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How Flipboard pivoted to mobile at an opportune time

Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Tech entrepreneur Mike McCue knows a lot about bringing different types of media — voice, video and text – onto the Internet. But for the last couple years the Netscape veteran has worked on Flipboard, a digital magazine app whose experience is one that mimics print. And at a time when concerns about fake news and clickbait are running high, Flipboard is focused on distributing high-quality, vetted content. But it also faces new competitors in Apple News and Snapchat Discover, along with traditional rivals Google and Facebook.

Flipboard goes mobile: In an interview with Axios, McCue says his focus has been to transform his business model from being tablet-first to mobile-first. So far, it's been working. Today, 95% of Flipboard readers access the app on mobile, according to McCue. The app also drives more traffic within the mobile/tablet news ecosystem than many of its counterparts, like Google News, according to And Flipboard had its first cash flow positive month in February since he founded the company 7 years ago in 2010, McCue says.