May 7, 2015 - Things to Do

South End chalkboard wisdom. 26 “Before I die, I want to…” messages, ranked.



This idea is genius. I don’t know who made this chalkboard near the light rail in South End happen, but whoever you are, you’re brilliant.

Update 8:22 am —
via Agenda reader Lia: “I just wanted to share the origin of the ‘before I die…’ project. It was created by artist Candy Chang, in New Orleans first, but then has been replicated all around the world.”)

Update 1:43 pm —

Charlotteans are chalking some serious knowledge. You would think this would be a race to the bottom (sexual, profane messages, etc), but it’s the exact opposite. Weird. It’s the most inspiriting work of community art I’ve ever seen.

charlotte south end chalk board

Here are the Top 26 messages, ranked. 

“Before I die, I want to…”

(26) Find Big Foot
(25) Become Mrs. Tim Tebow
(24) Buy a red truck
(23) Find the fools that are lost in space and spooked
(22) Be in a success relationship
(21) Be debt free
(20) Dance the Kamila
(19) Roll a kayak
(18) Eagles win the Super Bowl
(17) Make work = my dream job
(16) Circumnavigate South Africa
(15) Make my daughter proud
(14) Learn sign language
(13) Be bold enough to follow my dream
(12) Heal broken and bruised relationships
(11) Have babies
(10) Raise well rounded successful twin girls
(9) Have gas money
(8) Be a roll model
(7) Let go
(6) Find the mermaids
(5) Stay in the Lincoln bedroom
(4) Meet my BFF, Beyonce
(3) Write on chalkboard
(2) Pet all the dogs
(1) Watch my children’s dreams come true


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