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What the top 2020 Democrats think of Saudi Arabia

Trump, Egypt's Sisi, King Salman and an orb in Riyadh. Photo: Bandar Algaloud/Saudi Royal Council/Getty

No U.S. partner will fear a change in administrations more than Saudi Arabia.

Flashback: Trump’s first overseas trip was to Riyadh. Since then, his administration has worked to shield Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from bipartisan outrage, most notably over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The leading Democrats were all asked what they would do about the Saudi relationship in a Council on Foreign Relations survey. All condemned Khashoggi’s murder, but their answers for what should change going forward varied widely.

  • Bernie Sanders went furthest. He said the U.S. could not rely on “corrupt authoritarian regimes to deliver us security,” adding that the relationship was based on cheap oil, arms sales and a blind eye toward human rights and extremism.
  • Pete Buttigieg called for a suspension of arms sales due to the war in Yemen and called for a reset in relations, though he said intelligence sharing must continue.
  • Elizabeth Warren said the U.S. and Saudi Arabia share “common objectives,” but the relationship must be dialed back unless Saudi behavior changes.
  • Joe Biden accused Trump of writing Saudi Arabia “a dangerous blank check” and said consequences must be imposed for “reckless” actions, though cooperation is needed against Iran.
  • Michael Bloomberg also used the phrase “blank check,” but he began by calling the relationship “critical” for energy markets and regional stability. His was probably the most dovish response.

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Top Saudi royals reportedly detained

King Salman's (C) son (L) is in power. His nephew (R) is reportedly in custody. Photo: Fayez Nureldine/AFP via Getty Images

Two of Saudi Arabia's most prominent royals were suddenly detained on Friday morning by masked royal guards and face up to a lifetime in prison for alleged treason, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Why it matters: Even by the standards of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman (MBS), this would be an audacious move. The two men reportedly detained were both once heirs to the throne, and are close relatives of the crown prince and his father, King Salman.

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Oil prices plunge as market absorbs OPEC-Russia split

A Kuwaiti trader checks stock prices at Boursa Kuwait in Kuwait City, on March 8, 2020. Photo: Yasser Al-Zayyat/AFP via Getty Images

Oil prices nosedived to four-year lows Sunday as trading resumed after Friday's collapse of the OPEC-Russia production-limiting pact, a rupture slated to increase supplies at a time when the novel coronavirus is sapping demand.

The state of play: The immediate 31% collapse when trading resumed last night was the second-largest on record behind the 1991 Gulf war, Bloomberg reports.

Saudi Arabia bans foreign pilgrims from visiting Mecca amid coronavirus fears

Muslim pilgrims walking around the Kaaba in Mecca. Photo: Abdulghani Basheer/AFP via Getty Images

Saudi Arabia announced Thursday that it is banning foreign pilgrims from entering the country to visit Islam's holiest sites in Mecca and Medina due to the novel coronavirus, AP reports.

Why it matters: The unprecedented decision comes months ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage when millions of Muslims travel to the kingdom — and appears sparked in part by Iran's outbreak in the holy city of Qom. Saudi Arabia also said that it would suspend entry to tourists holding visas from 22 countries most affected by the virus.

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