May 13, 2024 - Technology

πŸš— Kia, Hyundai top most stolen cars list

A bar chart that displays the top vehicle makes and models stolen in 2023. The Hyundai Elantra tops the list with 48,445 thefts, followed by the Hyundai Sonata at 42,813. The chart shows a downward trend, with the Kia Sportage at the bottom with 15,749 thefts.
Data: The National Insurance Crime Bureau; Chart: Axios Visuals

Kia and Hyundai models topped the National Insurance Crime Bureau's list of the most stolen cars in 2023.

  • Notably, none of the most-stolen Kia or Hyundai vehicles made Kelley Blue Book's list of the best-selling cars of 2023, suggesting they're being stolen at outsized rates.

Context: TikTok videos showing how to easily steal older Kia and Hyundai models have gone viral in recent years.

  • Thieves have been exploiting the vehicles' lack of engine immobilizers, which prevent cars from starting without a key.
  • The two brands fixed the vulnerability in newer models.

Follow the money: Kia and Hyundai have agreed to pay up to $145 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over the thefts.

  • A judge is expected to finalize the settlement this summer.

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Editor's note: Cox Enterprises, which owns Kelley Blue Book through Cox Automotive, also owns Axios.


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