Oct 1, 2019

Hillary Clinton says staying married was the "gutsiest thing" she's done

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that the "gutsiest thing" she's ever done in her personal life is stay in her marriage to former President Bill Clinton.

  • Clinton, who was promoting her new book "The Book of Gutsy Women" with her daughter, Chelsea, said that the gutsiest thing she's ever done "publicly, politically" was decide to run for president.
  • Chelsea noted that she was "overwhelmed" and "a bit out of words" after the honesty of her mother's response.

The full exchange:

AMY ROBACH: Can I ask you, what's the gutsiest thing you've ever done?
HILLARY CLINTON: Ah, boy. Well, personally, make the decision to stay in my marriage. Publicly, politically, run for president. And keep going. Just get up every day and keep going.
ROBACH: I love it. Chelsea, how about you?
CHELSEA CLINTON: Oh, goodness. I think — I'm so overwhelmed by my mother's answer that I'm a bit out of words. And I'm just so proud to be her daughter. But my most important identity is as my three kids' mom, so I'm just going to try to be gutsy every day, Amy.

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Hillary Clinton gives her take on Pompeo Ukraine report to Colbert

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton didn't hold back on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Monday on her thoughts about reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was listening during President Trump’s call with Ukraine's leader.

The big picture: The Wall Street Journal first published the report on Pompeo just before the former secretary of state appeared on the late-night CBS show with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to discuss their new book.

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Lanny Davis recalls Bill Clinton impeachment strategy

Lanny Davis. Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Lanny Davis, the face of Bill Clinton's war room during the impeachment battle of 1998–99, looks back on the way their team handled the saga.

The big picture: Clinton's team had a "very defined," three-part strategy, Davis tells Axios.

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Trump makes Clinton probe threat and defends Gabbard on "Hannity"

In a Fox News interview broadcast Monday, President Trump defended presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) against claims of being a Russian asset and said he'd like his attorney general to investigate Hillary Clinton.

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