Apr 23, 2015 - Things to Do

A Day in the Life: Katie Levans

katie's home office

katie’s home office

5:00am alarm: Snooze

5:30am alarm: Snooze

6:00am alarm: Snooze

6:30am alarm: ALRIGHT I’M UP. Troll around on Twitter and Instagram in bed for a few minutes and then drag myself to start coffee. Pure Intentions, French press, 2 cups every day. Shower while coffee is brewing even though Matt at Pure Intentions specifically told me to only brew it for like 5 minutes and I clearly shower for more than 5 minutes but I don’t care. Can I live?

french press coffee
katie's home office

6:45am: Home office, cup of coffee #1 in hand. Agenda stuff–social mostly, some emails, etc. None of my own stuff yet; I do my writing at night.

ultimate plank fitness
blueberry ginger smoothie

7:30am: Home office doubles as a home gym. Missed my gym alarm three times so I decide to at least do Jen DeCurtins’ advanced plank workout from Ultimate Plank Fitness. I’m in my pajamas and kind of regret not changing because I already showered and it makes me a little sweaty but whatever.

weather inappropriate outfit
laundry nightmare
toasting bread
hummus sandwich

7:45am: Breakfast + coffee #2. Make a blueberry ginger smoothie with banana, blueberries, spinach, raw vegan protein powder, ginger root and almond milk.

actual radio
uptown charlotte

8:00am: Finally decide to get dressed. This is always a nightmare because I hate laundry so I just leave it in the dryer until I need it but then it’s all wrinkly and I get even angrier and I just cannot win. Settle on a Brooks Brothers skirt I got on consignment for $4 last weekend on the Shop Charlotte Tour, the only unwrinkled tank top I can find and the Tom’s wedges my mom got me like four years ago. Step outside to check the weather, realize it’s freezing, do not care.

afternoon snacks
lunch in the park
rush espresso
bob the bartender

8:15am: Forgot to make lunch. Throw together a hummus sandwich with cucumbers and pickles and tempeh. I don’t have a toaster because 1) I don’t like things on my counters and 2) in addition to toasting things they leave crumbs EVERYWHERE and I just don’t need that in my life. So I toast my bread in this energy inefficient way:

scary fork
i like to say things and eat stuff
vegetables and rice

8:30am: Out the door. I commute from Plaza Midwood to Uptown, which is basically nothing but I complain about it anyway. I listen to the actual radio because I don’t know how to get my iPhone to play in my car. Full disclosure: I changed the station to take this picture because I didn’t feel like explaining why I, a non-Christian, occasionally listen to Christian rock but you know what? I kinda like it. 106.9 The Light for life.

dinner at desk

9:00am: Work. I’m the marketing director for a software company. This particular day started with two hours of strategy meetings and then was heavy on some mid-morning website design and afternoon email marketing stuff.

10:30am: Already want lunch so I eat some trail mix and a coconut water instead because if I eat lunch now then I’ll eat my snacks by like 1pm and then I’ll be super irritated the rest of the day when I want a snack.

12:30pm: MADE IT TO LUNCH. Walk to Romare Bearden park to eat and look at my phone like everyone else. Grab an emergency iced coffee at Rush Espresso for the afternoon. Coffee guy asks if I’ve got a hot date today and I’m like “No I’m at work” and now I’m all concerned my outfit (which by the way is a skirt that’s two sizes too big and drops well below my knee) is workplace inappropriate. Men don’t have to think about these things. Throughout the afternoon I eat: chocolate-covered goji berries and a protein bar.

5:30pm: Grab a drink with Ted. Very much not a date.

7:30pm: Gym. Eat another granola bar before I go. I just eat all the time. I am a Dowd Y regular and a very big fan of the Y in general. I think a Y membership should be required for citizenship. I wear my “I like to say things and eat stuff” shirt (appropriate) and only moderately regret drinking vodka before working out because today is just an arm day so it should be fine. Super concerned about the presence of this fork in the locker room though.

9:00pm: Home. Got a giant box filled with pretzels delivered from Snyders Hanover for National Pretzel Day. Did not even know there were so many pretzels in existence. Thrilled.

9:15pm: Make dinner. Assorted vegetables and chickpeas over rice. I’ve been vegetarian for 15 years. My boyfriend has been vegetarian never. One time early in the relationship I cried because I thought he didn’t like vegetables and if you don’t like vegetables you can’t possibly like me. I will never live it down. He brings it up at least once a week. (He does like vegetables but not as much as he likes bacon but at least as much as he likes me I guess.)

9:30pm: Sit down and write this post. Fret fairly heavily that it will bore the world to death and I’ll wake up tomorrow as the last person on Earth.

And that’s it a wrap. It’s 10:30pm. I’ll be showering and heading to bed by about 11pm to do it all over again tomorrow. How was your day?


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