Mike Allen Jul 24
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Jared Kushner tells Congress: "I did not collude"

Andrew Harnik / AP

Giving his version of his Russia contacts for the first time, Jared Kushner says in an 11-page statement to congressional committees that he had "hardly any" contacts with Russians during the campaign, and regarded the meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower as "a waste of our time."

  • Key quote: "I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government. I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. I have tried to be fully transparent with regard to the filing of my SF-86 [security clearance] form, above and beyond what is required."
  • Why it matters: The stakes for the congressional interviews are high for Kushner because the Trump son-in-law is of acute interest to special counsel Bob Mueller, and prosecutors can be expected to pick apart today's statement.
  • Kushner has a 10 a.m.appointment with staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and his meeting tomorrow with the House Intelligence Committee. Both sessions are behind closed doors.