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Season 3 of "Axios on HBO" begins March 1

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Preview: "Axios on HBO" interviews HUD Secretary Ben Carson

On the next episode of "Axios on HBO," Jonathan Swan sits down for an in-depth interview with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who discusses how he wants to build tent cities for the homeless. Watch the full interview on March 8 at 6pm ET/PT on all HBO platforms.

The NBA floats a reimagining of the sports calendar

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

With TV viewership down, the NBA is weighing all kinds of ideas to rejuvenate its regular season — like fewer games or a midseason tournament — and it's even open to making basketball more of a summer sport.

Driving the news: During a panel at this past weekend's MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin proposed starting the NBA season in mid-December rather than mid-October.

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Fan compiles "One Shining Moment" for 2020 college hoops season

Max Goren, an 18-year-old sports management major at N.C. State, kept up the March Madness "One Shining Moment" tradition by splicing together highlights of the college basketball season before it abruptly ended. Watch it here.

What he's saying: Max told us by email that he used only YouTube and iMovie editing software: "[G]iven that I'm on an extended spring break ... with no sports to watch, ... I have a lot of spare time!"

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