Nov 15, 2019

Dean Foods, America's largest milk producer, is 2019's 100th default

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Dean Foods, the largest dairy company in the U.S., filed for bankruptcy this week, bringing the total number of global corporate defaults this year to 100.

The big picture: Despite having one of the fastest growing economies in the industrialized world, the U.S. has accounted for 70% of companies defaulting or seeking bankruptcy protection in 2019, according to the latest corporate default tally from ratings agency S&P.

  • Colorado-based manufacturer APC Automotive Technologies also went into default along with Delaware's Dura Automotive Systems, Pennsylvania-based retailer Destination Maternity Corp. and one "confidential issuer," S&P notes.

What they're saying: "The U.S. makes up the overwhelmingly largest percentage of this year's default tally," says Sudeep Kesh, head of S&P Global Credit Markets Research.

  • "The global 12-month trailing speculative-grade default rate has increased in 2019, to 2.3% in September from 2% in January, largely due to an increase in U.S. defaults," the report adds.

Of note: Bankruptcy-related defaults have increased this year, reaching a global total of 28 — already the second-highest number of bankruptcy-related defaults since 2009.

  • The oil/gas and retail/restaurants sectors lead defaults in the U.S. with 16 and 13, respectively.

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PG&E strikes $13.5 billion deal with victims of California wildfires

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images

Pacific Gas & Electric and attorneys for the victims of 2017 and 2018 California wildfires that killed dozens of people and ravaged homes and businesses, agreed on Friday to a $13.5 billion settlement, the New York Times reports.

The impact per the Times: "The agreement could help tens of thousands of residents rebuild while helping to resolve the utility’s bankruptcy."

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Coal is projected to see a record decline in 2019

Reproduced from Carbon Brief; Chart: Axios Visuals

Global coal-fired electricity production is projected to drop 3% this year, the largest decline on record, concludes an analysis from three think tanks published by the website Carbon Brief.

Why it matters: Reining in carbon emissions from coal-fired generation is a pillar of every major pathway for limiting temperature rise.

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11 biotech companies have filed for bankruptcy so far in 2019

Eleven biopharmaceutical companies have filed for bankruptcy so far in 2019, the most in a single year within the past decade, according to a new series from BioPharma Dive.

Why it matters: It’s rare for biotechs to go under because they have so much access to extra funding. But more firms have hit dead ends.

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