May 14, 2024 - Economy

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Illustration of a robot with a headset, its face is a screen which reads, "How may I help you?"

Illustration: A簿da Amer/Axios

A few months ago, we wrote that the blockchain industry was throwing down in a battle over open-source AI versus closed.

Why it matters: It's a fight between people who want free expression and those who want safe expression.

The latest: Erik Voorhees, founder of the ShapeShift exchange, and a cypherpunk from way back, has launched a consumer app for AI built on the open-source Nous AI.

  • The app, called Venice, says it doesn't store your questions.
  • The inference computers responding to requests don't know who is sending them.
  • It also doesn't censor answers.

What they're saying: Voorhees wrote a detailed essay about the new app connecting the separation of church and state to the separation of the state and artificial intelligence.

  • "Every person who has used the leading AI apps has observed the weird, creepy, paternalistic censorship, and it's getting worse. Are you interacting with AI, or with a multi-billion dollar bias simulator?" he writes.

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