Apr 30, 2020 - World

Boris Johnson says U.K. is "past the peak" of the coronavirus

Dave Lawler, author of World

Returning to the podium Thursday for the first time since recovering from the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he could confirm that the U.K. is "past the peak of this disease."

Why it matters: The U.K. has Europe's second-highest death toll, behind Italy, and the number of active cases continued to tick upwards last week even as it fell in other hard-hit countries like France and Spain. With the situation now improving, Johnson said he'll announce a "comprehensive plan" next week for re-opening the economy, schools and transportation.

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Coronavirus cases spike in Texas, Oregon and Arizona

Data: The COVID Tracking Project, state health departments; Map: Andrew Witherspoon, Sara Wise, Naema Ahmed/Axios

Texas, Arizona and Oregon saw significant spikes last week in new coronavirus infections, while cases also continued to climb in a handful of states where steady increases have become the norm.

Why it matters: Nationwide, new cases have plateaued over the past week. To get through this crisis and safely continue getting back out into the world, we need them to go down — a lot.

22 hours ago - Health

Americans will be forced to weigh personal coronavirus risk as states reopen

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

The U.S. is about to embark upon the most momentous social experiment in living memory: What happens when you take laissez-faire economic principles and apply them to public health?

Why it matters: When millions of people make their own individual risk/reward calculations, the result is superior to top-down decision-making by the government. That's the central tenet of capitalism — but you'd be hard-pressed to find any epidemiologists making the same argument.

Unpacking a surprise jobs report

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Can we trust this morning's surprisingly good employment report?

  • The short answer: Yes.