May 9, 2024 - Axios Events

Jim VandeHei's "Just the Good Stuff" hits NYT bestseller list

Cover of "Just the Good Stuff"

Axios CEO Jim VandeHei's "Just the Good Stuff" — his learnings for thriving at work, whether you're a new grad or a CEO — hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

  • Below are two new ways you can join VandeHei's fun, empowering conversation about winning at life, work and health.

1. Register here for a LinkedIn Live event with Jim and Tory Burch, an inspiring, influential entrepreneur who built one of the biggest lifestyle brands in the world.

  • They'll discuss the rising power of women in the workplace, starting and growing a business, fostering organizational culture and leading younger generations.
  • They'll talk Thursday, May 16, at 2:30pm ET. Join us.

2. This was a blast: Katie Couric visited Axios headquarters in her hometown of Arlington, Va., for a raucous podcast conversation with VandeHei and Mike Allen.

  • Couric — who created her own thriving media company, Katie Couric Media, after becoming one of the best-known personalities in the history of TV — drilled VandeHei and Allen on their life hacks and crazy schedules.
  • "I often turn to Jim and Mike to understand some of the big, thorny issues we're grappling with these days," she says in her intro.

ğŸŽ§ Listen here for Katie's "Next Question" ... on Apple ... on iHeart ... or wherever you get your podcasts.

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