May 2, 2024 - Business

Axios Finish Line: Just the generous stuff

Anatolii Tarasiuk with one of his paintings
Courtesy of Anatolii Tarasiuk

Anatolii Tarasiuk — the Ukrainian abstract artist we told you about last year, who learned he had cancer as he was fleeing the war — has been undergoing chemotherapy in North Carolina. A recent scan showed cancer in his liver.

  • Anatolii will have another major surgery in two weeks. He and his wife have three small children.

Why it matters: Tarasiuk is a wonderfully creative man and artist — and is still painting to support his family and cover medical bills.

Anatolii recently painted this oil-on-linen-canvas piece for us, "Light in the Darkness."

Painting of sun breaking through storm clouds to light the Atlantic Ocean
Courtesy of Anatolii Tarasiuk

It's based on this photo that I took in South Florida.

Photo of light breaking through clouds to light the Atlantic Ocean
Photo: Jim VandeHei

If the spirit moves you, click here to see (and buy) Anatolii's work.

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