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Where to eat in Charlotte if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions



Call it a fad, diet, or trend, but dietary restrictions have taken the food world over by storm. However, not everyone goes gluten-free or paleo because of the current trend. People over the years have started to be in touch with their bodies. Really paying attention and getting down to the nitty gritty about how certain foods make them feel. Some people really do get sick from certain foods. Celiac disease is a real thing.

It’s interesting to see how the world has adapted to these diets. Twenty, even 10 years ago, people had no idea what being gluten-free was. Now many restaurants and food services are catering to people’s dietary needs.


I thought it would be eye opening to take a glimpse and see how many options there really are here in Charlotte for people who follow these specific diets.


This diet refers to eating foods early humans would have eaten, including meat, fish, fruits and vegetables while avoiding dairy, grains and processed food.

Modpaleo delivery
nourish charlotte


Beverlys Gourmet
  • Nourish: Locally-sourced, organic, vegan, prepared healthy food delivery service. 
  • Beverly’s Gourmet Foods: Prepared vegetarian and vegan foods. Found in several, local Charlotte locations including Mecklenburg County Market, Healthy Home Market, Reid’s Fine Foods and Atherton Market.
fit you meals


I know I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to naming places in Charlotte where you can eat out, dietary restrictions and all. I recommend that you tell your server or call ahead and say you have a food allergy or dietary restriction. Nine times out of 10, restaurants are happy to cater to your needs. Sometimes it’s only about substituting or omitting certain ingredients from a dish to make it safe for you to consume.

Fun fact: A lot of restaurants use the letters “v” for vegan and “g or gf” for gluten free on their menus to clearly state options for you to eat.

(Photo credit: Luna’s Living Kitchen Facebook page, Food Allergy Research and Education, modPaleo Facebook page, Nourish Facebook page, Beverly’s Gourmet Facebook page, Fit You Meals Facebook page)


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