Feb 4, 2020 - Science

ESA astronaut snaps selfie on spacewalk


Spacewalks are busy for astronauts making repairs outside the International Space Station, but there's usually time for a quick selfie.

What's happening: European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano snapped this photo of himself while making repairs to an instrument designed to detect cosmic rays during a spacewalk on Jan. 25.

  • Parmitano is scheduled to return to Earth with his space station crewmates — NASA's Christina Koch and Russia's Alexander Skvortsov — on Thursday.

Flashback: Parmitano had a scary moment in 2013 when his helmet started to fill with water during a spacewalk, forcing him to rush back to the airlock to remove his suit.

  • Parmitano recovered from the mishap, but NASA put a number of safety precautions in place during subsequent spacewalks to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

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Astronaut Christina Koch lands on Earth after record-setting mission

NASA's Christina Koch. Photo: NASA/Bill Ingalls

NASA astronaut Christina Koch is back on Earth after spending 328 days in space, living and working onboard the International Space Station.

Why it matters: During her time in orbit, Koch participated in the first all-woman spacewalk and set a record for the longest continuous spaceflight by a female astronaut in history.

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Astronaut snaps a view of the lights of the aurora from orbit

Photo: NASA

Looking down on the lights of the aurora from above is something very view people have had the chance to experience.

The intrigue: This photo, taken by an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, gives those of us bound to Earth's surface a taste of what the view from space is like.

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Axiom's big space station future

Artist's illustration of Axiom's space station modules. Image: Axiom Space

Axiom Space wants to build a space station for a new age of exploration, and last week, the Houston-based company started moving ahead with its plans in earnest.

Driving the news: NASA announced that the company has been chosen to add its first module to the International Space Station, opening up the orbiting laboratory to more commercial activities in the future.

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