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64 House Democrats call on Trump to fire Pruitt

Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, with his hands raised as if he's pushing someone away
Scott Pruitt. Photo: Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit

President Trump is getting a letter from 64 House Democrats asking him to fire Scott Pruitt or encourage him to immediately resign as EPA administration. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for his termination earlier today.

This adds to the intense scrutiny Pruitt has faced over everything from excessively spending taxpayers' money on personal travel, to paying $50 a night to live in a condo owned by the wife of an energy lobbyist. President Trump has defended Pruitt as "a good man," but it will be tough to ignore the mounting negative press.

Axios 4 hours ago
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Axios situational awareness

🚨 DOJ hands over Comey memos to Congress — 🌎 Trump and Kim's summit of surprises — ⚖️ Giuliani is joining Trump's legal team — 🤝 Rosenstein reassured Trump

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Dave Lawler 6 hours ago
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Trump and Kim's summit of surprises

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Mike Pompeo's secret visit to Pyongyang is the latest in a series of dramatic events in the run-up to the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un. It’s almost certainly not the last.

The big picture: "Part of this is normal, but we've got a wacky situation here," says Jim Walsh, an international security expert at MIT who has taken part in previous negotiations with North Korea. When it comes time to present a "final package," he adds, "surprises won't fly."