Between the lines: Health care is top voter priority in 2018

Data: NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey; Note: Survey conducted June 1-4, 2018 amongst 900 registered voters; CHART: Kerrie Vila /Axios

Health care has always been near the top of voters' priorities, but lately it's been the No. 1 issue in a slew of recent polls — including NBC News/Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and Quinnipiac.

Between the lines: That's driven largely by Democratic voters, who are intensely interested in the issue this year. (Republicans and independents still cite the economy as their top priority, but health care isn't far behind.)

  • So Democratic voters will drive a lot of the discussion on health care in the midterms — and they're not happy about the ACA repeal efforts.
  • But there's also strong bipartisan concern about the opioid crisis — and a strong feeling from all voters that the federal government hasn't done enough about it.

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