May 20, 2024 - Economy

🤠 Exploding gaming

Illustration of a drawing of an exclamation mark on the screen of a handheld gaming device on a chalkboard.

Illustration: Lindsey Bailey/Axios

Think of a deck of cards. Thousands of games can be played with a deck of cards, and no permission is needed to invent new ones.

  • In fact, a creative person could invent a game that combined a deck of cards with a chessboard, if they wanted. In fact, they have.

Why it matters: Imagine if computer games were as flexible. Directionally, that's where blockchain gaming is headed. In theory.

  • Imaginations could really run wild if it were as easy to invent in video games as it is in analog games.

State of play: Crypto people are trying very hard to crack the gaming code, but the efforts so far have been mostly, eh 😒.

The big picture: There are two camps making video games — NFT companies and crypto companies — and both want to open new gaming experiences.

  • The idea is that if you let people own pieces of a larger collection of intellectual property, they will bring things forth the original creator didn't expect.

Zoom in: Nouns and the Wizards Cult have supported many community members in making stuff that extends the mythology of each. Bored Apes has been having a very hard time.

💭 Brady's thought bubble: This whole "build it and they will build even more" thing, so far, has been all hat and no cattle.


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