (can’t hurt our chances), grocery shop, then sit down with the family for 4 quarters of fun.
• Start the morning with the purchase of all the ingredients to make my special Panther blue punch. Prepare a full table spread of snack items, start with my first drink around 10AM, say a prayer the opposing team does great, but never wins and then great friends as we prepare to start our first toast.
• My apartment overlooks the stadium so we usually watch the jumbotron while the game is also streaming on the TV!
• Buffalo Wings
• Going to Wendy’s for a pre game frosty or coffee and then walking to the game. Thrilling right?
• To be honest, I’m a gay man who has never ever been to a panthers game. I’m signing up for this contest for my straight friend Andrew. He is a die hard panthers fan and if I can win these tickets, I promise to attend my first game ever with him while wearing a pink panthers jersey and screaming “Green Bay sucks” the entire time! Regardless if I win or not, I’m wishing everyone involved with the Panthers organization the very best of holidays this season! 🙂
• Since I can’t afford the tickets (and haven’t been at a game in 6 years or more), I usually grab some snacks and a beer (or 2) to watch and yell at the tv from home. Occasionally I can catch some friends to go to a bar and watch it..or if I’m traveling I listen to it on the radio. I know people must think I’m crazy yelling in my car!
I have been panther fan since I heard the Carolina’s were getting a team. I bleed blue & black!
• Cook a huge breakfast, watch fox until game time then fire up the grill and make sure we have cold beer. Gametime
• Hang with friends at the bar
• Put on my lucky #59 jersey, Panther hat, and cheer on the boys in black and blue!
• Game day begins with loading up all of the essentials- tailgating gear, snacks, and drinks. My husband and I wear the same panthers gear every Sunday, as we see it as good luck. We dress up in our gear, meet up with friends and tailgate. We don’t care where we are,
we still tailgate. We have even started something new- yard gating! Go panthers !!
• Homemade onion dip, screaming at the TV and dance parties during commercials!!!!
• Wake up and look out over the stadium. Get together with pals and prep for a big Panthers win!
• Cook up some wings and make some drinks!
• My game day ritual is showing up to a local restaurant with a few friends. Order about 40 wings. Watch the Carolina Panthers beat whoever they are playing. You ask why we don’t watch it in our comfortable home? WE DONT GET THE CHANNEL THE GAMES COMES ON. So we make do.
• Clean house and buy groceries and then back in time for kick off!
• Lots of tea with honey and vocal exercises to strengthen my voice. Yelling “Go Panthers!” is hard work.
• Making lots of snacks for everyone to enjoy at game time!
• Early church service so I don’t miss kick-off, put on my Panthers gear (varies depending on weather conditions) and find a good place to grab a beer and watch.
• Making sure my fiancé finds another tv to watch the Kardashians and Real Housewives.
• Donuts. Drink. Dab.
• Old school Mike Minter jersey over grey sweatshirt first thing Sunday morning. Doesn’t come off until Monday.
• Just huddle around the TV with my family…it’s the only thing we watch together that pulls them away from their phones!!
• Go shopping or get a massage and mani-pedi for 4 hours while my husband watches the game in peace! (I’m entering this giveaway for my husband, obvi, but I would love to go to the game with him if I win!)
• Put on my mismatching Panther socks, grab my homemade chicken wings and watch the game!
• Watch the game with friends and our kids dressed in Panthers gear.
• Waking up to a bojangles sandwich before heading to draught to tailgate with all the panthers fans!
• Usually. don my Panther jersey, look out my fourth floor apartment window, thankful that I can still see the stadium (as new South End projects may interfere with the view) turn on the television and root for the home team!!!
A new tradition of going to game would be awesome!!!!
• Gather with friends and root for the Cats!
• For home games I walk the dog at Freedom park and make a special stop at the Panther’s playground for some push-ups, sit-ups and sprints. Once tuned up, I meet-up with friends to watch the Panthers give another great performance! 100% effective an assuring victory so far this year!
• Uber it uptown at about 10 (for a 1 o’clock game), then walk lazily around the general stadium area from tail gate gathering to tailgate gathering talking to random drunken fans and occasionally bumming food from said generous drunken folks. Make sure to find rival teams tailgates and taunting them to the very threshold of a drunken brawl….(make sure to stay just of out harms way while taunting though). Book it over to the stadium, get wanded, then frisked by security to the point of almost feeling violated.Scream and yell during the game..losing your voice about midway through the 3rd quarter. Watch the Panthers rock another win and finally Uber it safely home!
• A meal from Bojangles is mandatory before the game. With Cheerwine. During the game, at least one moonshine + SunDrop cocktail per quarter must be consumed. More if the Panthers are behind. It has not failed me this season.
• Head over to Slate on Bland st. with friends, wings, tacos and #PantherNation
• Hmm, my game day ritual is drinking craft beer and watching the panthers from the comfort of my couch.
• Tailgate gear goes in the car the night before and the jersey/hats/jackets always laid out for the next morning. We always make a dish related to the opposing team, so we destroy the food and then watch the Panthers destroy them.
• If i’m at home, I MUST physically touch “Fake Jake” (The 6’4″ mannequin in my Panther Cave…wearing a Delhomme Jersey). If i’m outside of my home I have my lucky hat from the beginning of our back to back to back division title runs in 2013.
• I put my dog (a Chihuahua/Pitbull-how did they do that!!??) mix in his jersey and myself in mine. I pace the floors and try to find things to do around the house as I cannot sit still during a “Cardiac Cats” game 😉
• My game day ritual starts the night before game day… Staying in on Saturday night! I wake up Sunday and the first thing out of my mouth is “it’s game day!” My boyfriend and I are both grew up in Charlotte so we have been fans since we’ve had a team. Next up is mimosas or bloody Mary’s and a really good homemade breakfast. Throw on panthers gear and cheer them on from kickoff until the last play is made! I love game days!
• We cheers before we think they are going to go for a touchdown.
• Get up as early as possible and then it’s all football until the Sunday night game ends. Everything else in my life becomes secondary, essentially. I have to hope that there is food around my house, because otherwise my only time to eat is between the 4 games and the 830 game.
• On Sunday games I attend church first come home put on my Cam’s # 1 jersey while eating my dinner, praying I don’t choke on some of the plays. I just love my Panthers❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
• I get my jersey on then put my dog in his. We cheer on the Panthers in style!
• Breakfast at Golden Corral, relax, order pizza, grab a beer or 3, and enjoy the Panthers kicking some ass!
• Usually try “not” to think about the game until church is over!
God’s a Panthers fan, I think.
• I start out by putting on my Panthers shirt, and team colored shoes so I can head to Bojangles and get a bo sized supremes combo. I view the reddit pre-game threads so I can get important insight as to what I should be looking for during the game. Also, NFL Gamepass must be loaded on my iPad so I can watch the other rivalry games to support them in losing.
• This year, our ritual for all home game tailgates is to make food that is specific to the away teams area of the country. Texans? Brisket! New Orleans? Gumbo! Green Bay? Cheese Plates!
• Game Day: wake up and crack open a cold bottle of champagne and toast to impending victory. Don all black out of respect for the funeral of the team we are about to crush. Say a prayer to the Norse god of games Ullr and salute my life size poster of RiverBoat Ron. Make way to the tailgate (neighbor’s garage) and pick my standing place cause no one’s moving until the Cardiac Cats leave with the W. Drink a beer for every dollar Cam owes the NFL for balls he gives away!
• Tailgating or watching at friends house
• My game day ritual consists of waking up, feeling the temperature outside, and then figuring out how many layers I will need to wear with my blue Greg Olson jersey. Then, I go tailgate with my friends and end up either in the game or at a bar watching. Then, the Panthers win, That’s about it!
• We go really crazy. I roll out of bed about 2 hours before I really want to due to a couple toddlers that are now in my bed that are opening my eyes for me. When I recover from that I usually start the day by making my pregnant wife and two toddlers a couple fried eggs with toast and a banana. Then we scramble to get everyone dressed and head to church. Dont lose me yet I know this seems really exciting. After church we got grocery shopping because no one in CLT goes grocery shopping after church. Crazy I know. If our sanity is still in check we let our sons try and unpack all the groceries without breaking anything. To cap it all off we have a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich before kickoff. ~Matt
• Depends on game time! Husband, dog and I have our Panthers gear on first thing in the morning. Head over to Brazwells as early as possible to snag the perfect table outside. Watch the Panthers take another W! If we are lucky enough to go to the game, we set up tailgating with friends, coworkers and Bojangles’. Big Bo Box is required!
• Kiss my husband after every touchdown.
• good friends+beer
• Every game day I wake up and put on my Dan Morgan jersey despite having a few current players jerseys (It started with the first game and it’s worked thus far.) I’ll then head from Winston Salem to downtown Charlotte to tailgate with friends and family a few blocks from the stadium even when I don’t have a ticket. Just being there and celebrating this historic season makes it all worth it. Then I’ll head over to my parents or a local bar to watch the game. That’s my game day ritual.
• While I don’t have a specific agenda, I love to take my dogs for a walk before they spend the entire game in their daddy’s lap to help calm him down when things go really well or really wrong.
• 1) Church in the morning – I usually say a quick prayer for all the teams playing and ask God to lookout for the Panthers especially, too.
2) We cheer for the Panthers loudly from home and our four year old is particularly vocal. All season long our little one makes little cards for the team that they will win – it’s working so far!
3) We watch all the games! We were in Hilo, Hawaii for the Monday night game and we made sure to be out at a cool bar to cheer our Panthers on.
• Wake-up, throw on my 12-0 panthers socks, Church, lunch. Game-time.
• My husband and I got BoJangles for the first few games of the season as we settled in to watch the games from home…no big deal…and then they just…kept..pounding. I mean, winning. So very superstitiously we have eaten or had something to drink from BoJangles before or during every game. So that meant on Thanksgiving Day, we stopped by for a half gallon of “legendary sweet tea” to take to my in-laws JUST TO BE SAFE! I’m not sure our cholesterol levels are benefiting, but we can’t not have BoJangles on game day now. 12-0! -Emily Sutton
• I’ve worn the same Panthers shirt for every game this season. It was a lucky Goodwill find. I have other Panthers gear, but we haven’t lost when this year when I wear it on game days (*knock on wood*). Also, Bojangles.
• Up early….make my lucky pigs in the blanket….head off to tailgate….scream really loud at the game….dance to Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom 🙂
• My wife has to have Bojangles sweet tea and I have to have some kind of Bojangles chicken. My mom wasn’t too pleased that I brought a chicken biscuit in a addition to everything on the table at Thanksgiving. My dad understood. 🙂
• Wake up: “GAME DAY!”
We begin smearing our black and blue pride on our checks. Margaret, my roomie and I, are what you would call true Panther Divas. We are defined as sweet and sassy North Carolina girls with a love for only the Panthers. As soon as our faces and outfits proclaim our titles, it’s time to grab the Champange or Rose to toast of the game. We pop off, just as Gano kicks off. Our bums go up and down as the game goes on.
• Breakfast at OPH, shopping for tailgate supplies at HT, make food for tailgate…and then eat, drink and keep pounding!!!
• Game day always involves craft beer and yummy food!
• Cheer on the Panthers in my heart as I am out and check Twitter constantly!
• We love finding a local Charlotte brewery to watch the game.
• Drink and drink some more!
• None. Scared I’ll jinx them!
• We wear our socks inside out on game day.
• My wife and I cook snacks for lunch when the Panthers are playing and get our 19-month-old daughter dressed in her Luke Kuechly jersey. We also have special Panthers glasses that we drink out of. Our daughter knows when it’s game-time and says “Foo-ball” and “Panters.” When they score a touchdown, which has been a lot this season, she says “Whooo!”
• If I told you, I’d have to kill you, resurrect you and kill you again. I also drink whisky and yell obsenities at the sky just incase someone is listening.
• My husband and I take our TV out on our back porch in true “southern” fashion and have a full set up with fire pit, chairs, grill, corn hole, lots of dogs and lots of friends!!
• A Facebook and text blast wishing all my friends and family happy panther day!
• We love getting together with friends and family for laughter and fun before the hectic work week begins again! Win or lose we love our Panthers and how they bring families together, even if it is just one day a week!
• If I’m working at the hospital, I’ll turn on the game in one of the empty rooms so that all the nurses can peek in at the game for updates as we run around caring for patients. If not at work, then church is always in the morning, then brunch, and then All American pub for game day celebrations!
• My gameday ritual involves peace and quiet. I spend the morning with my wife and two year old. We go to breakfast, we go grocery shopping, etc. At about noon, we come home and its straight upstairs with the little fella to get him to bed and asleep before the 1:00 kick off. Then I head back downstairs, get my lunch of choice and enjoy the game. My how things have changed from my single, childless days that involved going to the bar an hour before kick off and enjoying it amongst chaos!
