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Kellyanne Conway: Trump "sees nothing there" in Russia allegations

Chuck Kennedy

Kellyanne Conway told Mike Allen this morning that Trump "has confidence in the people who work for him" when asked if POTUS still believes in his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who allegedly offered to resign over tensions with Trump. Follow along for live updates from our Axios News Shapers event in DC.

  • On whether Trump needs to assert primacy over his colleagues: "I disagree with that premise completely...all of those people who you said are in the dog house…are still in this moment at the White House." Go deeper here in our guide to Trump's doghouse.
  • On the Russia investigation: Trump "sees that there's nothing there…if you look at everything that's been said and done we're back to where we were at the beginning…if this, if that…doesn't seem to be very responsible to me…You can do almost any storyline with if, if, if, if, if."