Kia Kokalitcheva May 16, 2017
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Drivers' guild files FTC complaint against ride-hailing startup Juno


Juno's post-acquisition saga continues: A guild representing drivers has filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission accusing the ride-hailing startup of misleading drivers when it promised to give them company stock. Last month, when Juno sold to another ride-hailing company, Gett, it canceled its stock program for drivers, and instead paid them cash bonuses.

Too good to be true: From the start, Juno advertised itself as the "anti-Uber" in every way, including taking a smaller cut from driver earnings, providing better on-boarding and help, and most notably, by including them in the company's long-term success through its stock program. However, Juno's cancelation of the program prompted the Independent Drivers Guild, which filed the FTC complaint, to call the move a "bait-and-switch."