Ray H.
• Make breakfast, tailgate, and cheer the Panthers to a victory!
• Fire up the laptop and watch from my couch in San Francisco.. 11 year psl owner that moved to California two years ago.
• I have to practice my victory dance routines so that I can bust a move so hard I’ll need ortho Carolina to fix me.
• Semi appropriate amounts of beer. Boyfriends jersey is unwashed. Mine is clean. He’s informed me that if the Panthers go to the Super Bowl, he’s getting a tattoo.
• We enjoy tailgating with friends and family out at the stadium or throwing Panther parties at our Panthers den we recently built. This would be a gift great to win!
• Read the Charlotte Observer sports section with the most recent panthers article and read it in the most intense and awesome voice ever. Then I do a couple “dabs” and throw on my jersey. And I yell. A lot.
• Reading Tom Sorenson’s article. Sadly, he is retiring and no more game day columns.
• On my only night of sleeping I wake up at 10. Shower and deck out in my Carolina Panthers sweatshirt. After a quick brunch I head to hickory tavern, and watch the first half of the game. If the game is going great I’ll usually stay and hangout. If it’s not going great I head to my apartment to watch the second half.
• Wake up, make breakfast for the family, turn on NFL network until Noon, then Fox NFL Sunday. Drink some beer and watch football with my kids! Best time of the year!
• My game day ritual is making sure that I wear the same clothes and hat each week and also making sure that I watch every second of the game no matter what is happening.
• Bojangles & Jack Daniels!
• I wear the same shirt every game day. I dab with Cam after every TD for good measure!
• I wear my lucky Panthers necklaces, which I kiss before the game starts. I eat the same game day foods and drink the same type of drink.
• I try to start off the day by going to church – usually in Panthers colors – come home, change into my lucky Panthers shirt and underwear (same every week – don’t worry they’re washed!!!). If it’s an away game I’ll make my famous guacamole to snack on during the game, find a comfy spot and won’t move seats the entire game. A bit superstitious to say the least, but it works! Go Panthers!!!
• We take our two-year-old to Romare Bearden park before every home game. He has the best time practicing his football drills “just like the Panthers”. He even caught a pass from Sir Purr!!!
• I wear my blue Kuechly jersey that I have yet to wash this season. Typically me and my 7 year old are dialed into the game. While we watch he reenacts the plays diving all over the living room
• Wake up, breakfast (which may or may not involve beer), shower, put on Panthers gear, more beer, pre-game show, beer, Panthers win, celebrate!
• Cooking and watching the game.
• To have a drink!
• Same Shirt, Same Beer, Same Hat every Game
• Every game day my husband and I wake up and get the cheese dip going — 2 cans of Rotel and one big block of Velveeta. Seems to be good luck so far for this year!
• First things first I prowl out of
bed, I put on my outfit of choice, a Benjamin jersey. Meet up with other die hard fans at a local watering hole. I may or may not have fingernails by the end of the game but this is why we are the cardiac cats! 12-0!
• Hot spiced cider and popcorn on the sofa.
• I tend to wake up about 11 and watch some espy before the game,
• I set up my DVR so I will not risk missing any of the Panthers game.
• Have a light-up corona sign that has to be turned on before every game. Also must have bojangles and bud light
• Drink a lot of beer!
• Since I was born in Charlotte I have been a panthers fan since they started the team in 1995. Every game day I make sure no matter what I’m doing that I rock some sort of panthers gear while I do it. I usually watch the game out at one of my favorite bars in plaza midwood and enjoy a few beers nowadays.
• I put my lucky socks on my right foot first then my left, then I wear my panthers jersey under my clothes
• I love to head uptown before the game, even if I don’t have tickets. I love the atmosphere and people getting excited to see the Panthers play, it’s something I just love being around.
• My husband is a true blue Panther’s fan. I’m a California girl that didn’t grow up watching football. So my game day ritual is morning run, followed by a late Sunday brunch, followed by curling up on the couch with a glass (bottle) of rose and a few magazines, Then while my hub stresses out over the game, I am there to provide moral support and the occasional ‘go Cam go!’ I’ve become a HUGE Cam Newton fan and would love to casually run into him in Charlotte. I’d have to get a picture with him 🙂
• Normally being Sundays, we wake up and turn on the NFL previews and predictions as we eat breakfast. Then it’s off to church and family lunch where we talk about the game that day. After lunch we head home to get into our Panthers gear and watch the game as a family, all yelling and cheering together
• Put on the opposing teams color and cheer for our team.
• My dog Shep has a lucky panthers collar- he wears it on game day and we go to the dog park the day before or day of the game. The collar hasn’t been washed and won’t be until the end of the season! i rescued him March of this year and he is the best thing that has happened to me this year and clearly has brought luck to the Panthers as well!
• Wake up, study, couch time with beers, watch the panthers kick ass.
• My game day ritual is pretty simple. I like to watch my favorite men in blue and white have fun on the field, win or lose. I watch with my friends and family with food and drinks.
• Getting together with friends or family or going to a local bar to root with other Panther fans!
• Always church in the morning. Even at 12-0, the Panthers need our prayers as much as anybody. Then lunch…with just enough room for multiple mid-game snacks. Break out the t-shirts and jerseys and it’s “game on”!
• Always wear my Panthers T-shirt and Bojangles pre-game!
• Having fun watching my favorite men do what they love to do!
• Daylight breaks in with echoes of nature calling, anticipating a Panther victory against a vile enemy. There will be blood, but not just yet. I sluggishly meander around my manor, searching for the baroness to see if ample coffee has been made. Thy first sip is thy first breath of the day….
Okay, really I wake up pumped and nervous for the game. Take my wife out to brunch since she’ll know I will be screaming at the television later in the day. It’s best to lure her with a dry rosé and cheese of some sort. It’s all about the balance in our household. Local brews are a must and I cannot wear any Panther’s paraphernalia. I didn’t wear any the first game and since then decided I can’t change it now. It hurts, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice.
• Wear my jersey all day and stand up through the entire game. My dog also has to wear her bandana.
• Wear my jersey all day and stand up through the entire game. My dog also has to wear her bandana.
• Wake up and start the game day chili. We have it every football Sunday!
• Tailgate and have fun with friends!
• Have to put on my lucky socks, then usually to a game day bar with some friends!
• Compulsively over-analyzing my fantasy football lineup…
• Tailgate!
• Have fun with friends!
• Holding my breath in the 4th quarter.
• Getting together with all my friends, we switch houses each game day!
• Prepare snacks, turn off the phone and plant my butt on the sofa in front of the television… breathing as normally as possible this season!
• Pray that my cousin and her family invite me to the game and if not, go to Dilworth Neighborhood Grille to watch! 🙂
• I always wear my John Kasey jersey. He will always be one of my favorite players. My 3 year old daughter wears her cheerleading dress. We both scream as loud as we can during the game.
• Tailgating!!
• Shop for food in the am, all three kids come over to watch on tv. Big Italian dinner at night
• My game day ritual starts with a quick jog with my dog. Then i get showered and put on my white Cam Newton jersey! Then I join my friends and watch the game. So far, this season, my ritial has not failed me yet! Please pick me to get those tickets!
• Tailgate with Fatboys food truck 🙂 Yum!! Then to the dog pound .. and on to the stadium!!
• I need my Lucky hat, lucky shirt (unwashed) and lucky spot on the couch. You have to yell LUUUUUUUUUKE when luke makes a tackle. Of course keeeeepppp poooouunnndddinnngg!!!
• Luke #59 Jersey all day everyday! #LUUUKE
• Same Jersey every game.. can’t mess up the winning streak. Tailgating… and lots of drinking!
• Errands / grocery shopping (essentially get everything I have to do outside of the house out of the way – this starts at 7:00AM)
Home to put away groceries and start washing laundry for the week ahead (all folding occurs during the first half of the game) halftime is for snacks and second half is for fist bumping my boyfriend, lame but heartfelt attempts at doing the panthers growl, and getting refills on snacks and beverages! Also I think a lot about how the Panthers are doing but I don’t dare say it out loud before it during the game! Lastly I periodically check IG and FB to see friends posts at the game and think about how AWESOME AND
EXCITING it would be to watch the game in person!
• A morning mountain bike ride at the USNWC, followed weekly leaf blowing and bagging chores at home in Cotswold, and then its time to open NoDa Jam Session, put my feet up, and tune into the game.
• We live in Third Ward so I put on my Luke shirt and sweatshirt I have worn for every single game (except the scorching hot Texans game), walk downstairs to my backyard and start tailgating! Three hours later we walk five minutes to the game, cant beat it!
• If the game is at home, I try to go tailgate with friends then either go in to the stadium or watch the game at a bar with friends. If the game is away, I typically either watch at home or go to a friends house. My dogs are still adjusting to me yelling at the tv during games so they aren’t quite football fans yet.
• Filling a bag with miscellaneous beers from the fridge because I forgot about Sunday blue laws once again. Ubering as close as possible to the stadium (not that close) and walking to a tailgate spot near the east entrance. Getting upset about how many away fans are in town for the game as if I’ve lived in the city for more than a few years myself. Watch the game. Celebrate the win.
• Wake up, hot yoga, watch football all day, cook and eat food
• on game day, my fam and i all get dressed in out panthers jerseys and head to church to spread support. when we get home my parents normally lay out and watch the game in our game room while my sister and i head downtown with a bunch of our friends to whatever is the least crowded sports bar and watch the game together !! if its a great game and a great win (WHICH IS HAS BEEN THIS SEASON 12-0 BABY) we head to mcdonalds afterwards to celebrate!!
• I watch at home with my husband and two sons. We enjoying cheering together and have taught our sons valuable lessons watching this team. We’ve reminded them that teams work together to win and seen it in action and to never ever give up.
• Panthers Sweatshirt, panthers folding chair good friends and a serving of DD Peckets honey hot wings.
• Wear Everything panther thing I own
• $.50 wings and beer buckets at Brass Tap!
• Don’t watch until halftime. Hard. But they’re undefeated. Oh why did I do that for the first game???
• 30 minutes of meditation, a large SoCo and Coke with lime and the volume turned up loud.
• I wear my favorite Panthers shirt and of course, eat as many wings as my stomach will allow on Montford (usually Brazwells)! #yum
• Always get up and put on my game color jersey. Put the panther flags out and cheer them on!
• Watch it at home or tailgate for the game and get tickets to watch in the stadium
• Grab alcohol, put on my dog’s Panther bandana and whip up some buffalo chicken dip!
• Mimosas before the game!
• Thanks to Sunday Ticket, sit on the couch all afternoon and track my fantasy team…when we aren’t at the game of course!
• Same Jersey every game.
• Drink out of Panthers coffee mug morning of the game!
• Start my Sundays brushing my teeth with a mammoth hair toothbrush. Then, I make very angry faces in the mirror while listening to something ironic, like say, Husker Du. I follow that with walking a path of hot coals to my dangerous and exotic birds cage. Feed them regurgitated shark from my own belly, then walk back down the path from which I came. From there its a blur of fist pumping, ground punching, and furious grunting. By that time the game is on. My ritual seems to work. #12-0
• I like to watch the countdown shows to tell me all the last minute information about my team and around the league. Prepare the snacks and food and have a couple of cold beets with my rooms as we set up our living room with three tvs to watch all our favorite games.
• Get up make sure everyone lucky game attire is cleaned and washed to put on make sure game time food, snacks and drinks already. Suck on some lemons to get up throat together for all the yelling and screaming. Hit the gym for about an hour or two to get our the drilling pumping to watch all the games on the red zone… NFL ticket
• One word: beer!
• Beer. Lots of beer.
• Wake up and DAB out of bed, make sure my long sleeve panther blue 47 brand t shirt is clean and ready (ain’t gonna lie..I’ve pulled it straight from the hamper before), play golf or go to church then rush to my friends house and get all the kids rowdy for the game. I’m in love with Panthers Game Days!
• My game day ritual is pretty awesome. I wake up to the sound of Purrcussion practicing on the practice field (I live across the street.) Then I put my dog in his Panthers jersey, put myself in mine and go for a long lap around the stadium to check out the opposing team fan base numbers, tell my dog to bark as anyone not in Panthers blue and take him home. I put the TV on the game and let him watch while I find a great tailgate around the stadium (either Draught, Roaring Riot or friends). If I don’t have tickets, I’ll perch up at a busy Panthers bar and relish in the energy from my fellow Panthers fans. If I’m at the game, I turn into that energetic, excited fan getting those around me to do chants and cheers. At the end of game time, I indulge in some “Sweet Caroline,” walk home, high five my dog and enjoy sweet victory.
