Bob Herman Feb 3, 2017
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Drug pricing status quo hasn't changed much

Mark Lennihan / AP

Pharmaceutical company and drug distributor executives made one thing clear this week: There's still no agreed-upon solution to lowering the costs of drugs, and that's given them the green light to continue operating under the status quo.

Drug pricing has been a burning political issue well before President Trump called out the industry, ignited by the likes of Martin Shkreli and Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Some companies, like Allergan, have pledged to limit price increases to less than 10%, no more than once per year. But those types of changes are in the minority, and many other drug makers continue to raise list prices that greatly exceed inflation — the latest example being a 552% increase over two years for a naloxone injector, according to Kaiser Health News.

Even the way a lot of pharmaceutical executives talk shows the issue hasn't really changed. Read on to see what some industry executives said during recent earnings conference calls about the pricing environment.