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Trump buys into AMLO's "Marshall Plan" for Central America

Secretaries Pompeo and Mnuchin with AMLO following his election. Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images

Mexico's newly inaugurated president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), may have just scored a big political victory after a rocky start to his tenure. The U.S. State Department announced yesterday its intention to deliver $5.8 billion in aid and investment to Central America to stem the tide of migrants flocking toward the U.S. border.

Why it matters: AMLO has worked energetically since taking office to sell the White House on a "Marshall Plan" of support to address the region's growing migrant crisis. The U.S. commitment is a preliminary sign that he's at least being heard.

Fútbol fiasco comes at a bad time for Argentina

A match postponed. Gustavo Ortiz/picture alliance via Getty Images

It was supposed to be an opportunity to showcase Argentina’s soccer prowess and escape the gloom of a spiraling domestic economic situation, but a championship match between two cross-town rivals from Buenos Aires was suspended Saturday after fanatic supporters of River Plate attacked a bus carrying members of the rival Boca Juniors. Numerous players were hospitalized, and to avoid further violence the final will now take place outside of Argentina.

Why it matters: The mishandling of security around the event, where violence was widely expected, comes at a delicate moment for Argentina and its president, Mauricio Macri.  

As powers compete for its allegiance, Papua New Guinea could cash in

Waiting for APEC in Port Moresby. Photo: Getty

A geopolitical contest is playing out in one of the world’s least developed countries —Papua New Guinea (PNG). In this case, geopolitical competition, often the source of war and strife, may be a force for good.

What's happening: Leaders from 20 countries will arrive in the island nation this weekend for the start of the annual APEC summit, a club of nations located in the Pacific region. The summit provides a backdrop to an ongoing tug-of-war over the country’s allegiance: before representatives from the U.S. and neighboring Australia touch down in Port Moresby, PNG’s seaside capital, Xi Jinping will arrive on Thursday for the first ever official state visit by a Chinese president.

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