• Elevation Church to pray for a win. Then game watching at picassos in university
• PRAYER! And my 20 month old MUST wear his LUKE jersey!
• As a lifelong Panthers fan, I’ve gone through many rituals like, lucky socks, not shaving during football season, yelling at the other team on 3rd downs and imagining that my voice was somehow entering the opposing qb’s earholes, causing him to fail miserably. (Pretty weird stuff) These days my ritual is simply having fun with the people I love while watching the team I love!
-Grayson Berkowitz
• We try to watch every game! My 11 year old son is a HUGE TubeofGoo fan. He gets wild and crazy. Literally screams, runs around the room and at times is brought to his knees. He calls plays and instructs from the couch . It is really quite entertaining to watch!
• Put the kids down for a nap. Grab a snack and blanket and settle down to cheer on my team!!
• It may seem small but, I bought a set of 4 Panthers hair ties on the first game of the season. My boyfriend wore one on his wrist. As long as we keep winning, we’ll never forget to wear those hair bands on game day! They just may be good luck.
• Get comfy and hold on!!!
• Grab my Greg Olsen #88 jersey with my classic Arm of Harm and head to a tailgate with my friends. Our old spot is now apartments but we have found a new place to show our panther pride. Then it’s time to head into the game or watch it at one of our favorite panther bar. Go panthers!!
• Elevation Church to pray for a win. Then game watching at picassos in university
• I haven’t had one all season since I’ve been working nonstop and trying to keep on top of my two grad school classes as well. The semester has just wrapped up and I finally get to be a real human being again! Time for some football…
• Wake up super excited for the day. Make coffee. Do everything needed for the evening and next morning then, go watch the Panthers win!
• Chicken wings and keuchly jersey for good luck
• I have an awesome patio with an outdoor fireplace so my husband and I always watch the Panthers outside with a fire!
• Food and beer!
• Put on my panther’s jersey and #keeppounding while yelling at the TV with my fiance
• My Friends and I meet at the original house of pancakes around 7am every home game if it falls on a Sunday. We call it the pancake express. We’ve been doing this for many years and it’s gets us ready for the game and a good way to meet up and discuss the Panthers before the festivities begin.
-Stephen Bartholomew
• Since my son was born a year and a half ago, game-days have been a lot different! What was once a rowdy gathering of close friends has turned into a quieter family affair. We all dress up in our Panthers gear and make roaring sounds on first downs while imitating Cam. I couldn’t say which game-day I prefer, it’s always fun watching and rooting for the Carolina Panthers!
• Make some food, grab some beer, throw on my Cam jersey and watch them boys keep pounding!
• My friend and I have to high five after every first down.
• Tailgate of course! Usually in the lots across from Draught, we start with some beers and cornhole. If it’s not the early game, we’ll eventually pack up our to-go cooler and tailgate hop around the stadium until gametime.
• Start off with some Muddy River Rum drinks and mimosas at the house then head to Corner Pub on 7th St. to join a crowd of blue & black wearing Panther’s fans cheer on our team. Afterwards some of the guys stand outside and hilariously high five stadium-goers walking back to their cars, and tell the losers walking by they are losers (nicely said or hatefully said depending on the team haha)
• I’ve been wearing the same faded Kuechly tee, blue jeans, grey nike high tops and a grey zip up hoodie if it’s cold for the last 14 weeks (bye week included).
• Brunch at Cedar St tavern. Watch the 1pm games at Corner Pub and then 4pm games back at Cedar. May vary depending on when the Panthers play
• Livermush and eggs for breakfast. Mimosas before kickoff.
• Put on all Panthers gear, take a stuffed Sir Purr along with all other tailgate gear, stop by Bojangles to buy a Bo-Box and hit our tailgate spot! Drink out of Panthers cups, use Panthers Koozies, sit under Panthers tents and play corn hole on Panthers boards. GO PANTHERS!!
• Wake Up
Get Beer
Watch Game
• unfortunately, nowadays I make flashcards for nursing school while cheering for my Panthers :/
• I’m a new Panthers fan so no rituals just yet but I’m open to suggestions 🙂
• Unfortunately I’m always stuck working on Sunday’s, so most of the time I’m hiding in the back checking scores on my phone…. But it would be nice to enjoy a Sunday off AT a game!
• I have a jersey for each home and road game and make sure I wear the matching jersey depending upon the team’s choice for that game whether I’m there at the stadium or not.
• Depends on the time of the game. Bojangles for afternoon games and BBQ for evening games. Can’t get any better than that….. Besides being at the game
• Irish coffee for me and $8 mystery bombers for the boy. Sure you have to wait until noon to get started, but this spot has a good brunch menu to fill the time until kickoff. I’m hesitant to put the name of the place out there (I’m all for sharing, but it’s nice to almost always be able to get a table versus, say, the crazy wait to get into Tupelo Honey across the way). 🙂
• I put a panthers jersey on my lab and take him outside to play catch right before every game.
• Since we just moved here from AZ, our game-day ritual is just watching in awe as the Panthers pounce on the opponent!
• Every Sunday I wake up excited knowing the Panrhers are going to play. I prepare tailgate food to enjoy before the game gets going. My favorites are nachos and buffalo chicken wraps cooked using my crock pot. By the time the game starts, I’m ready to go and my boyfriend and I enjoy our tailgate snacks and beer and watch the game! It’s my highlight every weekend.
• Wearing the same clothes for every game.
• Postmates & Hop Drop and Roll
• I enjoy finding a good place to watch the game with my friends, eat wings and yell at the refs for bad calls.
• Check any emails and catch up on work from 10 AM – Noon. Noon – 1: Eat food so I’m ready for football. 1 PM: Turn on Sunday Ticket and fire up all my fantasy games for real time tracking.
• Drink way more beer than I should.
• Always wear my jersey nd sit on the same couch at my girlfriends place everytime
• Practice all of the smooth moves/dances the Panthers do during the game!!!
• Wake up, buy a ton of wings, buy a ton of beer, engage couch mode. Drink. Eat. Scream at TV.
• Grabbing a beer (local, of course) at a bar with friends!
• Fried egg sandwich, superman jersey, maybe a highlight reel, then off to revel in buffalo sauce and blue cheese while our boys take care of business!
• Put on my Panthers shirt and pour a beer!
• Watching the game, that’s all.
• I always wear my vintage 1993 Panthers crewneck sweater I found for $10 at Buffalo Exchange.
• Drink,socialize,eat,watch, obv.
• Wake up, eat my panther wheaties, do 50 pushups, dab at least 10 times, and stare dreamily at my photo of Luke.
• Up early, cook a massive Sunday morning breakfast for friends and start reviewing stats in preparation for the “non-panther” fans that we will inevitably encounter on game day.
• Finish all chores so the wife is happy.. Married men will totally understand that one. Make a batch of the Frank’s Hot Sauce buffalo chicken dip and then.. I’m ready for the game!
• Doing the dab into the mirror in the dark repeating cam newton 3 times until a super bowl ring shows up
• Wake up, thrown on my Luke jersey, drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of wings.
• Usually tailgate or watch the tailgating action from my balcony in the Element building, then watch with the sliding glass door open to hear the crowd noise!
• Same shirt every week!!
• Stock up on snacks, especially crackers and Pimento cheese, with our game gear on and anxiously watch every minute of the game!
• No ritual. Just try to wear some gear.
• I always wear one of three jerseys that correspond to the same jersey the panthers are wearing. I also have a panthers flag on my house that I put out Sunday morning after I take down my NC state flag which flies during those football games.
• Blue shirt, beer in hand, game on tv.
• I normally get comfy with my pooch on the sofa and get ready for the action! I call my mom and brother so I can hear my mom’s Panther “Roooooooaaaar!!” Keep Pounding!
• Watch the game from my riverboat
• On a typical game day, I like to prep with light cleaning, a quick lunch, and then settle down on my couch with a beer or two.
• My husband Mark and I watch every Panthers game at home in front of our gas fireplace (even if we have to keep the air conditioning going), with good food and tasty adult beverages! He has been able to attend a few home games over the years, but I have only been able to attend one. I did see Greg Olsen at OrthoCarolina one Monday morning about 3 years ago though! Go Panthers!
• I put on my pants one leg at a time just like everyone else. Then I f****** party.
• Game day jersey, Panthers scully, angry orchard, and rally towel. Then go over 1st down, touchdown, and go panthers cheer with my 4 year old son.
• Get dressed up in panthers gear with my wife, 1 year old and 2 dogs!
• ALWAYS wear my jersey!!! Can’t be under a jacket. Got to be top layer regardless of weather
• I kiss the head of one bald man before every game.
• Attend early church service, prepare chili and hunker down for game time.
• On game day, I cook a great sausage, cream cheese dip.
Pigs in a blanket. Friends bring dishes, and we always wear our Panther gear! Gathering around the TV, we pull for our Panthers! I am the loudest of us all!
• I don’t shower before panther games
• praying.
• Cooking good food with best friends watching the greatest team.
• I normally attend Brazwells each Sunday to watch every game. The mimosas and wings are more than enough to keep us busy.
• Bojangles, Noda Jam Session. #1 Panthers tailgate.
• I have to go on a run every Sunday get home about 12:45pm and put on one of two football shirts. This ritual has worked all season.
• My Carolina Panthers home game ritual starts by catching some tailgate fun at either the Tailgate Rescue Crew or Roaring Riot parties on Cedar St. Right behind the stadium. The choice of party is dependent upon which crew I’m rolling with. Both are super fun & the crews work hard to not only throw a great party & fan experience but, to do something good in the community as well by working with various charities in the area. Then, if I have tickets to the game, I head to stadium to scream my lungs out & pound the backs of the seats while cheering our boys on to the next W!! If I’m without tickets for the game, no worries… I just pop into Draught with friends & a few hundred other fans to enjoy cold tall-boys & mandatory shots on every Panthers touchdown, served up by some of my favorite people/ bar staff in the city. Post game ritual is to go Snug Harbor in Plaza-Midwood to meet up with a ton of other friend to celebrate the win with hug & hi-fives (yeah, I’m the guy that still does that) & squeeze some more fun out of the weekend by rocking out karaoke until 2am at one of the best parties in the city!! For 8 regular season Sundays a year I get to enjoy this experience & every time it makes me wish I could extend the season into the playoffs. So, I try to 12th man it as hard as can. Who can say for sure if it helps but, I like to think that it does. I certainly have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!! Go Panthers!! Keep Pounding!!
• We often head to TMAC to catch the game and cheer with a home crowd. But no matter what, I have to wear my paw necklace. That’s my good luck charm for the Panthers! Keep pounding!!!!
• Go to the gym, then head home and fix some snacks for the game.
• Always show my Panther Pride on Sundays & cheer really loud. Never doubt the Panthers they just Keep Pounding!!
• Get up. Watch SportsCenter to relive all the college football action from Saturday night. Watch anything else that comes on ESPN related to football. Change my Fantasy Lineup 8,000 times, eventually landing on the original lineup I’ve had since Thursday. Get with friends. Scream, jump up and down, drink beer, and put #keeppounding all over social media.
• I make football food, chill the beer, put on comfortable clothes (including a Panthers shirt) & turn off my phone.
• Same clothes – socks, t-shirt, jersey. I’ll add a long sleeve t if it’s cold enough, but it’s always the same.
NoDa Hop Drop N Roll is Always Always the first beer I drink in the stadium. I’ll switch it up beyond that, but that never changes.
• Wake up, make coffee and order Postmates.
• I remind my wife how bad her Chicago Bears are and then remind her that my Panthers are now 12 and O 😜
• Tailgating with friends. Did I mention Charlotte beer?
• Like to wear my panthers gear to church
• I’ll start off by having a nice good breakfast with the family. Then we will attend services at church. They return home and get ready for game day festivities by putting on a game gear and preparing game snacks.
• Wings, Beer and our Panthers,
Who needs more????
• To wear any article of clothing with team logo on gameday.
• Wear my Cam Newton jersey and watch the Panthers win!
• Watch the Panthers with my husband!
• OMB and NoDa Hop Drop and Rolllll
• I wear the same game jersey,#1. every game. I drink the same type of drink, old fashion, and Im at the same location every game.
• Work out, church, GAME TIME.
• I meet with my buddy, Kyle, and watch the game at Hooter’s.
• I get everything that I need to get done for the day before the game. Game time includes a craft beer or three and a lot of yelling. 🙂
• For every game this season, I’ve met up with my friend Dan at Growlers in NoDa. We started going there because it always had plenty of open seats and half price wings. With every panthers win we noticed it was getting more crowded every week.
