May 9, 2024 - Technology

Cookies and gold

You can order a bar of gold delivered with a batch of cookies. Photo: Tiff's Treats

You can order a bar of gold delivered with a batch of cookies. Photo courtesy of Tiff's Treats

Austin cookie delivery firm Tiff's Treats is branching out from chocolate chips to gold bullion.

Why it matters: Riding a wave of global interest in the precious metal, the new initiative is a way for the cookie delivery company to expand its appeal in this Amazon-fueled age of immediate gratification.

How it works: Instead of paying about $21 for a box of a dozen chocolate chip cookies to be delivered to your friend, co-worker or loved one, you can pay roughly $2,500 for the company's "bullion bundle" — a box of cookies plus a one-ounce, 24-karat bar of gold.

  • The price of the package fluctuates with the daily gyrations of gold.

What they're saying: "It's about gifting someone something super special that you didn't have to plan super far in advance and leaves the recipient feeling loved," Tiff's Treats co-founder and chief creative officer Tiffany Chen tells Axios.

The big picture: Gold has been reaching record heights amid a broad commodities rally, international tensions and moves by global central banks.

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