Aug 20, 2019

Remembering John McCain with #ActsOfCivility

McCain on the Straight Talk Express in 2000. Photo: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

Sen. John McCain's family and the McCain Institute will mark the first anniversary of his passing beginning Wednesday by promoting acts of civility on social media, posting their plans with #ActsOfCivility.

The big picture: Some examples from organizers include opening a dialogue with a competitor, committing to working with a colleague or peer with a different perspective and calling a family member you disagree with — and pledging to listen.

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Cindy McCain on political division: "This country is not well right now"

On the anniversary of John McCain's death, his wife Cindy reflected on the late senator's legacy and said on ABC's "This Week" that she was launching a new social media initiative called #ActsOfCivility in his memory.

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These Senate seats are up for election in 2020

Photo: Getty Images

There are 36 Senate seats up for election in 2020 — including a special election in Arizona — many of which are expected to be brutally competitive as Democrats vie for control of the Senate.

Quick take: The Senate is currently made up of 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats. Dems must win 3 or 4 seats to take control of the Senate — 3 if the new vice president is a Democrat and 4 if not.

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John Bolton returns to PACs after leaving White House

Then-national security advisor John Bolton during a meeting on Aug. 29, 2019. Photo: Yuri Oreshkin\TASS via Getty Images

Former national security adviser John Bolton resumed his old job Friday as the head of 2 political action committees and announced $10,000 donations to 5 Republican candidates running in 2020 after President Trump ousted him from the White House earlier this week, according to a press release.

  • Axios' Margaret Talev emails: Without mentioning his concerns about Trump's penchant for meeting with rogue actors, Bolton said the John Bolton PAC and John Bolton Super PAC seek a "dependable U.S. national security policy, resting on constancy and resolve" and an understanding on the threats to the U.S. including from Iran and North Korea.
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