This past Sunday we got there and it was packed. No place for us to sit. We went down to Salud and started watching the game there. I joked that I hoped we wouldn’t jinx the team by not being at growlers.
Well, the first half of the game was looking terrible. After the Panthers 2nd touchdown, I said “if they miss this extra point we have to go back to growlers”
Sure enough, the kick was blocked and the saints got the 2point conversion.
We immediately left and went to growlers, and the Panthers pulled out another win.
• Parked in front of the TV set wearing panthers gear
• Wake and bake!
….cookies of course.
• Well it depends on home or away. Home I like to tailgate locally and then head to Eds. Away I like to just set up shop at a local bar to cheer on the team. I also knit a new scarf for every game bc I’m extremely superstitious!
• I paint my face before the 9am tailgate. And shoot fireworks off to start the festivities. Then have our DJ play “All I Do Is Win” on repeat until Cam comes out & starts Dabbin. Woooo!!!!
• Watch the game on the couch – full focus!
• A little BBQ, a few drinks, a handful of great friends, and a lot of KEEP POUNDING!
• Breakfast and Mimosas followed by going to the game or to a bar to watch
• Feed the kids, walk the dog and stock the fridge.
• Must use my lucky coozie.
• Sunday dinner and football with the fam!
• Tailgating or hanging out with friends at All American.
• Cam jersey, comfort foods and nothing but positive energy.
• Having the same ritual on game day for us is tough… our 2 boys Brayden (4.5) and Logan (20 months) keep us busy. But I wear the same hat on game day. But we do make it a point to have the little guys in panthers gear on Fridays to get ready!!!
• Bojangles, Noda Hop Drop N’ Roll, get to my seats at least 30 minutes early. Simple and gets the job done.
• Is it even Sunday if you aren’t wearing your blue and black? Actually, I participate in black friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Go panthers! #dabonthem
• Watch the game at Eds tavern or a friends house.
• I wake up with my jersey on every game day! I’m sure to have my Panther ready to be “tattooed” on to my face with cool water and my blue and silver glitter ready for my eyes. I send my vibes to my boys, get my game muchies prepared, and pop off a beer.
• I wear my favorite large Panthers Tshirt the night before and then my son and I wear our Panthers gear and grab some lunch in the stadium and watch the team warmup
• Yard work, church, gym, couch
• Cook wings watch panthers win
• Dab On Em!
• Orange juice, mickeys and those little brain teasers on the bottle cap while trying to figure out each panthers player that drives into the players lot
• Wake up celebrating a td like cam
• I wear my Greg Olsen jersey , and have my lucky panthers cup. I love Panther football so much. My family has never had the opportunity to attend a real game. Pick me!!!!!!
• Watch the game with family. Always wear the same Panthers tshirt during game time…NEVER wash tshirt during a win streak…12 games so far!!!
• My family and friends throw on our panthers jerseys and get together at the housed to watch the panthers play. We fill the kitchen with our favorite game day snacks and homemade dips. The beers stay on ice and after each panthers score we celebrate with a toast. Just a good time with friends and family watching our panthers dominate! Win or lose #keeppounding
• My white panthers jersey and the best hotdog in town at kt’s
• My game day ritual is carrying my TV upstairs onto my balcony so I can watch the game on TV and listen to the sound of the crowd from the stadium! I only live five blocks from the stadium so it’s nice to feel like I am in the game even if I’m watching the game at home! Also I wear my turquoise panthers shirt and do the first down dance every time!
• Wake up, put on my panthers jersey, run through Bojangles (it’s bo time, duh) then tailgate with all my friends up until game time and watch at a local bar.
• I always host for the games, and one of my biggest passions is spending time by the grill or in the kitchen. So Sunday’s are amazing for me. I get to wake up early crack a morning beer (for cooking purposes of course) and get my food prep going. I like to make a bit of everything so it usually takes a few hours to get things right. I put on my panthers gear, (usually something with 88 all over it) and my well worn panthers hat. Then I get rewarded with having friends come over for the big event. Although winning tickets would leave some friends hungry, I would love to go… I’ve never had the chance.
• Go to church and rush home with the family. Eat dinner, while watching the Panthers. I’m a hometown supporter (Panthers) and a NY Jets fan.
• Gameday rituals are always necessary, sometimes it feels like we have no chance unless they’re completed. Wake up, have a morning beverage, and prep for the tailgating. Always have to remember to pull out the Panthers gear and head to the Roaring Riot tailgate. Eat some great food, drink some adult beverages and head into the game to see the Panthers win. #KeepPounding
-Jordan F.
• I enjoy tailgating with friends and I make sure to play flip cup.
• My game day rituals are ordering pizza every game day and taking shots every time we score!!
-SCampbell 🙂
• We all head over to my in-laws’ house to eat fried food and cheer/bite our nails/cheer some more. It’s always loud and rowdy and so much fun.
• Wearing my Kuechly jersey and tailgating with friends!
• Wearing my #59 jersey
• Early wake up, tailgate at our place and head to the game or a nearby bar. We love to tailgate even if we can’t make it to the game! Occasionally, we watch from our house with the windows open to maximize the crowd/stadium noise and the experience. Go Panthers!
• Hang out with friends at a local restaurant and watch my Panthers play.
• Wake up, slap on my Olsen Jersey, Grab Beer.
Go Panthers!!
• An ice cold beer before noon! Is there anything better?! 🙂
• I’m a Cleveland native, but my new home is Charlotte. I would bring unsurpassed passion to the Panthers if given the chance to see them live. Here’s how you know:
Every Sunday morning in the old CLE, I’d have a breakfast of one raw egg for each Browns win thus far in the season. Early in the season, I feel their hunger in my own stomach. I never have to worry about overeating. All the while, “Eye of the Tiger” plays in the background, except in this special version, a drunk Bernie Kosar is screaming “BROWNS” over “tiger.”I’d then floss with the tattered remains of the Tim Couch jersey that I inherited when my cousin outgrew it in 2000 on account of a glandular problem. Flossing kills plaque. Plaque is yellow. The Steelers are yellow.
During the game, we’d wear monk’s hoods and not speak, except for quiet mutterings of “It’s a rebuilding year….a rebuilding year.” By halftime the gang would need some stress relief; we’d split into two team (browns and their opponents) and hurl lawn darts at one another outside. We had to move from the suburbs to a more remote location to uphold this tradition, but as you know, loyalty has a price.
In the second half the hoods would go back on and the muttering continues. At the end, we’d pray say a prayer to Drew Carey for forgiveness and look forward to next week.
Friends, I’ve had to move from Cleveland for work. If given the opportunity to see the Panthers play in person this week, I would bring the previously described passion to my new home, and be all-in for the Panthers. Let’s do the darn thing.
• I am awakened at the crack of dawn by my boyfriend blaring the NFL on Fox theme song. Tailgating by 9:00 with Panther’s jersey on and Panther’s koozie glued to my fist! No morning is complete until we engage in the consumption of the blue, traditional, game day shot – Panther Pis$
• Sleep in, drink 2 cups of coffee, head to my favorite watering hole and drink at least one Panther themed shot before the game starts! I cannot miss one moment of play action, otherwise it’s bad luck. I use he restroom during timeouts 🙂
• Sleeping in and getting in a good brunch
• My pre-game ritual is watching The League on Netflix right before kickoff.
• Watch it with my mann
• dab on em
• Listen to “Thunderstruck” on loud and on repeat while wearing my lucky jersey. -anon
• Wings and beer…one for every point!
• Roll on up to the nearest bar with friends.
• I’ve worn the same panther shirt since the first game this season every Sunday. And we always eat wings:)
• Church followed by catechesis at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. On home games we get hotdogs after mass. Walk to the game, but a bunch of stuff for the kids, then we sit.
• We wake up. All get dressed in our Panthers gear. Start cooking on grill. Play corn hole and watch early games. Then all go crazy when Panthers win.
• Pre game show.
• My fiancé has made a panther mobile. It is a 1992 station wagon painted panthers colors with various stickers and things to make sure everyone knows the main purpose of the car: extreme fandom. My fiancé drives the panther mobile everywhere he goes for the entire weekend. Every game day, we get up, my fiancé adds the panther flags to the panther mobile, we get in the panther mobile, and go to the Bojangles on North Tryon. We order a tailgate box (size depends on the number of people coming to the house/tailgate). We then take the panther mobile on a parade through uptown, making sure to get as close to the stadium as possible. We then drive home and park the panther mobile so that it is facing towards the street in all of its glory. We then put on our jerseys (Kuechly and Olsen), put on the dog’s jersey, and I put on my fiancé’s Panthers baseball cap backwards. We finish it all off by drinking budlights for the whole game (preferably the ones with the panther logo on them). This happens each and every week.
-Katie Doran
• This season wear my Panthers shirt that I have not washed yet this season
• I’m a bandwagon fan starting this year (don’t you dare judge because you know you are too). We don’t have cable at home so it’s my game day ritual to constantly refresh my Twitter feed on the game/rely on my best friend (Panther fan to her grave and Charlottean? Sp?) who now lives in philly to send me play by play emojis on the action/her feelings on the game, it’s totally our thing. I then like to watch all the highlights the following day.
• Every morning I wake up, make a huge breakfast. Then I put on my Jersey sporting either Cam Newton or Kelvin Benjamin.
I Then procede to turn on my TV to watch the horrible announcers talk crap about the panthers and why we would lose. I then watch the panthers play and celebrate by going to a friends for the remaining games.
• Bloody Mary bar tailgate with my family
• My husband likes to drink what he calls “man-mosas,” basically it’s a mimosa but since he’s a man.. you get it.
• Wake up with bagels and mimosas in PJs, then shower and gear up in as much Panthers gear as possible! Hop on the lite rail to tailgate and cheer on another Panthers W!!! Go panthers, keep pounding!
• Putting on a jersey, watch two hours of pre game, grilling food, watching the game, and hoping the winner of this isn’t based on game day rituals.
• Not so much a ritual but a game day “uniform” – Cam Newton jersey and camo Panthers hat. We usually cook something delicious in the slow cooker for some good game time snacks.
• As much as I have been watching them play lately you would think I would have come up with a ritual for game day. Thank goodness I follow CA on Instagram! They keep me informed on just about everything. That’s when I channel surf to check out when and where the Panthers are playing. I guess I could call it a ritual.
• Stop whatever I am doing and cheer for the Panthers!!!
• Wake up, eat french toast, shower and put on all panther gear. From my underwear to the socks…
• do all of the grilling the night before. game day is a breeze!
• I take a pre game jog a couple hours before game time through Freedom Park with my Cam Newton Jersey and usually get a few head nods/ comments towards Panthers. It’s worked so far!
• Wake up, work out, eat breakfast, shower, make sure I have adequate snacks/beverages, get any errands or house chores done, enjoy the game 😊
• Wake up! Turn the oven on and start making breakfast for the crowd who comes to tailgate at my house. When the first guest arrives we pop champagne and make mimosas!
• Wake up and eat s light breakfast with my family. Head to Sunday School and Service at Christ Church Charlotte. Head to local spots in Cotswold for brunch (usually Poppy’s, Leroy Fox or Eddies. Head home to cheer on the Panthers from our family room. Teach my Sunday night yoga class at Y2 Yoga and secretly check my Twitter feed if they are still playing! Tell my students after class that the Panthers Won. Again!
• Wake, watch, win!
• Friends, family and Carolina Panthers football!
• Jersey On, Fantasy football on laptop, Cold beverage and snacks by my side and lock myself in the man cave!
• TV on Panthers game with sound down listening to Panthers broadcast on radio with Mick Mixon!
• Wake up. Set fantasy lineup. Set FanDuel lineup. Eat a biscuit. Put on a Panther’s shirt. Drink beer and watch the Panthers win.
Anonymous Chick
• Root for Panthers!
• Beg the kids to take a nap and settle in for the fun.
• Every Sunday(or panther game day) my dad makes Panther shaped pancakes, then we watch Nfl game day and the pre game shows, the we watch them together as a family.
• I drink out of my panthers blue coffee mug and have worn the same shirt for every game this season.
• My game day ritual begins the night before game day.
I put on my lucky matching Carolina Panthers outfit, including T-shirt, socks and underwear right before I go to bed. This way, I am wearing my lucky gear through the night, and wake up prepared on game day.
Game day is all about preparation!
