Stories by Alex Duner

9 Supreme Court cases that matter right now

While the Senate decides what to do about Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, the eight justices already on the court are in the midst of another term of hot-button cases. Swipe through the cards below to learn about nine upcoming cases, which deal with issues like cross-border shootings, police brutality and court procedure.

What you need to know about the right-wing movement consuming Europe

The rise of nationalism and right-wing populism is the story of the decade in America and across Europe. The global movement delivered Donald Trump the presidency and formed the core of his inaugural address. In coming years, it could fundamentally reshape the European Union as we know it.

Populism has been alive and well across Europe for years now, but the European migrant crisis has injected a new strain of nationalism into the movement. What follows is look at where populism in its many forms has made its mark across the continent and what might happen next...

The winners and losers if Obamacare is replaced

When Obamacare passed Congress, Democrats tried to balance competing interests and minimize winners and losers. Once it's repealed, Republicans will have to do the same thing.

It's not clear that they can.

They'll try, but unless their replacement covers as many newly insured people as Obamacare, everyone who benefits from more paying customers will be hurt — and hospitals and other health care providers are bracing for the biggest hit.