Apr 7, 2015 - Food and Drink

Bleu Barn Bistro takes food from farm to food truck



When I saw Bleu Barn Bistro parked outside of Mike’s Discount Beverage on my way home from work last week, I came to a screeching halt on Park Road.


I’m putting myself through this terrible form of torture called a wedding diet, and I couldn’t face another night of eating a pathetic little salad. I just couldn’t, you guys.

I whipped out a (potentially illegal) U-turn in five o’clock traffic and parked next to Bleu Barn’s truck. After scanning the menu and chatting with Chef Tara Diamante, I decided on the Johnny Apple Seed Grilled Cheese.

It was freaking amazing. I ate it by myself in my car, which maybe I should be ashamed of, but I’m not. Thick bread slathered in salty butter, filled with tart apples, melt-y Brie and mozzarella, and spiced apple butter… Oh my gosh.


Tara and her partner in crime, Brenton Ebersold, started Bleu Barn Bistro in May of 2014 after originally crossing paths at Johnson & Wales in 2008.


After years of working for other people, the duo was ready to branch out and showcase their personal passions and talents. Diamante says that she and Ebersold chose the food truck route for the element of adventure that you won’t find in a typical brick and mortar restaurant. The chefs love watching their customer’s gratification from inside the truck window.

Every item on Bleu Barn Bistro’s menu is locally sourced from local farmers who are committed to raising organic produce and free-range meat. Diamante and Ebersold believe that this is how food should be, and they love showing off how good real food can taste at the peak of its season. Because all menu items are homemade using fresh ingredients, the chefs can easily help customers find something on the menu to satisfy any sort of dietary restriction, be it gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian, or even vegan.

If you’re looking for Bleu Barn Bistro around Queen City, check out their Facebook page for their current schedule and menu.

Their current spots for set up typically follow this schedule:

  • Tuesday (11am – 12pm): Gateway Center Uptown at 901 W Trade Street
  • Wednesday (11am – 12pm): Whitehall Business Center
  • Wednesday (5pm – 8pm): Mike’s Discount Beverage
  • Thursday (11am – 12pm): Atherton Mill Market
  • Thursday (5pm – 9pm): Triple C Brewery

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