The morning of game day is a sacred time. When I wake up, I like to mentally prepare—I visualize Cam Newton throwing the winning touchdown pass and the crowd going wild. After I am satisfied with my mental preparation, it’s warm up time! I go for a jog and stretch, to make sure I am warmed up and ready to go, just like the players are. Now that I am mentally and physically prepared for game time, it’s time to get cooking. Carolina BBQ pulled pork is served at every single game day, along with Cam Newton’s favorite foods—sweet potato casserole, Caesar salad, lucky charms, and banana pudding. Good fuel to eat during the game is good preparation for game day! We always watch the game with family, but also welcome our friends. Only Panthers fans are welcome though!
• Inadvertently making my child cry by screaming and jumping off the couch!
• Same shirt. 12-0
• I haven’t had a chance to go this season…so I’m usually watching from my couch 🙁
• Early to rise, get shopping done, get the grill fired up and complete focus on the game! No outside interruptions allowed when my husband and I settle in for the game.
• Sleep in, brunch then pick up some fresh NoDa beer for the game. Sit in front of a television with Twitter in hand to root on the Panthers.
• Don my fangear, Coffee, Church, Tailgate/go to game, or have the game on the big screen with fantasy and redzone on my laptop.
• Start marinating steaks, make sure all housework is done, and watch the game with beer and snacks!
• Gathering the family in front of the television with a table full of good food and drinks.
• Put on my panther blue underwear and hat, fight for the comfy couch and enjoy the game.
• Bo box and a few local craft drinks
• Get up extra early and make sure I look extra good for Luke. I mean the game.
• A brewery and face paint
• I always go to a tailgate with my friends–the Tailgate Rescue Crew. The only thing better than an undefeated Carolina Panthers team is celebrating that with your friends.
• Sit in the same spot on the couch until my team loses!
• Watching on the edge of my seat while trying not to have a cardiac cat attack.
• We have put a bandana/jersey on our dog, Otis, before every game this year!
• To fold laundry while I watch!
• Have to wear my lucky jersey! Luuuuuuuke
• My son and I always watch the game in a different room than my wife and daughters. They aren’t watching any games this season because the formula is working. 🙂
• Pizza and prayer.
• Brunch in Plaza Midwood followed by growlers from Good Bottle
• I bathe in beer and eat chip and dip.
• Make sure my jersey is on by game time.
• Get up with the baby, make sure everyone is fed and happy and ready for the game. Haven’t had a chance to go to a regular season games with baby yet but would love an opportunity to take her to her with us to see Panthers win.
• Get the Jerseys out for the dog and the wife. In that order. Then order some heart clogging pepperoni pizza.
• Drive for Uber until the game starts, go home and watch the game with my family and head back out after the game to drive some more.
• Enter giveaways to get tickets!!!
• Get the colors on, grill up some burgers, make guac and salsa and watch football all day, of course!
• After church and breakfast I rush home to watch the games
• I wake up and read as many NFL related articles so I know what the outcome of the games mean for the Panthers. I put on my Luke jersey (that I haven’t washed since the beginning of the season so as to not wash off any luck) and watch the game at my boyfriend’s. I have mild mood swings while shutting my eyes on fourth down plays and long field goal attempts. I’m in the process of creating my own touchdown dance.
• I have worn my lucky Panthers’ shirt every game this season without fail!
• My 8 year old son and I listen to the pregame on the way back from Church. He dons his Cam Newton jersey, I put on my best black & blue attire, and we saddle up on the couch & cheer like we are on the sideline!
• Sing two services at church in choir, then break the speed limit up Morehead to get to the Vault on time.
• Pick jersey, find favorite spot on couch…scream and yell at tv for next 6-10 hours.
• I put my left sock on then my right. I find my panthers lucky polo put it on along with my go to khakis. After that I head to church then immediately to watch the game either in person or at a local bar with friends
• Dilworth Grille is always my go to spot. Great vibe! Always guaranteed to get rowdy.
• My 704 Shop Cardic Cats tshirt, snacks and beer.
• The four of us (including the kiddos) have worn our Panthers jerseys since the start of the regular season. We refuse to wash them because clearly that’s the reason they remain undefeated!
• Yelling at my TV.
• Church, lunch then the game…later Netflix and chill
• Pancakes for breakfast while studying pregame stories in the morning paper.
• Tailgating across from the Charlotte Convention Center getting food from the Church in next to the Green.
• Friends gather on our back deck for good food and panther mania.
• I’ve been wearing the same jeans and Cam jersey for every game- so far so good! We always try to go to Midnight Diner for Bloody Mary’s and walk through the Panthers Lair before each game.
• Stay in my jammies and eat a lot of junk food. Do laundry during commercials.
• I proudly wear my 59 jersey for every game day! Keep pounding!
• 5 hours of yoga and a bike ride.
• I still wear my old Steve Smith jersey or my grandpa’s sweatshirt from the Panthers opening season. I usually grab a bunch of food with my dad and just enjoy the night or afternoon on the couch!
• Home cooked BBQ pulled pork every game day. It’s something I did for week one and decided that was going to be what I ate till they lost. Little did I know I was going to eat pulled pork once a week.
• Pray… Preach… Lunch… Couch… PANTHERS! @pastorderekt
• My husbands love for Cam Newton sits on my living room couch, shreds stuffed animals, and weighs about 100 pounds. She’s our German Shepard. Every game day, Cam sits on the couch with us watching the game chewing her game day bone.
• Get all my errands done so I can ficus on the game.
• I get up in the morning shower and turn on my game day playlist and play it on repeat all day until game time. During tailgates, in the car and in the stadium.
• I check the world wide web for any injury updates and then find a good sports bar to enjoy the game!
• Wake up, change my babies diaper, get a bottle, feed her, go for a walk with kuechly jersey used as a blanket for baby, come home, make a run to the teeter, eat lunch and then gametime.
• Drink good ,eat good
• Dress in my panther gear and head over to my sister’s house for the ultimate game experience!
• its the day the whole family get together and after going to church we just enjoy the afternoon watching the panthers play
• Cheerwine fondue with Bojangles biscuits. A walk around uptown in my Kuechley jersey sporting a panther tail. Meow.
• Usually I’d wake up from a Saturday night and make sure the hangover is gone. Once that happens, it’s on! I’d get decked out in my teams colors and hit the closest watering hole to get my game day on
• I must have a drink in my hand the entire game.
• I am the crazy fan who stands in front of the TV to watch the Panthers play every week. I yell advice and directions because I’m certain my voice and thoughts are carried to wherever they are playing. I feel personally responsible for the 14-0 score at the start of the Saints game because I foolishly left home to buy a Christmas tree instead of focusing on my TV ritual. Once I saw the score I quickly loaded the first tree I saw, came home and commenced my usual cheering. The Panthers remain undefeated. You’re welcome!! 🏈💙
• I must always have a drink in my hand.
• #riseup
• I wear my jersey and walk around the parking lot three times. I don’t do any housework on the day of the game, but I do get the food.
• Coffee early, kiss my baby for 20 minutes, wake up daughters on way to tailgate with my angel and psls with gourmet food and cigars. Then it’s game time.
• Sit around as a family and eat while we wait for the game to start.
• We put on our Panther jerseys. Tailgating with friends behind the stadium. Then in our seats by kick off! Gooooo Panthers!
• Afternoon game: wake up, shotgun a beer to shake of Saturday night, ease in to Bloody Marys and toast. Toast is crucial. Don proper attire, re-ice cooler packaged night before, and head out into the world.
Night game: Extra hour of sleep, then same ritual. Crush it even longer. #keeppounding
• My favorite cereal like Cam- of course. Panthers gear too.
• I don my panther gear, light the panther insignia on the wall behind the tv, and watch from the couch in my basement every Sunday!!
• Workout, go to Elevation church, pray and forgive, walk downtown from Dilworth to tailagte with friends…then walk to all American pub to watch the game.
• Buffalo chicken dip. That is all.
• Watch my husband stand in front of the tv yelling at the players, coaches, and refs
• Beer, Food and Cardiac cats.
• Lots of snacks, snuggles on the couch with the dogs and family while we watch the Panthers #keeppounding!
• Popcorn, red wine and my Bose speaker – watching from Wilmington – wishing I were there. 🏈🌽🍷.
• The dirty bird
• Put on my Kuechly jersey and get excited!
• We get together with friends and neighbors, cook a bunch of food and watch on tv!
• Taking my 6 year old son
• Tailgating with Roaring Riot!!!
• Bud light
• I take an extra cold shower and then eat a big bowl of lima beans with parmesan cheese, my family’s lucky food going back to the Old Country!
• Cook eggs and bacon with mittens on.
• Putting my feet up and enjoying a frosty local craft beer while I watch the game on the big screen.
• Set my alarm clock to Sweet Caroline, put on my Luke jersey, and cheer on the Panthers!
• Wear my Luke jersey and put out the Panther flag!
• Pulled pork nachos. works 100% of the time, every time (this season)!
• Tailgate with friends and then watch the game on our Big Screen!
Rob Shanks
• Take a jog through southend and enjoy what charlotte has to offer. Look at the stadium as I run down tryon and thing damn GO PANTHERS! GO CHARLOTTE! Then put my game face on and cheer loud and clear .
• Beer beer beer beer beer.
• Tailgate with family, attend games with my dad or watch at home if someone else is using tickets.
• I met boyfriend on our first date wearing my blue panthers sweatshirt, gym pants, sneakers and panthers fanny pack. He won bonus points for planning our first date around watching the Panthers game and I won bonus points for my fanny pack. We been together ever since and have watched every game this season together – always wearing the same outfit and enjoying lots of mimosas.
• Coming to the United States 16 years ago, not even knowing what American football was, sitting by my dad every Sunday, who time and and time again would explain the rules. Now that we live so far apart him in Chicago and me in South Carolina, we still talk about the game but on a much different level. Watching the panthers do something amazing! Not just on the field but off, it’s an inspiration to watch every week!
• go to church. watch the panthers crush it!
• Serenity prayer
• Always get bojangles on the way to the stadium where we tailgate a couple hours before kickoff. Always start walking to the gate 45 minutes before kickoff to make sure we are in our seats to see the pre game action and introductions!
• Never leave the tv! Ever!
• Lunch, get my daughter to nap, then the game
• Watching the game at Macs on South Blvd. it’s so fun to watch with so many other fans!
• 7am alarm blasting Welcome To The Jungle so the whole neighborhood can hear. Followed by a nice Cajun Filet and Mountain Dew from bojangles and head straight to tailgate (Carson light rail stop – out front of parking deck). Same outfit is worn (from week 1 -cleaned each week) which includes: Dri-fit long sleeve, Panthers on field pull over white Nike socks and fresh khakis. Haven’t changed a thing.
• If I’m not attending the game at Bank of America, or the Panthers are on the road, my Carolina Panther loving group of friends and I are cheering them on at a bar together. We know how to Sunday Funday!
• Beer. Lots of beer. Wings helps too.
Then, I take my heart medication because #CardiacCats live up to their name, even when it’s a 12-0 season.
• Find out our colors and choose one of my many jerseys… Bet 50 dollars on us to cover the spread… And have a ceremonial beergharita…
• For home games—I really enjoy walking to Elizabeth Ave and taking the trolley uptown to the game! Always makes me fall in love with this city a little more 🙂
• I put a jersey on each of my dogs, put one on for myself and then sit down to some Bojangles.
• Nachos. Beer. Wings. Naps.
• Order pizza. Always. Jealously watch snapchats from my friends at the game while I’m just sprawled on the couch gorging on pizza. Booyah
• My best friend and I put on our jerseys and cheer the team on either from home or a bar 🙂
• It’s Sunday so church first of course.
• Put out the Panthers flag and pop open some Miller Lite. It’s game time, baby!
• Get comfy on the couch with a beer and a snack.
• Put on my Cam Newton shirt and head over to the Roaring Riot Tailgate!
• Dress in all black, with a Panthers blue accent. Whether it be my blue Nike’s while watching the game at home on a rainy Sunday, or my grandmothers turquoise pendant for that poorly planned formal thanksgiving meal during gametime. Either way, it’s my twist on that “something blue”. The way I see it, the Super Bowl is the big day for Panthers Nation!!
• Victory photo with my son
• We all watch the game together as a family!
• Wake up and put the Panthers flag out on the front of my house.
Go for a run in Panthers attire.
Eat breakfast and read about the Panthers (and my fantasy football players).
Make sure my fantasy football team does not have anybody in the starting line-up that is playing the Panthers (don’t want to be cheering for one of my guys to do well against out team).
Get things prepared for lunch so that I can sit down and enjoy the game with some good food/drinks.
Love this team not only because of their play on the field but also because of the way these guys conduct themselves off the field as well.
Go Panthers!
