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The FBI has arrested a contractor for allegedly printing and leaking a classified NSA document to The Intercept. It concerned a Russian military intelligence operation last year targeting local U.S. election officials.

The contractor, Reality Leigh Winner, is reportedly an Air Force Veteran who worked with Pluribus International Corporation and was assigned to a government facility in Georgia. She confirmed she printed the intel, carried it by hand, and leaked it to the press.

Why it matters: The Trump administration has been promising a crackdown on leaks for months, this could be a signal they're taking that effort seriously. An unintended consequence is that the criminal complaint seems to at least partially confirm the legitimacy of the report, and will lead to more coverage of Russian interference in the election — something that infuriates President Trump.

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Justice Department sues Google over alleged search monopoly

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

The Justice Department and 11 states Tuesday filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of using anticompetitive tactics to illegally monopolize the online search and search advertising markets.

Why it matters: The long-awaited suit is Washington's first major blow against the tech giants that many on both the right and left argue have grown too large and powerful. Still, this is just step one in what could be a lengthy and messy court battle.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

  1. Politics: Americans feel Trump's sickness makes him harder to trustFlorida breaks record for in-person early voting.
  2. Health: The next wave is gaining steam.
  3. Education: Schools haven't become hotspots.
  4. World: Ireland moving back into lockdown — Argentina becomes 5th country to report 5 million infections.

In photos: Florida breaks record for in-person early voting

Voters wait in line at John F. Kennedy Public Library in Hialeah, Florida on Oct. 19. Photo: Eva Marie Uzcategui/AFP via Getty Images

More Floridians cast early ballots for the 2020 election on Monday than in the first day of in-person early voting in 2016, shattering the previous record by over 50,000 votes, Politico reports.

The big picture: Voters have already cast over 31 million ballots in early voting states as of Tuesday, per the U.S. Elections Project database by Michael McDonald, an elections expert at the University of Florida.