Stories by Margaret Harding McGill

DOJ antitrust chief outlines role of data in antitrust review

A photo of Makan Delrahim standing at a podium.
Photo: Shannon Finney/WireImage via Getty Images.

Companies' collection and use of data could raise competitive concerns, the Justice Department's antitrust chief argued Friday in a speech about data's role at the intersection of Big Tech and antitrust.

Why it matters: The DOJ is conducting an antitrust review of tech companies' practices, and antitrust division head Makan Delrahim said that includes studying the role of data.

FCC hands AT&T a win in dispute with TV stations

A photo of AT&T's logo and next to the company's name.
Photo: Alastair Pike/AFP via Getty Images.

AT&T scored a victory in a bitter battle with TV station owners Friday when the Federal Communications Commission intervened to order the broadcasters to the negotiating table.

Why it matters: The FCC rarely weighs in on the rapidly multiplying disputes between pay-TV companies and broadcasters over the costs of carrying programming. Its move here could have repercussions for disputes beyond this one.

In the Trump era, Oracle holds tech sway

Illustration of President Trump with the Oracle logo's "O" printed on his tie as if it were a pattern.
Photo illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios. Photo via The Washington Post.

Oracle, the business software giant, has maintained exceptional sway with the Trump administration that has helped it win policy battles and thwart its larger competitors.

Why it matters: The techlash that's causing headaches for Google, Facebook and Amazon has yet to hit Oracle. Instead, the company is helping stoke some aspects of the tech critique in D.C. itself — highlighting the distinction between its own fee-for-service model and free, ad-based businesses.