• Wake up around 9, get a Bacon Egg and Cheese and a Mimosa in me by 930, make sure the kegerator is working properly, get a solid base coat on before walking over to the stadium where I keep pounding all the way to the top section to cheer on Cam and the boys!
• Talkin smack to my home boys I’m ATL about how much the Falcons suck.
• Same sweatshirt, every game, for the past two years.
• Tailgating at Draught
• Game Day ritual consist of continuous #KeepPounding hashtags all over social media. Wake up and get prepared by eating a big breakfast with my husband and get ready for GAME TIME!
• Some bloody mary’s & some dabbing.
• gearing up with the friends in panthers attire in southend and talking trash to fellow fantasy football team members!
• I have been following panthers since 2005. My ritual is simple. Dress in Luke Jersey, call friends to meet up, order beer, get drunk, scream like a kid, cry like a baby and whine about opponents. Record the show with dvr and re visit entire game next day.
• Sit around with the boys in my family and get ourselves hype for the game!
• Slip into my jersey (#59) a few hours before game time and take care of any remaining to-dos. Around 30 minutes until kickoff I get wedged into my butt dimple on the couch and open an ice-cold Coors Light. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I normally enjoy watching at home because my ADD kicks in at bars and I always end up missing big plays.
• My wife and I must wear the same T-shirt we have been wearing throughout all the Panthers wins.
• An injury free game.
• A Fantastic tailgate with friends and panthers fans all around !
• Every gameday morning my dad wakes up early and makes the family “panther pancakes”. In addition, he prepares all the food for tailgating. My family has a tradition of us all wearing our lucky Panther shirt for bed the night before. Since the panthers are on a winning streak we all wear the same clothes that we wore to the first game. It’s the traditions like these that make me so happy and excited each and every gameday. Keep pounding Panthers!!
• My game day ritual is I usually watch with my two sons after we get home from lunch after attending church. My sons are.just starting to get into watching professional football.
• We have specific chairs that the five of us in the family sit in. It’s really the only times we sit in those specific spots in the den.
• wear favorite jersey
• Fried chicken before the game.
• I designed the nfl play 60 area at freedom park, and ended up moving down here (Minneapolis) after falling in love with the area. I’ve been loving the streak and get out in the south end with other fans. I’m hoping for the Vikings to come down for the playoffs. Dabbing until then!
• I wear my Keuchly t-shirt jersey every game.
• Always wake up and put my Cam Newton jersey on regardless if I have to work or not.
• Internal screaming. I always have to work. I cheer like crazy inside and check my phone every other second.
• Wear blue socks.
• I watch the game with my roommates in Panther gear!
• Simply put on a panther shirt to represent, fix some game day snacks and watch the game.
• Tailgate enjoy some cold beer have a good time with friends and family before the game and then watch my panthers kick ass
• Panthers flag up on the house, Panther’s bandana on dog, Cam jersey on toddler. Hit Bojangles on way to Roaring Riot tailgate. Depending on ticket situation, A: funnel into the Bank and grab a Coors Original (only place I have ever drink the banquet beer). 3rd quarter Limarita always. Or B: Uber home to watch game with said toddler and dog and text with my brother in Atlanta about how bad the Falcons are.
• Beer , food and trash talk.
• I always say we are going to the super bowl
• Tailgate & going to Draught & All – American pub
• Get up early, pit stop at Bojangles, tailgate, game time!
• My best friend and I tailgate outside the stadium for every home game though we often don’t attend. After that we adjourn to his place to watch the game. My own personal ritual is wearing the same Panthers tee for every game. Bought at the team store before the start of the season and we haven’t lost yet!
Go Panthers!
• Typically, I’m working, preparing for the school week ahead. I either watch the game at school or pack up my papers and head to a local BBQ place to watch the first half. For the second, it’s grading papers and yelling at the television in the privacy of my humble teacher-home.
• Make sure the chores are done and kids are fed so we can concentrate on the game. Go Panthers!
• Me and my four year old daughter have a dab Gameday Dance Party!!
• Cook a big Sunday meal and get you panther gear on. Nothing better then good food and Panther football
• Wings withe the boys!
• For my husband to watch the game & to watch part of it with him.
• A hearty breakfast early, start the smoker to smoke my choice meat of the weekend. Set everything up to watch with friends and family
• Mimosas on Sunday to get the day started
• Summon the spirits of Aaron Brooks, Chris Chandler and Josh Freeman via an Ouija board in order to maintain the balance in the NFC South that has been stable for 3 years counting.
• Put on my Panther`s paint and scream….. Luuukkkeeeee!!!
• My game-day ritual is to grab some food on my eay home from church (on sunday games) and go home and watch 1 game while keeping up with the score of the others on the NFL app.
• Wake up. Text, “GAMEDAY,” to a group of buddies who are die-hard Panthers’ fans. Don some Panthers’ socks and get to work knocking out anything standing in the way of me and cheering on The Team. If I’m headed to tailgate, finish the ensemble and roll. If I’m staying home, pick up DD Pecker’s wings or Wild Wing Cafe in Ayrsley and find a comfy spot on the couch. #KeepPounding
• ALWAYS have bacon and eggs for breakfast (or dinner if it’s a night game).
• It all revolves around consuming large quantities of various grilled meats
• Our game day ritual is simple and probably common.
1. Complete all chores (inside and out)
2. Make a snack (eat it all before the game even starts)
3. Make sure all doors and windows are closed so neighbor’s don’t hear us screaming at the tv.
4. Have a few beers.
5. Celibate another win
• Wake up and start having mini panic attacks about the game to come. Cook breakfast, check the time. Work out, check the time. Shower and get ready, check the time. Usually around 11 at this point and I’m trying to meet up with my friends somewhere to watch the game. Game day apparel: black long sleeve shirt with my Luke Keuchly jersey, panthers scarf, and panthers beanie. Cardiac cats almost make me lose my heart during the games and celebrate all night after a win, 12-0!!!!
• Dressing my one month old Panther gear and dabbing before the kickoff.
• Wearing my favorite/lucky Panther t-shirt!
• Tailgating, dropping in at the Doghouse before
• Always put my gear on first thing in the morning. Tailgate with my friends and eat great food before the game.
• I check to see how much everyone has decided we will loose by.
• My husband has been a panthers fan since he was a young boy, through the bad times and especially now in these good times!
Dispite living here all his life he’s never been able to go to a game, but his ritual stays the same no matter where we are:
Puts on his panthers jersey
Turns on the game
Spins in a circle once
Then sits down to watch
It may sound silly, however he’s done this all seaosn and the panthers haven’t lost yet!
This would mean the world to him.
• Day starts with food & drink prep, text or FB message smack talk to friends who are friends of opposing team, get comfortably dressed, silence phone (I send texts, not answering any) , search for alternate things to watch during commercial breaks, and halftime and then I’m set for game time .
• Wings from The Lodge, OMB growlers, half time outside regardless of the weather!
• My game day ritual is to tailgate with my dad’s old high school buddies. My dad was an original PSL from when the Panthers first came to Charlotte in 1993. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly when I was seven, but his friends still have their same PSL’s they bought in their 20’s, I was only three. My mom now has these tickets and they are given out to clients or rarely to myself, or one of my other three brothers or sisters! So ticket or no ticket, you can find me tailgating behind action graphics on mint street. Typically a little bit a food and a cooler full of beer, good friends and family!
• Watching the game with my family!
• Make some chicken wings and watch the game.
• Always have a nice stock of goodies . Snacks and beer is a most .
• I dab.
• Drink a Bloody Mary 🙂
• I get my two year old and my 2 month old in Panthers gear, I do too, and hope for the best!
• I wake up and rehydrate after a long night. Chow down on some bacon, eggs, and an adult beverage (to bite the dog that bit me). I then don appropriate Carolina gear and play death metal and trap music to get my mind right. By that time, the pre-game shows are on and it’s time to check the fantasy updates and tinker with the ol’ lineup. After that, I drink some craft brews and wait for kickoff.
• Walk through town (4th ward ->dog house) taking in all the gameday festivities, wait for dad to roll up on his Harley, try futiley to make kickoff, yell myself horse – Go Panthers!
• Tailgate and get a picture with Sir Purr!
• Cheering for the Panthers with my 6 year old son, after a family walk with our dog, The Dude, who also loves the Panthers! I have lived in Charlotte since 1991 and grew up in Kannapolis so being 12-0 is beyond thrilling for me. Panthers, Keep Pounding💙🏈💙🏈
• Simply living in Charlotte! The Panthers haven’t lost a game since I moved to town.
• Put on my panthers shirt. Watch the game on my blue couch. And yell really loud! DAB ON EM!
• Catch a buzz and grill
• The day starts early with “game day” group messages from friends. We normally figure out what color jerseys the Panthers are wearing and then get ready. We head out to the store for goodies and head to tailgating. The tailgates are normally themed. For example, we had chicken for the Eagles game but used food coloring and turned it green. However, the best time is when we get in the stadium.
• On Gameday we get up, watch ESPN and hope the Panthers can #keeppounding!
• Clean up the house, prepare a comfort food meal in the crock pot and let the cheering begin!
• Get out to the lot behind the Panther’s Practice field at 9am sharp. Have some Bojangles or Breakfast casserole. Sit by our mobile fire pit while we wait for our turns in corn hole. We typically have a theme each week for the lunch items we bring: ie) Cheese for Green Bay, fried chicken for the Falcons, etc. Since we started this ritual, we have been undefeated in the regular season!
• Brunch at Fenwicks almost every Sunday in our jerseys, home in time to post up on the couch (i’m on the right end of the couch, fiance is on the left, my brother is in the chair). We clearly can’t stop going to to Fenwick’s until the season’s over, it’s out good luck charm!
• The best game days are spent with both family and friends cooking chicken wings and seeing a Panthers W.
• My game-day ritual is laying on the couch with Sunday ticket and Nachos!
• Drop the kids with my mom and head out early!
• I obviously wake up with my Kuechly jersey on, slam down a 3-4 egg omelet with a big squirt of texas pete and 2 keurig coffees. I sit on my tiny little balcony that’s only big enough to fly a Panthers flag outside. I admire the beauty of our stadium from less than a mile away. I then immediately bust into the freezer grab some vodka and make some Bloody Marys. I go back to my porch and begin to throw down “friendly” smack talk to opposing team fans walking under me. Usually it is in the direction of “12-0” or “Luuuuuuuuuuuke” After i get my morning harassment raped up I grab a case of my favorite blue ribbon beer and head to tailgate at my uncle and cousin’s lot. We grill some tasty grub, play corn hole, and wait in 15 minute lines to pee in a public porta-jon. I usually can’t afford tickets to go to the game so I stumble back towards southend stopping at my friends who were reliable enough to grab a table at All American Pub. I continue having some cerveza and eat some wings. I cheer till the final second when Cam kneels the game clock out. Go Panthers 13-0
• I have Panthers gear that’s a must, followed by taking my girlfriend to Old Time Pottery… Yes, every week after a win. It’s working.
• We bundle our baby up in his Luke Kuechly onesie, head to the parents’ house, cook out and watch the game on the back deck and root for the Panthers!
• Gotta start the day with coffee in my team mug. At gametime the jersey and hat go on. if we play poorly ill take of the jersey or hat ubtil I find the right combination that makes us play better.
• Avoid uptown, unless I have – ahem – club seats, and watch the game unfold on the big screen. Not quite as large as the big screens at the stadium, but generally much less pushing and shoving involved, depending on who can be found in my living room.
• I have to indulge in some bojangles and a cold one once I get into the stadium, while wearing my favorite panthers shirt of course.
• I have a thing where I have to be silent for the several minutes leading up to kickoff. At kickoff, my eyes cannot deviate away from the screen, I cannot breathe, and I cannot blink. As soon as they catch the ball, I let it all out with a loud “Whoooooooop!” A little bit of crazy is ok, right??
• Wake up, mimosa’s, breakfast food, beer, football
• Do our part to cheer and tailgate early and often. We do our part and the panthers do their part.
• I usually spend most games yelling at the TV.
• Simple and easy. Grab friends, deck out in team colors and watch the magic happen! #KeepPounding
• Pack my cooler backpack with beer and hit the pavement from my Wilmore home. Make our way through the tailgates bumping in to friends and enjoying the ride these Panthers have us on!
