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A photo tour of 14 things to explore in Shelby

Shelby Cafe NC

Shelby Cafe NC

Last week I got the sweetest email from a reader Sally who lives in Shelby. Her note was battered and deep fried in southern hospitality and invited me to come explore what her small hometown about an hour west of Charlotte has to offer.

Charlotte to Shelby NC

“So you are invited to come let us introduce you to all that there is to do in Shelby,
she said. “Yeah we caught the bad guy from SC [Writer’s Note: Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was spotted by civilians at a gas station in Shelby and arrested] and sometimes we have a lot of bad press, but there are a lot of interesting things to do here and a lot of those things are free.”

Count me in.

Shelby would make an excellent day trip one weekend. I left Charlotte around 10:30am, arriving in time to explore Uptown a bit before lunch, grab coffee and visit a nearby vineyard before coming home to Charlotte by 6pm.

My plan was to lay low and just pop in to a few places to get a feel for the place, but Audrey from Uptown Shelby spotted me and was nice enough to take me all over town. Here’s what I saw, did and ate…

Pleasant City Woodfired Grille

Pleasant City Woodfired Grille

Audrey told me this restaurant led the craft brew charge in Shelby. “People told them they were nuts at first, that people here want their Bud Light and their Miller Lite, but it worked,” she said. Indeed it did because now there’s even a craft brewery opening up shop right down the street.

New Grass Brewing Co

New Grass Brewing Co.

I hit the jackpot walking by this new brewery just as owner/brewmaster Jordan Boinest was out front overseeing the progress of buildout. She took me on a tour of the impressive 3-story brewery and beer hall. (Look for a full write up with photos on that next week.) New grass is running a full local menu (from appetizers all the way to desserts, which is rare for a brewery) and expects to be open mid-August.

Joe's Place Shelby

Joe’s Place

Ni Fen Bistory Shelby
Ni Fen Bistro

If you’re sitting here thinking to yourself, “UGH, I wish I had a burger with a side of spaghetti and some spring rolls” have I got a deal for you. Joe’s place is a rare and unexpected combination of American, Italian and Thai cuisine. But apparently the mix works; they’ve been in business 12 years.

Lily Bean Shelby
Lily Bean Coffee and cookie

Ni Fen Bistro

Shelby Cafe NC

I stopped here for lunch on Audrey’s recommendation. Her pick: “You should definitely get the beet salad unless they don’t have the beet salad because they don’t have any beets because they use local produce and that’s how it goes.” That is in fact how it went and there was no beet salad so I got the warm walnut encrusted goat cheese salad instead. Very good. (Charlotte note: The owner/operator/chef Jeanette Sun is a UNCC grad.)

Uptown Olive Oils Shelby
Uptown Olive Oils

Lily Bean Microroasted Coffee

Dragonfly Wine Market Shelby
Dragonfly Wine Market Shelby

This cozy little spot serves up coffee and baked goods. I popped in after lunch for an iced coffee and a cookie. I noticed one guy in the window seat was camped out there the whole day every time I walked by so it looks like the kind of place you can really settle in.

Peace Avenue Shelby

Shelby Cafe

Celebrity Consignment Shelby
Celebrity Consignment Shelby

An Uptown mainstay since 1922, this classic American diner is the real deal with black and white checkered flooring, rows of booths and fried food for days.

Earl Scruggs Center Shelby NC

Uptown Olive Oil

This is a cool little spot lined wall to wall to fancy infused olive oils. I sampled a brownie baked with a blood orange infused olive oil and it was awesome.

Joe Gibson Theater Shelby
Shelby Carousel

Dragonfly Wine Market

We need this in Charlotte. Owner Jamie Coulter actually grew up in Charlotte but said he came out to Shelby to open up shop because “no one in Shelby would do something like this.” It’s really cool. He’s got a big selection of wine and beer and hosts complimentary wine tastings on Fridays and beer tastings on Saturdays paired with live music. He tipped me off on Bakers Buffalo Creek Vineyard, which I toured later in the afternoon.

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard

Peace Avenue

This clothing shop creates printed tees, tanks, dresses and more using designs created by local artists. I had one in my hand to buy and then remembered my “no new clothes in 2015” rule and put it back. I regret it because technically that’s buying art not clothes. Anyway, save me the black and white baseball tee with the NC print. It’s so cool.

Celebrity Consignment

This fancy little shop is full of high-end labels arranged on racks labeled Milan, Paris and 5th Avenue. “We’re all about celebrities,” says the man that greets me. And he’s not kidding. The walls are covered in celeb photos and there’s even something of a shrine to Whitney Houston in the back in a section labeled Oprah’s Corner.

Earl Scruggs Center

Named after the legendary banjo master, this museum showcases music and stories from the American South. I didn’t go in but everyone I talked to highlighted it as a must-see destination. $12 admission.

Don Gibson Theatre

This 400-seat art deco theatre serves as a live music venue and also shows $1 movies throughout the summer. I wish we had dollar movies. Do we have dollar movies? [Googles… We do have some but for kids. Adults like Space Jam too.]

Shelby Carousel

This is cool. Shelby is home to one of only six refurbished antique carousels in the state. I researched ahead of time and knew to come prepared with $0.50 for a ride. When I handed the conductor my two quarters I told him I’d surely be his oldest customer of the day to which he replied, “Oh no, we’ve got 90-year-old riders. You only live once.” I gleefully rode it completely alone. You only live once.

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard

As a bonus, I decided to drop by this family-run vineyard 20 minutes outside Shelby. I hung out with Anne and Charles who got into the wine business “on accident” after retirement in 2003. They have a $5 tasting of 9 of their wines and the grounds are gorgeous. (Look for a full write up next week.)

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