Dec 8, 2019

Biden skeptical Bloomberg will catch on

Photo: "Axios on HBO"

Former Vice President Joe Biden told "Axios on HBO" he is skeptical former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will get traction with Democratic voters. 

Why it matters: Aides tell us Biden was hacked off that Bloomberg jumped into the race after promising he would not. Bloomberg has made it clear via advisers that Biden’s weakness prompted his entrance.

Biden told "Axios on HBO": “I think [voters] are going to look and make a judgment. What is he bringing in? What's he adding to the race?"

  • Biden added that he is a "skeptic" of Bloomberg's candidacy and believes voters share that opinion.

Between the lines: Biden declined to endorse Sen. Elizabeth Warren's accusation that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election.

  • "I agree that he has decided he is better off spending his own money — which is unlimited amounts of money — than going out and trying to raise any money. ... I think it's something that the American people have to take a hard look at and make a judgment whether there is any real risk."

The big picture: Bloomberg has surged to fifth in the RealClearPolitics polling average for 2020 Democrats, but he still trails Biden by nearly 24 percentage points.

  • Biden has held a commanding lead for all but a few weeks of the cycle, and the only other person to hold a lead is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has since faded back into the third slot.

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Biden: Media, rivals wrong that AOC represents direction of party

Former Vice President Joe Biden told "Axios on HBO" in Iowa that he has shaped the 2020 race, faulting the media and his rivals for thinking Democratic voters are more liberal than the reality. 

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Biden on why he thinks he has more support from black voters than Mayor Pete

Former Vice President Joe Biden says "folks" think Mayor Pete Buttigieg's removal of an African American police chief is a problem when it comes to his support among black voters in the 2020 Democratic presidential election.

The big picture: In an interview with "Axios on HBO," Biden cited a lack of experience in diverse communities as a reason Buttigieg might be struggling.

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Biden says Warren on list of possible VPs

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be on his list of potential VP nominees, although he claims she'd be "very angry at my having said that."

Why it matters: Biden told "Axios on HBO" that he would base his VP choice on lessons learned from his time serving as No. 2 to former President Barack Obama.

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