• Get up. Listen to 610am while making breakfast. Play with my son in front of the tv watching ESPN. Put our panthers gear on. Go on a walk with the family. Run quick last minute errands. Wait for someone to call me with tickets to the game. Never happens. Turn on the tv. Wish to be at the game
• For a 1pm game I wake up at about 6am. Drive my truck down to my favorite tailgate spot. Walk back home cooked 8 pounds of buffalo chicken dip. Head back out to the tailgate to set up by 10am. Once the tailgate is set up its time to fire up the charcoal grill, crack open an adult beverage and root for another Panther victory! Go Cats #Divisionchamps
• Putting on my lucky Panthers T-shirt and socks, and watching the game with friends! We haven’t lost yet since I’ve done this! ; )
• Watch the games with family and friends
• After a good sleep on my Panther’s pijama I drink my coffe on my panther’s cup I put on my Panther’s jersey and I’m ready to enjoy the game.
• I watched the Panthers-Seahawks game a couple months ago with a few friends. My buddy’s girlfriend wanted to do a panthers shot at the bar we were at. We eventually decided we do one one if Greg Olsen catches a touchdown. As the game went on, with a couple near-touchdowns, and a last minute game-winning drive looming, we decided we need to step up the bet. We decided that if Olsen scored the game-winning touchdown that we would take a shot every single time Olsen scored a touchdown, as a panther, for the rest of his career. We now have a text chain during every game to hold everyone accountable. About a month ago, I was watching a night game from bed, totally sober, when Olsen caught a TD… and I had to get up, and pour myself a shot of fireball, to keep the bet intact, and the winning streak going. The bet lives on, as does the winning streak.
• My best friend and I get together and watch all the games on Sunday! We usually go to Jackolobe Jacks because I like their food! We get a few buckets and I get to be one of the guys! I cheer for their teams and they cheer for MY PANTHERS! It’s the best easy going game day in town! The best part is when I pick the winning teams better than the boys!
• Put my jersey on, put my feet up in the couch, and don’t bother me until the game is over.
• I get out of bed, stand up, and howl like a Panther as loud as I can. That first down Panther noise you hear in the stadium?…..I recorded it. I then fix a breakfast of only bacon and sausage to prepare for the hunt of the opposing team.
• If I’m not working, which 99% of the time I ambecause I’m a first responder I am, I throw on my favorite jersey, Cam Newton #1 (all black jersey) because I’m also a die hard War Eagle fan and meet friends out to watch the game over some brews or I spend the afternoon in with the girlfriend and watch with her since she puts up with my yelling at the TV.
• GAME-DAY! My game-day ritual begins with waking up Sunday mornings to the smell of pancakes and sausage prepared by my amazing fiance. She makes pancakes for whomever is over and ready for a Panthers win. We then head to a lot off Graham St. to meet several of our favorite Panther Nation members for cold beer, hot BBQ, and good times. Around noon, we head towards BOA Stadium to meet the masses, high five the fine security staff, and make our way to section 503.
Kickoff – Domination – Celebration
When the clock strikes 0:00, with our heads held high, we exit to the beating drums of the PurrCussion!
That folks is my game-day ritual.
Thank you,
Jeremy Black
• We get up every week around 6 am and head out to our Panther tailgate spot! Our friends call us crazy but we’re always in the 1978 Ford truck on the corner of 4th and Graham. We usually have about 50 people at our tailgate! We have a tv grill and even a loveseat. Not to mention my dog that wears his jersey every week as well! We love the Panthers. I grew up rooting for them! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to afford tickets to any games but this would be awesome to actually be able to go to the game after the tailgate !
• My gameday ritual includes taking my dog Riley for a long walk around South End. She loves seeing other dogs and people and I enjoy how excited and lively the city is on gameday! Then I’ll grab coffee and breakfast on my way back to my apartment. It’s always nice to stop in to a local venue like Good Bottle or Sycamore when they partner with other locals like Hex Coffee or Bethlehem Bread when they partner for breakfast and beer! I’ll then relax for a bit in my apartment and head to All American Pub before the game.
• Our son Tripp was born October 8, so for every game since then we put his Luke jersey on, strap him in, and go for a walk around Bank of America Stadium to cheer on the Panthers and watch all the fans! And if our boys aren’t home we cheer nice and loud, unless it’s nap time of course!
• Every Sunday, several of my friends gather for the game. If it is an away game (especially a west coast one), we will hit Brazwells in Montford for a quick pre-game brunch and double mimosas, that usually turns to beer quickly. If it is a home game, we will start around 10 am at tailgate on Morehead St. When it gets near game time, we make our way to Slate. You can’t beat the prices on the tall boys, and the atmosphere is second only to being in the stadium. Our Sunday Funday usually lasts until around 8, at which time I break for home, and make my Uber hit Fuel Pizza on the way to the house.
• We plan our Sunday afternoon activities around the Panthers game.
Have to watch!
• Just hang out at the house with friends and family. Some good food and lots of screaming at the tv! Also lots of cheering and high fiveing this season!!
• I put on my Panther gear (Sir Purr claw included) and hop on the light rail to the stadium. I stretch my shoulders and neck while on the train so that I can “dab on em” with the team when the big plays go down!!
• My husband and I catch the 10:10 light rail – tailgating by 10:30 am with my family. Food ranges from chilli, to chicken on the fire, to barbeque. But I HAVE to have my Luke jersey and my lucky Panthers bracelet on for all games. I bought the bracelet for this season, so it’s obviously working!
• Tailgating with friends in uptown!!
• My favorite game day ritual is meeting up with friends at All American Pub or Ed’s Tavern to watch the Panthers play. It’s just a great time to relax from the work week, catch up with friends, and cheer on our team!
• Wake up and get ready. Throw on gameday attire which includes black socks and a Keep Pounding cape I received from the MNF game against the Colts. This is our season and the superman cape hasn’t steered us wrong. Panthers Nation
• bloody marys
• Anything that involves pizza, wings, and a wonderully crafted adult beverage (or two)! Go Panthers!
• Wake up, check fantasy lineups, watch red zone for several consecutive hours
• My Panther’s dance when they run out onto the field
• Watch fantasy football live
• Watch the game with my boyfriend
• Growing up a Panthers Fan, my game day ritual has changed a lot in the past few years. When I was at Lake Norman High School, I would always wake up and go get a Bojangles box with my step dad before the game. We would watch the Panthers game and root for our team with our jersey’s on and always hope for the win. When I left for College to East Carolina University, I had to watch the game from my dorm room. I quickly made friends with another fellow Panthers fan from Charlotte named Corbin and we would always watch the game, even if we had finals to study for. After leaving the university I moved back home and found a job at AvidXchange here in Charlotte. I loved the career choice so much that I even referred Corbin to come work with me as well! After working here for a couple months I finally got an apartment in the city to be closer to the Panthers environment that I love. My new ritual on game day is the best one yet. If I can get a ticket to the game, I’ll invite either my step dad or buddy Corbin to my apartment. We get some Bojangles to munch on and some beer to drink while we walk uptown for the local tailgates. We will meet up with people from work, friends from college or family members around the stadium. It doesn’t matter who you tailgate with, every Panthers fan will treat you like family. Then we go and enjoy the game and watch the Panthers get the victory! When I can not get a ticket to the game, I always invite my friends and family over to watch the game at my apartment. My sister, friends, coworkers and other panthers fans will all cram into my apartment with snacks and drinks to watch the Panthers take on their opponent for the day. I wouldn’t trade game days in Charlotte for anything else. The Panthers fans are the best in the world. Keep Pounding.

-Ryan Rutherford
P.S. How about that Stephen Curry guy? Carolina’s finest!
• Well, it involves my Mike Tolbert jersey, pigs in blankets and/or buffalo wings, and since I’m a teacher, furiously trying to get caught up on grading student work so I don’t have to multi-task during the game.
• Rub my Greg Olson signed football.
• Wings and a few beers!
• I put on all my Panthers clothes on and grab a few beers at a local bar.
• My husband and I just got married a month ago and we started the tradition of having our fellow Panther couples at our condo each game day. We all wear Panther gear and get hyped up. Each couple picks a player they believe will be a stand out Panthers player at the game and the couple who wins gets a gift card to spend at the Panther’s store for new gear! So awesome!
• Wake up. Put my cat eye t shirt on. Take my cat eye t shirt off so I can stare at it in real life. Put my cat eye t shirt back on. Feed my cat t shirt beer. Check if we won last week. Oh wait we’ve won every week. Take my cat eye t shirt for a walk. Throw a pig skin like I’m cam newton. Realize I’m not cam newton. Watch the game with my cat eye t shirt and pretend I’m cam newton. Sleep. Wake up in a week and repeat.
• Sundays before the game I make something in the CrockPot for later and clean the house. Then I can just relax after the Panthers win!
• Make sure to prep the day before for tailgating (NC alcohol laws, no beer before noon on Sunday) Arrive to tailgate early Sunday morning with a group of friend I’ve known for about 10 years who are all also originally from Charlotte, yes we exist. Maybe there is no actual ritual other than throwing something on the grill and discussing how bad to Panthers are going to beat their opponent and maybe a little smack talk to opposing fans passing through (Ok, a lot of smack talk) All this with a beer in a coozie or your drink of choice and just have fun, meet new friends, then go cheer as loudly as you can in the stadium!
• I gear up for game day preparing snacks & refreshments for the family and nestling into the best seat in my house!
• I wake up and immediately throw a towel over my hound’s head and declare, “Cam Newton, everybody!” Then I attempt to pitch the same towel over the head of my wife which she inevitably snatches out of the air, responding with, “Luuuuuuuuuuuuuke!”
Afterwards, we make aeblskivers (Danish pancake balls) and bacon and drink IPA’s and get dressed in all blue everything.
• My family watches the game, everyone is required to wear the same shirt, sit in the same place. I even kept the cushions from our previous couch once we got a new one as not to break the mojo.
• Game on outside on the deck. Cooking for family and friends.
Watching our Panthers!!
• Watching with family and friends.
• Coffee, food, beer, football, more food, more beer, more football, thats about it.
• Well game day is a serious business at our house.My fiancé was born and raised right here in the heart of Charlotte (uptown presby) So has been a panthers fan since birth. Jackson has such a passion for this team that I couldn’t help but become a fan 10 years ago when we met. Jackson fully contributes this years amazing season to hard work, dedication, and I contribute it to him finally popping the question after 10 years this September over looking the panthers stadium 😍 we try our best to get to as many games as possible but if not we are always there in spirit with full game day getup from 50 year anniversary gold panthers hats to panthers undies 😎 we continue to wear our keep pounding bracelets throughout the season as well as off season to remind us of the strong and giving nature of this amazing team! We FaceTime with friends in other states throughout games to keep the spirit alive throughout the country! We would love to make it to a game together his season and celebrate this amazing year with our team! Please help me give this wonderful gift to my hardworking fiancé!!!
Thanks all!!
• Cook a big Sunday meal and get you panther gear on. Nothing better then good food and Panther football
• I live in Charlotte, just near Bank of America stadium. I take full advantage of this by indulging in a run that begins and ends at the stadium, while listening to the 300 soundtrack along the way. #keeppounding
• Tail gate!!
• Bojangles in the morning!
• For the past 12 games, I get up and dressed in my panther gear, make plenty of snacks and munchies and watch those boys play their hearts out! Yes, there are times I am up screaming at the tv, but there are other times I just smile as I watch them play. I have only been to one game, oddly enough it was against the falcons in the opening year. My son was in the halftime show, so a friend let me go in her place with her husband. I remember it was such a great day!
• I always have a big breakfast and wear my lucky underwear.
• Wake up out my Luke jersey on. Drink beer and eat wings!
• No ritual needed, I have faith in my boys.
• Drink as many beers as they scored points in their last game.
• I’m usually watching the games at work, cheering on my panthers while I make subs. #jerseymikes
• Bojangles, put the jersey on, bud light and panthers!
• Football snacks
• BIG BREAKFAST, only drink canned or bottled beer all day.
• I normally go to Church and hurry home to change into my panther gear. I then start with some lunch and watch kick off! Let’s make it a 13-0 baby! #keeppounding
• Tailgate with brats and beer!
• I adorn myself with my Panthers Run The South t-shirt, put one of my vintage Panthers jerseys on according to the jersey colors worn that game day, I then choose the proper hat for the occasion. Whether it be a Salute To Service, Breast Cancer Awareness, or one of the other special edition hats that I have. I then go get a Cajun Filet Biscuit combo from Bojangles and head to the stadium or location I am watching the game!
• Beer and football!!! (And checking fantasy football nonstop)
• Drinks. Snacks and fun
• Of course, always adorning Panther dress wear, go to church, and if the game starts before I get out of church as soon as I get in the car I turn the radio to WBT 1110 and listen to it going home! Then when I get home I snuggle down in my comfy chair and watch My Carolina Panthers battle it out!!!
• Putting on my #1 jersey!!
• We go to our converted garage tv room and we don’t take a bite or drink until kickoff!
• Dab on them Falcons!!!!
