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Hi, I’m Asheton Brown and this is how I work out



This is part of an ongoing series titled How I Work Out, insights into how Charlotte stays fit. Asheton Brown is a group-elite athlete who runs, swims and occasionally bikes. 

Where do you work out? Why? 

OUTSIDE because inside is lame. I hit up local trails and greenways throughout Charlotte.


Have you always worked out? If not, what was the tipping point that got you started? 

I have always been an athlete. I pretty much started running at 9 months old when I skipped the teetering toddler games and darted across the room at full speed. I have been trouble ever since. I am an athlete. I train and I love it. Fitness keeps me sane.

What are your general fitness goals?

As an amateur elite athlete, it has been about training to win and for PR’s with the goal of dropping that “amateur” title. I ultimately am competing against myself but I do what I do because I truly love movement and challenging myself. I simply love to play.

Favorite workout outfit:

Never fail, you will find me dressed head to toe in Nike. Typically shorts and some brightly colored sports bra or tank top because that is what I am most comfortable to train in…and the shoe game is pretty strong.


Pre- and post-workout fuel:

Typically my pre-workout fuel consist of cookies, energybits (aka algae) or Powerbar performance energy blends (GF). Post workout I enjoy Brüks Bars or poached eggs and an apple. Always Skratch Labs exercise hydration before and after workouts.

Fitness inspiration: 

Pizza…I joke…kinda.

I look at how far I’ve come and how much I have achieved already and that pushes me to keep going. I believe you are your best motivator, but I absolutely look to my closest friends for motivation to get me into the pool on days that I just don’t want to do anything.

Current favorite workout song:


I don’t train with music, that is a pet peeve. I do however like jam out to “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon prior to workouts for my warm up. Try it. Nothing like a good solo dance party to get the blood pumping. If I’m in a funky head space, “I Lived” by One Republic is a good kick in the heart to get me going.

What’s the most challenging workout/competition you’ve ever completed? 

I am torn on this. It’s between The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF last fall because I was unknowingly in the middle of a Fibro flare up and any open water swim race because as a sprinter I simply do not enjoy swimming for longer than 100 meters, especially not with 500 of my not so closest friends. Anything challenging if you don’t enjoy it.

What’s the one fitness gadget/app you can’t live without? 

My Nike+ Sportwatch & HRM (Heart Rate Monitor).


What’s your weekly workout schedule? 

It varies depending on what my coach will give me and how I feel but typically 5-6 runs and 2-3 swims with 2 other cross training workouts mixed in. And when I get a new bike, I will pedal…but no triathlons.

Walk us through a typical workout. 

I will do the run workout my coach gives me and usually follow it with core and strength work, then if I am being a “good runner” I finish off my workout by hanging out on my foam roller. When I am in a training cycle, I often have 2 workouts a day where one is a run and the other is either a specific strength workout or a swim. Recently my workouts have been a lot more lax as I am reluctantly taking this year off from racing to work through some health issues.

Have you ever been injured? Tell us about the recovery. 

Which injury would you like to know about? There have been so many of them, but I have learned recovery is all about being patient and learning to listen to your body and often communicating with your physical therapist. It’s not fun and I’ve been benched more times than I would like to admit. Staying positive and eating right during the process is important to staying on track because the mental games you start playing with yourself can get the best of you. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re injured.

Do you have any gym pet peeves? 

Creepy catcalls and aggressive staring while I am in the middle of a workout are not OK. Same goes for when I am running on the greenways in Charlotte. I am not there to get a date nor am I hanging on the wall like a painting. I am training and it really drives me crazy when anyone disrespects that. It is my understanding most hate it when their workout is interrupted, please do not interrupt mine with your creepy stares. I very much appreciate “hello’s” during runs, but don’t be a creep.

What principle from your workouts do you apply in real life? 


Respect. I try to take the respect I have for myself and fellow athletes and carry that over into all aspects of my life.

What’s your favorite non-gym workout around Charlotte (hike, run, basketball, etc)?

Since I don’t specifically hang out in big gyms very often these days, I am going to reverse this and say that my favorite in-gym workout would have to be AirFit Charlotte because the upside down life is amazing. Training at TotalCyclist is not too bad either.

Is there anything you don’t eat for health reasons? 

There are a lot of things I do not eat. As mentioned, I have Fibromyalgia so food is my medicine. I try to avoid overly processed foods as it is and eat as organically as my budget allows. I also eat gluten free to help me better manage my symptoms and I am allergic to fish and chocolate.

What’s your guilty pleasure food item? 

Pizza is part of my regular diet so let’s say sour candy and gummy bears but if you want to include pizza, gimme all da pizza! Cheese please, extra crispy at that!

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