• I wake up in the morning and drink coffee in a mug with my team’s logo.
• Every Sunday I wake up and put on my peppers jersey and sit in my recliner and watch the panthers take the field
• Beer. Lots of beer.
• Loyalty short and simple
• Mimosas, Bojangles, and losing my voice.
• Tailgate in the lots, go on to the game and cheer for the Cardiac Cats!
• Going to All American Pub for brunch and to watch the game!
• Tailgate! Woo!
• drink the pain away
• I always like to wake up early and get a good breakfast in, blueberry pancakes. Then throw on my jersey and khakis and lucky Carolina blue game shoes. And head off to the tailgate with a case of beer.
• Wake up, make some bacon and eggs, turn on Fox game day and wait for the panthers or colts to come on.
• Step One: Layer on the Carolina Panther Blue Gear
Step Two: Make a hearty breakfast (or grab Bojangles when rushing to our tailgate with Friends and Family)
Step Three: Home Games: Walk up the amazing Greenway to meet friends to tailgate. Away Games: Snuggle up with the mans and the pup to cheer on our boys in blue.
Last but not least: Cheer loud and proud!
• Jerseys, country music, and loud cheers!
• Cook up a good meal and snacks before the game so everyone will be ready to plop down in front of a TV if not going to game.
• My favorite ritual is to start up the grill early in the morning with something that will cook slowly until 1130 or so then take the food off and eat. From there, we head down to the dog pound to grab a few last minute beers and head into the game. It’s a weekly tradition and we want to keep it going.
• wear the same pair of socks for the whole panthers season so far! Gotta keep up the good luck !!! *knock on wood*
• Husband has to wear his favorite Panther hat. Daughter has to be in her Panther dress. I have to wear the same Panther shirt with matching socks & must drink out of my Panther blue cup.
• Watching the Panthers win!
• I watch the game on my sofa. Usually the dog sits next to me. She tries to sleep, but wakes up when I yell after a big play. She looks at me like, “was that really necessary?”
• crushing it at “the jordan suite” at selwyn pub (that screened in semi-private, lounge area in the back corner of the patio) all afternoon, ordering buckets and pizzas.
• A large group of us all get together and try to take over the popular outdoor back room at Selwyn Pub lined with bench couches, pillows, and two TVs before anyone else can snag the spot. We all wear some sort of superstitious panthers attire, ranging from fleece blankets to our blue and black “panthers shoes”. We break our diets, shout at the TV, and have a good time whether we win or lose.
• Watching my fiance yell and cheer at the TV.
• Been watching the games on tv for the past 10 years never been to a game
• Text all my friends “game day…lets go panthers! Keep pounding”. Group text to figure out what bar we’re going to and get ready to see the panthers kick some ass!
• Dress my two month old son up in his panthers onesie, don my old school panthers hat, order some pizza and wings, and get hyped up!
• I wake up early and set my fantasy line-up then drink some beers and watch my Panthers win!
• If I told you, I’d have to kill you, resurrect you and kill you again. I also drink whisky and yell obsenities at the sky just incase someone is listening.
• Put on my “SuperCam” cape, give the superbowl team signed helmet a rub for good luck, crack open a ice cold bud light, the official beer of the cackalacky panthers!
• Put on my mismatching Panther socks, grab my homemade chicken wings and watch the game!
• Dabbin’.
• Roasted oysters and Bloody Mariy drinks for breakfast.
• Go to Elevation church. Then depending on if the game is early, we will go watch at Sports One and have brunch there. Then go to Bubble to celebrate a nice victory.
• Tailgate all the way!
• Put on my #LUKKKKE shirt {704 shop} to start my day, hit up a dope brunch sport, then begin the Sunday fun day tailgate at draught or all American pub with the rest of Charlotte and the panthers fans.
• Pick up a growler from my favorite brewery, put some wings on the grill, make some homemade onion dip and invite a few friends over.
• Every game day I put on a superman shirt under my cam newton jersey and grab a smoothie king for lunch. I don’t wash my jersey unless we lose.
• I wear my black Kuechly jersey.
• Tailgating at home with friends and family and walking to the stadium for the game from the Third Ward.
• After church, I usually head to Kristophers sports bar in downtown Matthews with friends. There, my behavior most closely resembles someone that should actually be AT the game instead of watching on a television.
Ben Carter
• Cheering quietly as our 6 month old is normally napping!
• Have my 4 girls all put on their Panther Jerseys.
• Hang out with friends
• My game day ritual includes a pair of socks from my wedding day, Chinese Brandon Lafell jersey (three different shades of blue but it was the first Christmas present from my wife), 2003 NFC champ shirt, and adorning my two miniature dachshunds with their own jerseys.
• Breakfast, Church, Panthers…in that order!
Live in Columbia, SC and have thoroughly enjoyed this incredible season! Go Panthers!!
• Either tailgating uptown and going to the game, or having all of our friends and family over to cheer on the panthers!!!! Good panthers!!!
• 2 beers and a lot of jumping up and down
• Having lots of people over to watch the panthers win!!
• My husband and I wake up and immediate put on our panthers gear. I have worn the exact same outfit on game day every Sunday. Luke jersey, leggings, dachshund socks, and boots. Not only do I wear this on Sundays but I also must wear it to work on Monday. I work for CMS and if the panthers win we get to show our Panther Pride on Mondays.
Not only do we have specific game day gear but we also have to put our dog’s gear on as well! Both dachshunds wear a jersey and a bandana to represent their love of the panthers! We always meet up with a group of friends to cheer on our Panthers!!!
-Catherine Nichols
• I make fried Chicken and Waffles with our neighborhood friends, we wear our panthers gear, and then do a lot of pacing around the house during close games. -Greg Frampton
• Up early – turn on NFL Network at 7am for the 1sr crew and live reports. Main crew comes on at 9am. Watch it all…..Panther shirt on at 10am.Start some food for either at home for the game viewing or traveling to watch with friends, Intensely watch every second. Watch every highlight show available to make sure they are being just to our team nationwide!
• Put on the #17 Jake Delhomme jersey and electric blue sneakers. Drink two beers in the parking deck. Worry.
• Gameday for me starts out with my alarm clock going off by playing Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent. It honestly feels like Christmas morning on gameday! Next it’s off to whistling Fox’s NFL Theme Music in the shower. After that, it is time to get decked out head to toe in Panther’s gear. (Yes, I even have special Panther’s underwear) At this point I am ready to load up and meet with friends for tailgating. We try to get out there as soon as the lots open up. Tailgating consists of a way array of delicious food, drinks, games, music and dancing. We get the party started before the party begins in Bank of America Stadium! Once in the stadium we are loud and proud for Panther Nation all game long. There is nothing better than being a Carolina Panthers Fan! KEEP POUNDING!
• I’m from Michigan. As a Lions fan, I have NEVER celebrated game time. When I moved to Charlotte, I found a new home team to root for…and an awesome one at that! My game-day ritual now includes cheering.
• Wake up.
Jersey up.
Brunch up.
Drink up.
• Always wake up and put my Cam Newton jersey on regardless if I have to work or not.
• First I hang my Keep Pounding flag out on the front porch then I get my dog Sadie setup with her Pathers bandana. It works everytime. Go Panthers!
• Put a Panthers jersey on my dog, then dress myself in a Panthers onesie. They haven’t lost since I bought it!
• Pop out of bed… coffee…shower… put on my lucky Panthers shirt because clearly that is the sole reason we are undefeated this year and I would had to let the team down…mimosa… and then off to tailgate at the Sam Adams tailgate across from the stadium!!
• Calm morning to gear up to #keeppounding during the game. There might also be a beer or three that is enjoyed as well : )
• We gather at a friends house for every game, eat, drink and cheer on the Panthers!
• Wear my panthers jersey (24 Norman) make sure my daughter has her cam Newton jersey. Dress the puppy in her panthers cheerleader dog outfit. Make pigs in a blanket. Set out chips and salsa. Scream in till the panthers wib
• My game day rituals had to change this year due to travel and other commitments (thankfully, I didn’t have to stay in the airport for the duration of the game or always be in the air and watch the game while flying! I’m only slightly superstitious). However, for the last 3 seasons, I DO NOT purchase “victory doughnuts” on Monday. I enjoyed a discounted dozen twice (because Krispy Kreme bread pudding is amazing) and the Panthers lost the next game. So, I refuse to partake in victory offers. You’re welcome! #KeepPounding
Thank you!!
• Put on good ole Luke’s jersey and start drinking as soon as I wake up!
• Get up, take a shower, brush my teeth, put my make-up on and then starting preparing for the game. Get my Panther gear on and head uptown to start the party. Tailgate for awhile and then go to our seats. I stay for the whole game when I go.
I now live in Florida and we did make the 2 Florida games and now I am flying up to Charlotte in hopes of getting tickets. The tickets were normally get in section 1 or 2 are alamos 3 times what we normally pay. So hopefully I will win these tickets so I can go into watch my favorite team!!! I don’t get to see all their games here in Florida, so getting tickets to this game would BE GREAT!!!!!!!
• Always wear the same jersey! A teal Mike Tolbert jersey, never washed since our win streak has started!!
• Wings and Pizza. Lots of wings and pizza.
• I have a tshirt celebrating the Panthers’ appearance in the Superbowl 12 years ago that I wear on game days. It is so faded and threadbare you can’t even decipher what is depicted!
• Tailgate with my friends!! I need tickets!! Love my Panthers!!
• Watching with family every Sunday! I love the panthers!!!! I would love to go to a game to support our treat! They have so much heart and put so much into the game! I would love to experience that!!
• Big potluck at my place with lots of friends!
• Put on my Cam Newton socks. Do chores while wishing mild misfortunes (early alarm clock, getting the wrong coffee order at Starbucks, lost car keys, etc.) upon any non-panther in the NFL south. Watch the game. Watch my wife make googly eyes at Luke Kuechly. Admire Greg Olsens beard. Wish that I were young and adorable enough to have Cam deliver me a touchdown ball. Celebrate the win! You know… normal panther fan stuff.
• Wake up and look at my boyfriend and say “it’s panthers game day!” and we start our day with a “Lets go panthers” chant. I put on my signed Luke Kuechly jersey. On home game days we tailgate in the same lot under the same tree.
• Every Panthers game day, I wake up early and pray for a win. Then I usually attend church to solidify that my prayers are heard. So far, God has been listening!
• Dabbin everytime I hear the name Cam.
• Wear Panther gear
• 4 hour tail gating
• Jersey ✔️
• I tailgate at my apartment and then walk to the stadium.
• So I’m a born and bred Redskins fan (sad, I know) because my parents are from the DC area. Growing up in Raleigh, I tried to watch the games, but every time the Redskins played the Panthers were on Tv instead. Now that I’ve moved to Charlotte, I’ve finally started to pull for the Panthers! Still working on a game day ritual, but for now, beer in hand watching the game with friends.
• Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke
• Wings
Blue shirt
Blue sox
Blue underwear
Always second seat from the left on the couch no matter what
• Blue moon beer and buffalo chicken dip. Same shirt for the whole season (washing it would no doubt hurt the streak)
• Get, dress head to toe in Panthers gear, tailgate with the Roaring Riot crew and head to the game if I have tickets or to the bar to cheer on the Panthers!!
• Keep pounding
• Go to church (wearing Panthers gear) and get to the closest destination to hear and see the game with lots of food after church.
• Gameday starts with breakfast around 8am: Neese’s sausage, crescent rolls and scrambled eggs
After mid-morning nap, put on my Panthers gear and watch Fox waiting for the game to begin
• Tailgate down by the stadium. Then if I don’t have tickets, watch the game at All American Pub!
• Begin Sunday with coffee and the paper; off to church for some perspective; then a quick change of clothes into my lucky Panthers shirt before being glued to the TV for the next 3 hours or so. I like to end the day with a walk to calm down from the excitement of the game.
• Try to stay calm enough that my heart won’t explode.
• I sleep in one of my jerseys the night before (Kuechly, Olsen or Newton). The morning of the game I get my “Panthers Punch” ready for tailgating and make my way to the stadium area to get pumped up for the big win! 12-0 keep pounding!! 🙂
• Set my fantasy line up, grab a Bo-box and some brews and find the most comfortable couch possible
• If it’s a 1pm game I’m able to watch the first half typically before I have to go to work. I listen to the game on the drive to work and once I arrive.
All other games I have to listen to exclusively on the radio. I’ll be taking this Sunday off work if I win 😉
• Watch the game while commenting in the official thread on reddit while texting my friends.

P.S. Shout out to OrthoCarolina for sending winner Kevin Fu to the Falcons game this weekend with club level seats!


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